‎China. ‎

‎, Verlag neues leben , 1959; in-4, 148 pp., cartonnage d'éditeur avec jaquette.‎

Reference : 200613168


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Reference : 3661

‎The China Journal‎

‎North-China Daily News and Herald Ltd, April 1929-May 1929-June 1929, Vol. X, Nos 4-5-6. 1 volume in-8, with 3 issues of China Journal bound together, modern full leather binding, illustrated covers kept, with many black and white photographs and advertisements, a very good copy. First issue, XXVI-[161-216]-XXVII-XLII pp., Second issue, LII-[217-284]-LIII-XCII, Third issue: XXXIV-[285-352]-XXXV-L pp.‎

‎Contents for April 1929: China's Wheelbarrow Civilization by Arthur de C. Sowerby The Description and Determination of Sung Dynasty Porcelain Unearthed at Ping-Yang Hsien, Shansi by Aitchen K. Wu - A Comparison of Ancient Chinese Philosophy with that of Greece by Homer H. Dubs - Editorial Comments - Art Notes - Replies to Enquiries - Reviews - Some Aboriginal Tribes of South-Eastern China by W. R. Price - Travel and Exploration Notes - Migration Notes by G. D. Wilder - Description of A New Species of the Genus Polypedate by L. S. Chen - A Second Species of Stonefly from Peiping by Chenfu F. Wu - Scientific Notes and Reviews - Shooting and Fishing Notes - The Kennel - The Garden - Societies and Institutions - Education Notes and Intelligence - Publications Received. Contents for May 1929: China's Transport Problem by Arthur de Sowerby - Water Transport in China by Dr. H. Chatley - Economics of Transportation for China by Dr. J.A. L. Waddell - Transport in Chinese Art - China's Transport Workers, Men and Beasts by Arthur de C. Sowerby - The Junks, Sampans and Inland Waterways of China by Arthur de Sowerby - Transportation on the Yangtze Kiang by H. Foote Carey - Harbours and Conservancy Work in China - The Motor Roads in China - The Railway in China - Motor Transport in China - Aviation in China by Captain B. Holland, The History of Aviation in China - China's Overseas, Coastal and Riverine Shipping - Transportation Notes. Contents for June 1929: In Shanghai to have a Museum? by Arthur de Sowerby - Kuan-Yin: Goddess of Mercy by Clarence Burton Day - The Hibiscus Painting translated by Elfrida Hudson - Formosa, The Island Beautiful by Franklin Metcalf - Travel and Exploration Notes - An Autogenous Chimera in Chrysanthemum and its Bearing upon certain biological problems by W. M. Portefield - Notes on Trees and Shrubs of Northern Manchuria by W. Skvortzow - Description of a new species of Microhyla from Kwantung by L. S. Chen - Scientific Notes and Reviews - Shooting and Fishing Notes - The Kennel - The Garden - Societies and Institutions - Publications received.‎

Phone number : 852 95539385

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‎REMER (C.F.)‎

Reference : 8938

‎Foreign Investments in China‎

‎New York, Howard Fertig Inc., 1968. 1 volume in-8, 732 pp., navy cloth hardback, flat spine, library documents on spine, end pages, one Chinese stamp on the title page, clean pages, enriched with several tables in texte, 7 charts and 2 maps hors texte, good condition.‎

‎Contents: Preface - Introduction to the 1968 Edition - Part I: General: Foreign Investments and China's Internationa; Economic and Financial Postions: I. Introduction - II. China's Popualtion and Resources - III. Traditional China - IV. Modern Economic Relations - V. General Picture of Foreign Investments in China - VI. Survey of Business Investments - VII. The Significance of Business Investments - VIII. The Foreign Obligations of the Chinese Government - IX. Foreign Investments and the Balance of Payments - X. Remittances from Chinese Overseas - XI. Trade and Specie Movements - XII. The Chinese Balance of Payments - XIII. The International Economic Position of China - XIV. Conclusion - Part II: Individual Studies: XV. American Investments in China - XVI. British Investments in China - XVII. Japanese Investments in China - XVIII. Russian Investments in China - XIX. French Investments in China - XX. German Investments in China - XXI. Belgian, Dutch. Italian and Scandinavian Investments in China - Appendix: Capital in the Chinese Economy - Bibliography - Index.‎

Phone number : 852 95539385

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Reference : 5431

‎The China Journal - 3 issues - Vol XII - Nos 4-5-6 - April-May-June 1930 . Editors: Arthur de Sowerby and John C. Ferguson.‎

‎Shanghai, Printed by the North-China Daily News and Herald, 1930. 1 volume in-8, 206 pp. [177-382], 3 issues of China Journal rebound in modern full leather. The May edition is related and devoted to Shanghai, some light insect or mouse work on some pages (1 to 2 mm on the upper part), overall a good copy, With many black and white illustrations and advertisements.‎

