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‎Müller, Marga:‎

Reference : 6704AB


‎Im Kornacker.‎

‎München, Verlag Josef Müller, 1941. 8°. 72 S. Mit 6 farbigen Tafeln und Textillustrationen von Else Wenz-Viëtor. Illustrierter Orig.-Pappband (leicht bestossen).‎

‎Mit Besitzerstempel.‎

EOS Buchantiquariat Benz - CH-8001 Zürich

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‎Müller, Marga:‎

Reference : 743AB


‎Vom blühenden Fensterbrett.‎

‎München, Josef Müller, 1951. Kl.-8°. 79 S. Bilder von Else Wenz-Vietor.. Illustr. Pp.‎

EOS Buchantiquariat Benz - CH-8001 Zürich

Phone number : 41 (0)44 261 57 50

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Reference : 14331


‎Flora Friderichsdalina sive Methodo descriptio Plantarum in Agro Fridrichsdalensi simulque per Regnum Daniæ crescentium cum Characteribus genericis & Speciebus pluribus in Dania nuper detectis.‎

‎Argentorati (Trier), Joh.Godofr. Baueri, 1767. Lidt senere hldrbd. Delvis ubeskåret. Nogle brunpletter. XVIII,238,(22) pp. samt 2 kobberstukne plancher, det ene stort udfoldeligt kort over Furesøen. Stempel p. titel og gl. ejernavn.‎

‎Originaludgaven af Müllers floristiske hovedværk, der efter hans eget udsagn indeholder beskrivelse af alle de i Danmark fundne planter, hvoraf hans selv roser sig af at have fundet de 300. Yderst sjælden.‎


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Reference : 60921


‎Flora Fridrichsdalina sive Methodica descriptio Plantarum in Agro Fridrichsdalensi simulque per Regnum Daniae crescentium cum Characteribus genericis & Speciebus pluribus in Dania nuper detectis. - [ALL DANISH PLANTS]‎

‎Argentorati (Strassburg), J.G. Bauer, 1767. 8vo. Nice contemporary half calf with five raised bands and gilt lines to spine. Wear to spine and capitaks and slightly split at hinges, but still tight. A bit of brownspotting throughout. Smukt velbevaret samt. hldrbd. med ophøjede bind, rig rygforgyldning og skindtitel. XVIII, 238, (22) pp. + two folded engraved plates (one being the folded map of Furesøen, Lyngby-og Bagsværd Sø). ‎

‎The very rare first edition of Müller’s floral magnum opus, which according to his own statements contains a description of all known plants in Denmark, of which Müller prides himself with having discovered and described no less than 300. Müller participated in the production of the monumental “flora Danica” with its magnificent plates of all Danish plants, but the present work is the only work of botany that he himself published, namely of the flora of the Schulin Estate. “Otto Friedrich Muller (1730-1784) was born in Copenhagen, the son of the court trumpeter, a German man who had moved to Denmark. With a ready and lively intelligence, he received an excellent education admitted to the University of his hometown at the age of 18, according to the custom of the time he initially studied theology (the Danish university had only three courses of study: theology, law, medicine), then moved to law he had excellent skills in various fields, including music. However, he did not graduate, because for economic reasons in 1753 he abandoned his studies to enter the service of the Schulin family as a tutor to the heir of the house, who was orphaned at an early age. He lived with the Schulin for about twenty years, mostly on their Friedrichsdalin estate, near Copenhagen. Beginning in 1758, using Linnaeus' books, he began to study natural sciences as a self-taught student, both out of passion and to teach his pupil. Starting in 1761, he procured a microscope. His first scientific publication was a catalogue of insects from the Schulin estate, Fauna insectorum Fridrichsdalina (1764). Between 1765 and 1767, during a trip to Europe with his pupil, he visited many countries in central and southern Europe and was able to attend scientific circles, making contacts and lasting friendships. A man of the world, well accustomed to courtiers since childhood, through a strategy of targeted promotion (knowledge of eminent scientists, publication of previous works in support of his candidacy) he managed to be admitted into many European scientific societies. A Strasbourg published his only work of botany, a catalogue of the flora of the Schulin estate, Flora Fridrichsdalina (1767). During the journey, thanks to the various meetings, his interests finally shifted from botany to zoology, in particular to the study of invertebrates, of which he became perhaps the greatest expert of his time. In 1771 - his pupil was then 24 years old - he left the Schulin and thanks to Oeder's recommendation he was hired at the State Archives the office was renovated in 1772 after the fall of Struensee and Müller and, although he retained a small pension, he lost his place. His marriage to the wealthy Norwegian widow Anna Catharina Paludan resolved his economic problems once and for all from that moment on, he was able to devote himself full-time to scientific work. An important piece of his research was the Estate of Drobak, on the Gulf of Oslo, owned by his wife, where the scientist spent the summers from 1774 to 1778, focusing in particular on the study of marine micro-fauna. He was assisted by a team that included draughtsmen and engravers (one of the best painters was his younger brother, Christian Friedrich, who, in addition to illustrating some of his brother's works, years later collaborated with Vahl on the third tranche of Flora Danica) and a number of students, recruited in an ingenious way. Every year, Müller made an advertisement in the newspapers to recruit them and paid them for the journey from Copenhagen to Oslo. Beginning in 1771, publications also multiplied, mainly dedicated to different classes of invertebrates, before then little known. In the meantime, Müller had presented to the court the project of a Fauna Danica, to pair with Flora Danica, of which he was appointed curator after Oeder's departure. The countryside in Norway and, later, when arthritis forced him to give it up, the coasts of Denmark, including the islands, allowed him to collect specimens for both works. In 1776 he anticipated the content of his great zoological work with Zoologiæ Danicae Prodromus, which listed, classified and briefly described all the animal species of the kingdom of Denmark-Norway, a work of epochal importance for the innovative classification of invertebrates. Two folio volumes of Fauna Danica followed in 1777 and 1786, with 40 plates (the other two volumes would be completed and published by various curators many years after his death). Between 1776 and 1784 five files of Flora Danica were also released. However, an important work on infusers (small single-celled organisms that develop in plant infusions, belonging to various classes, especially protozoa) remained unfinished (and was completed by O. Fabricius). In 1784, after a decade of intense work, Müller died at the age of fifty.” (D. D. Damkaer, The Copepodologist's Cabinet, A Biographical and Bibliographical History).‎