‎This volume contains 3 consecutive issues of the China Journal. Contents of Vol XII, No 4, April 1930: The Insanity of War - The Chinese Lunar Calendar - Liang Ch'i-Ch'ao - Editorial Contents - Art Notes - Correspondence - Reviews - House-Boating in Kiangsu and Chekiang - Travel and Exploration Notes - Chemical Fertilizers in China - Enginnering and Industrial Notes - The Honey Bee as a Pollinating Agent - Notes on Trees ans Shrubs of North Manchuria - Scientific Notes and Reviews - Shooting and Fishing Notes - The Keenel - The Garden - Publications. Contents of Issue Vol XII, No 5, May 1930 (Shanghai Issue): Shanghai Industrially Considered - Labour in Shanghai - The German Industrial Mission to China - The Printed World in Shanghai - The Art-Crafts of Shanghai - Architecture, Interior Decoration and Building in Shanghai, Twenty Years ago and To-Day - Some Present Aspects of the Real Estate Business in Shanghai - The Chinese Rug - Art Notes - Reviews - Shanghai at the World' Cross-Roads - Shipbuilding in Shanghai - Travel and Exploration in Shanghai - The Cotton Industry in Shanghai - Shanghai and the Silk Industry - Engineering and Industrial Notes - The Scientist and Industry in China - Electricity in China - The Value of Coal Gas to China - Scientific Notes and Reviews - Shooting and Fishing Notes - Miscellanea. Contents of Volume XI, No 6, June 1930: THe Municipal Council and the R.A.S. Building - Chinese Lunar Calendar - Richard Wilhelm - The Sheng or Male Character of the Chinese Stage - Hyacinth - Editorial Contents - Art Notes - TRavels in Manchuria - Travel and Exploration Notes - China's Economic Position - Notes on Dead-Leaf Butterfly Kallima and a new Species of Papilio - A New Species of Swalloy Ray - Notes on Trresand Schrubs of North Nanchuria - Pole-Shift and Climatic Cycles - Scientific Notes and Reviews - Miscellanea.‎

Phone number : 852 95539385

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Reference : 8102

‎China and Soviet Russia‎

‎Princeton, New Jersey, D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 1956. 1 volume in-8, xvi-379 pp., hardback, red and black printed dust-jacket deocrated with the map of China, the top left hand corner of the back of the dust-jacket had been torn but repaired with transparent adhesive tapes, flat spine, a red Chinese name stamp on the title page, enriched with 3 maps, very good condition in general.‎

‎Contents: Introduction by Quincy Wright - Preface - I. Revolutionary China and Russia - II. Soviet Attempts to Open Relations with China - III. The Rise of Soviet Influence in China - IV. The Eclipse of Soviet Influence in China - V. China and Russia on the Brink of War - VI. China and Russia Maneuvering for Peace - VII. Russian Support for China against Japan - VIII. Russian Appeasement of Japan and Desertion of China - IX. Alliance and Estrangement since V-J Day - X. China's Civil War and the Soviet-American Cold War - XI. Soviet Diplomacy on the Eve of Nationalist Defeat - XII. China's Accusation of the USSR in the United Nations - XIII. The New SIno-Soviet Treaty and Agreements - XIV. Sino-Soviet Friendship and Cooperation - XV. Summation and Interpretation Appendices - Bibliography - Index.‎

Phone number : 852 95539385

EUR20.00 (€20.00 )


Reference : 2176

‎The China Journal‎

‎North-China Daily News and Herald Ltd, March 1924, Vol II, No2. 1 volume in-8, I-XXXII+(105-198)+XXXIII-LVI pp., illustrated covers, with many b.&w. photographs and advertisements, good condition but damaged spine.‎

‎Contents: China Tea Grey Timbers by Juliet Bredon Folk-Music in China by Elizabeth N. Shirokogoroff The Great Chinese Philosophers by J. C. Keyte - Reviews Sinimillia by W. B. Goldrick Recent Explorations in China and Neighboring Regions Fishing in China by L. W. Lorden - Migration Notes by G. D. Wilder - The Termites(White Ants) of China, with Descriptions of Six New Species by F. S. Light The Genetic of Two Mutations in the Fruit-Fly Drosophila Melanogister by Tse-Yin Chen - Biological Notes and Reviews Shooting and Fishing Notes The Solar Chromoneter by T. T. H. Ferguson Some Shansi Waters Chemically Examined by E. T. Nyström - Scientific Notes and Reviews - Societies and Institutions - Education Notes and Intelligence - Books and Periodicals Received.‎

Phone number : 852 95539385

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