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‎Müller-Schneider, P.‎

Reference : BG38334

‎Verbreitungsbiologie (Diasporologie) der Blütenpflanzen.‎

‎1977 (2nd ed.) 226 p., 49 figures, paperbound. Ex library Robert Hegnauer (with his ex libris). Library stamp.‎

Hermann L. Strack - Loguivy Plougras

Phone number : +33-679439230

EUR24.00 (€24.00 )

‎Müller, Wilhelm:‎

Reference : 26959AB


‎Zur Kenntnis der Euphorbia-bewohnenden Melampsoren.‎

‎Jena, Gustav Fischer, 1907. 8°. (4) 39 (1) S. Mit 31 Illustr. im Text. Orig.-Broschur. = "Dissertation Uni. Bern", Eduard Fischer (Praes.).‎

‎Mit handschr. Widm. des Verf. u. Sammlungs-Nr. auf dem Umschlag.‎

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Reference : 48410


‎Les graminées des pâturages de Mauritanie‎

‎FAO, Rome 1977 In-4 broché, 298 pp. Figures dans le texte. Couverture un peu fanée. Bon exemplaire.‎

‎ Bon état d’occasion ‎

Librairie de l'Avenue - Saint-Ouen

Phone number : 01 40 11 95 85

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‎Nageli, C.‎

Reference : BA13649

‎Die neuern Algensysteme und Versuch zur Begründung eines eigenen Systems der Algen und Florideen.‎

‎1847 (reprint 1970) 275 p., 10 pls, 4to, cloth. Good quality reprint.‎

Hermann L. Strack - Loguivy Plougras

Phone number : +33-679439230

EUR30.00 (€30.00 )

‎Nakagoshi, N. & F.B. Golley (eds)‎

Reference : BT14456


‎Coniferous forest ecology, from an international perspective.‎

‎1991 viii, 182 p., 93 figs, paperbound. New copy, but price written with pen on half-title.‎

Hermann L. Strack - Loguivy Plougras

Phone number : +33-679439230

EUR22.00 (€22.00 )

‎Nakagoshi, N. & F.B. Golley (eds)‎

Reference : BT14457


‎Coniferous forest ecology, from an international perspective.‎

‎1991 viii, 182 p., 93 figs, paperbound. Crisp new copy.‎

Hermann L. Strack - Loguivy Plougras

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‎Nakaike, T. & S. Malik (eds)‎

Reference : BK35146


‎Cryptogamic Flora of Pakistan Vol. 1.‎

‎1992 viii, 316 p., num. figures & plates, paperbound. First viii pages loose.‎

Hermann L. Strack - Loguivy Plougras

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EUR60.00 (€60.00 )

‎Nannfeldt, J.A. & G.E. du Rietz‎

Reference : BK35085

‎Vilda växter i norden. Mossor lavar svampar alger.‎

‎1952 (2nd ed.) xlix, 450, 212 p., 361 figs, 212 col. photographic plates, half calf (one joint rubbed). Ex library F. Verdoorn (with his library stamps).Frans Verdoorn (1906-1984) was a Dutch botanist specialized in Bryophytes, publisher, and a scientist who coined the term biohistory.‎

Hermann L. Strack - Loguivy Plougras

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Reference : 9096


‎Plantes de serres - Reproduction, multiplication des plantes d’orangerie et de serre froide - leur culture‎

‎ Paris, Maison de la bonne presse, s.d. (fin 19è-début 20è). In8 broché, couverture imprimée, 272 p.‎

‎Dos avec une auréole. Exemplaire non coupé. Quelques rousseurs. ‎

Phone number : 04 78 30 94 84

EUR60.00 (€60.00 )


Reference : 11550


‎Under Red. af Hans Wachtmeister och Kai Curry-Lindahl.‎

‎(Stockholm, 1957). 4to. Privat hshirtbd. 362 pp. Illustr.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

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Reference : 11548


‎Under Red. af Fredrik Ebeling och Kai Curry-Lindahl.‎

‎(Stockholm, 1956). 4to. Privat hshirtbd. 432 pp., illustr.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

DKK300.00 (€40.24 )

‎NAUDIN, Charles - VON MULLER, Ferdinand von.‎

Reference : 34676

‎Manuel de l'Acclimateur ou Choix de plantes recommandees pour l'agriculture l'industrie et la medecine et adaptees aux divers climats de l'Europe et des pays tropicaux‎

‎Paris : Société d'Acclimatation, 1887. reliure grand in-8, 565 pages, reliure demi-veau noir d'epoque, dos a nerfs, titre et fleurons dorés.- RARISSIME.‎

‎Bon etat, reliure solide. [BU-11] ‎

Phone number : 07 80 01 72 79

EUR195.00 (€195.00 )

‎Nave, F. de‎

Reference : 7853

‎Botanyin the Low Countries(end of the 15th century - ca. 1650)‎

‎The Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp/Snoeck-Ducaju & Zoon, Gent, 1993. In-4, broché sous couverture illustrée en couleurs, 149 pp. From auxiliary science to independent discipline : botany in the Southern Netherlands during the 16th century, F. de Nave - Botany in the Southern Netherlands before R. Dodoens, L.J. Vandewiele - The garden of Pieter van Coudenberghe, L.J. Vandewiele - ...‎

‎Nombreuses illustrations et planches en noir et en couleurs.Textes en anglais. --- Plus d'informations sur le site‎

Phone number : 01 42 73 13 41

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‎NAVILLE, André:‎

Reference : 67616aaf


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‎N C Seringe‎

Reference : 201Be


‎Eléments de botanique spécialement destinés aux établissements d'éducation ( Avec 28 planches gravées )‎

‎Paris Hachette 1841 In8 - demi veau glacé - 268 pages , errata , 4 tableaux dépliants dont 1 déchiré sans manque et 28 planches gravées sur acier avec légendes en regard - mors trés légèrement frottés - bel état ‎

‎Bon ‎

L'Encrivore - Vendôme

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‎Nechita, N.‎

Reference : BG04139


Hermann L. Strack - Loguivy Plougras

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‎NECKER (Noël Joseph).‎

Reference : 15520


‎Elementa botanica, genera germina, species naturales omnium vegetabilium detectorum eorumque characteres diagnosticos ac peculiares exhibentia - Secundum Systema omologicum seu naturale, evugalta cum tabulis separatis [a été relié à la suite :] Phytozoologie philosophique dans laquelle on démontre comment le nombre des genres et des espèces concernant les animaux et les végétaux, a été limité et fixé par la nature avec les moyens de donner l'histoire la plus complette [sic] et la plus parfaite de ces corps organisés différens [sic] selon la découverte du Système naturel.‎

‎ Neowedae ad Rhenum [Neuwied], apud Societatem Typographycam, 1790 [puis :] Neowedae ad Rhenum [Neuwied], apud Societatem Typographycam, 1790 [puis :] A Neuwied sur le Rhin, chez la Société Typographique, 1790. 3 textes reliés en 4 vol. au format in-8 (209 x 123 mm) de 1 frontispice gravé n.fol., xxxii - 389 pp. ; 2 ff. n.fol. et 460 pp. ; 2 ff. n.fol. et 456 pp. ; 29 pp. et 1 f. n.fol. ; 2 ff. n.fol., 16 pp. ; 78 pp., 1 f. n.fol. et 1 f. bl. et [64] planches hors-texte gravées. Reliures uniformes de l'époque de demi-basane brune, dos lisses ornés de doubles filets dorés, roulettes dorées, filets en pointillés verticaux dorés, pièces de titre de maroquin havane, pièces de tomaison de maroquin émeraude, titre doré, tomaison dorée.‎

‎ Edition originale, complète des trois volumes la constituant. Auxquels ont été ici adjoints (formant un quatrième volume) Corollarium et La Phytozoologie philosophique par Necker également. Concernant les Elementa botanica, Quérard mentionne : ''Traité vraiment unique et original dans son genre. Il estle fruit de douze années de réflexions, de recherches et de profondes méditations''. Il est ici complet de ses 64 planches gravées sur cuivre. Le premier tome s'ouvre en outre sur un joli frontispice gravé figurant l'auteur, signé de Francisca Beckers Delin et Antoine-Karcher. Quérard VI, La France littéraire, p. 395. Angles émoussés. Plats légèrement frottés pouvant en outre présenter de petits manques épars de papier marbré. Coiffes arasées. Manques superficiels en queue des dos. Quelques rousseurs dans le texte. Discrète irisation affectant les quatre derniers feuillets (Table) du tome III. Planches bien conservées sinon que quatre d'entre-elles présentent une légère discrète auréole marginale. ‎

Babel Librairie - Périgueux

Phone number :

EUR780.00 (€780.00 )

‎Neergaard (Paul)‎

Reference : 64151


‎Danish Species of Alternaria and Stemphylium - Taxonomy, Parasitism, Economical Significance , Translated from the Danish by Hans Andersen‎

‎Einar Munksgaard - Copenhagen and Humphrey Millford, Oxford, U.P., London Malicorne sur Sarthe, 72, Pays de la Loire, France 1945 Book condition, Etat : Bon paperback, editor's wrappers grand In-8 1 vol. - 560 pages‎

‎169 figures and 67 tables 1st English edition Contents, Chapitres : Introduction - 1. General part : Material and methods (Isolation - Morphological examinations - Physiological tests - Pathogenetic investigations) - Nomenclature (Latin names of the fungi - Common names - Nomenclature of tests and host plants) - Terminology (Morphology - Taxonomy and Pathology) - Taxonomy (Differential diagnostic criteria - Classification - Key to species) - 2. Special part : Alternaria (Longicatenatae - Brevicatenatae sect. n - Noncatenatae sect. n) - Stemphylium (Pseudostemphylium - Eustemphylium) - 3. General remarks on cycle and control of the fungi: Cycle of Alternaria and Stemphylium species - Cycle of plant diseases produced by Alternaria and Stemphylium - Control - Summary - Dansk résumé - Tables - References (bibliography, 33 pages) - Index very small foxings on the wrappers, else near fine copy, no markings‎

Librairie Internet Philoscience - Malicorne-sur-Sarthe
EUR12.00 (€12.00 )


Reference : 17392



Phone number : +45 33 155 335

DKK350.00 (€46.94 )

‎Nelson, Erich:‎

Reference : 14135AB


‎Gesetzmässigkeiten der Gestaltwandlung im Blütenbereich. Ihre Bedeutung für das Problem der Evolution.‎

‎Chernex-Montreux, E. Nelson, 1954. 4°. XII, 302 S. Mit 689 Illustr. auf 14 (dv. 4 farb.) losen Tafeln. Orig.-Leinenband‎

‎Einband fleckig.‎

EOS Buchantiquariat Benz - CH-8001 Zürich

Phone number : 41 (0)44 261 57 50

CHF80.00 (€81.88 )


Reference : 129844aaf

‎Die Orchideen Deutschlands und der angrenzenden Gebiete. Nach Aquarellen von Erich Nelson. ‎

‎München, Selbstverlag E.Nelson, 1931, in-4to, 48 S. Text. Mit 21 (20 farb.) lose Tafeln. Lose Taf. u. Okart. in Lwd.-Mappe. (Etw. fl., tls. berieb. u. best.). ‎

‎ Nissen II, 631. ‎


Phone number : 41 (0)26 3223808

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