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Reference : 42397


‎Mendels Vererbungstheorien. Aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Alma Winckler. Mit einem Begleitwort von R. von Wettstein sowie 41 Abbildungen im Text und 6 Tafeln und 3 Portrats von Mendel.‎

‎Leipzig und Berlin, B.G. Teubner, 1914. Orig. hcloth. Spine with gilt lettering. Portrait as frontisp. X,375 pp., 2 portraits, textillustr. and 6 colourplates (4 double-page). Fine and clean.‎

‎First German edition of this classic work in biology. The English original was issued 1902. Bateson rediscovered Mendel's papers on heredity and republished them at the end of this work. - Garrison & Morton: 244 (the English ed.)‎


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Reference : 42396


‎On some Variations of Cardium edule apparently Correlated to the Conditions of Life.‎

‎(London, Harrisn and Sons, 1890). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from ""Philosophical Transactions"", 1889, Vol. 180 - Series B. Pp. 297-330 and 1 chromolithographed plate. Fine and clean.‎

‎First printing of an importent paper in Bateson's scientific career as it deals with central problems in evolutionary theory, the problem of variations. Bateson favours discontinous variations instead of the Darwinian gradual adaptation. Bateson is also famous to for his rediscovery of Mendel's hereditary laws, which he proved holds for animals as well of plants.‎


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‎BAUCHOT (Marie Louise et Roland).-‎

Reference : 50416

‎La vie des poissons.‎

‎ P., Stock, 1967, in 8° broché, 155 pages ; couverture illustrée ; illustrations hors-texte. ‎

‎ .......................... Photos sur demande..........................‎


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‎BAUCHOT (M.-L. & R.).‎

Reference : 14602

‎La Vie des poissons.‎

‎Paris, Stock (« Livres de Nature »), 1967. in-8°, 155 pages, 1 cahier illustre n/b, broche, couverture illustree plastifiee à rabats.‎

‎Tres bel exemplaire. [CA33-5] ‎

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‎BAVINK, Bernhard.‎

Reference : 10006

‎Conquêtes et problèmes de la Science contemporaine. Traduction, preface et notes de Rene SUDRE.‎

‎Neuchâtel, Editions de la Baconnière (« Histoire et Société d'Aujourd'hui »), 1949-1953. 2 volumes in-8°, 440-560 pages, figures en n/b, tabl., -, index, broche, couv. à rabats.‎

‎Tres bel ensemble. [HA-109/9] ‎

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‎BAYER (R.) - [Sous la direction]‎

Reference : 7195

‎Philosophie des sciences - ARTICLES ORIGINAUX DE BETH (E.W.), FEYS (R.), GONSETH (F.) & MULLER (G.H.), DESTOUCHES (J.L.), PIVETEAU (J.)‎

‎P., Hermann, 1950, un volume in 8 broché, couverture imprimée, 162pp.‎

‎---- EDITION ORIGINALE ---- ARTICLES ORIGINAUX DE : BETH (E.W.). Decision problems of logic and mathematics - FEYS (R.). Logistique - GONSETH (F.) & MULLER (G.H.). Philosophie mathématique - DESTOUCHES (J.L.). Physique moderne et philosophie - PIVETEAU (J.). Philosophie biologique**7195.O7AR‎

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Reference : 49680


‎The Mechanism of Pancreatic Secretion. (Seventeen Figures in the Text). - [FOUNDING THE SCIENCE OF ENDOCRINOLOGY.]‎

‎(London), Journal of Physiology, 1902. Offprint from the Journal of Pysiology. Vol. XXVIII. No. 5, 1902. Pp. (325-) 353, 17 textfigs. Small staples in inner margin, also sewn. A very small stain in lower blank margin.‎

‎First edition of the scarce offprint of the paper that fully described the discovery of the first hormone, a milestone in the history of physiology and medicine. The discovery was announced in the Proccedings of the Royal Society in Janauary 1902, on 2 pages. The offered item constitutes the first printing of the paper in full, in which the authors described their milestone discovery, which introduced an entirely new field in physiology and medicine, namely the discovery of the FIRST HORMONE, which they named ""Secretin"". A few years later Sterling coined the word 'hormone' (1905) from the Greek 'hormon', meaning to exite or set into motion. Up until Baylis' and Starlings' discovery, it was thought that the glands, here specifically the pancreas, were controlled by the nerves (e.g. Pavlov and others), but Bayliss and Sterling discovered that the intestine was in fact signaling the pancreas, thereby presenting a COMPLETELY NEW MECHANISM involving a new kind of body or substance functioning as a chemical messenger. ""If nerves are the sprinters of biology, Bayliss & Starling had discovered the marathon runners. In doing so, they also founded the science of hormones, called endocrinology"" (Alan Lightman ""The Discoveries"", p. 34 ff). ""With the discovery of hormones, Bayliss & Starling had found the internal command and control centers - and in this, their discovery was much larger than a new communication system. The mechanism of response and control was chemical: atoms and molecules. Now, with hormones, there was a mechanism for a living thing to regulate itself. Furthermore, with hormones, an organism could not only be studied, but also controlled from the outside... Never had the living body come closer to a machine, a self-regulating machine governed not only by physics, but also by chemistry. And not only a machine, but a machine that we humans could willfully control. At the start of the new century, we still have not come to terms with the implications of this idea."" (Alan Lightman).Parkinson ""Breakthroughs"", 1902 B. - Leicester ""Source Book in Chemistry 1900-1950"", pp. 312-13.‎


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Reference : 49361


‎The Chemical Regulation of the Secretory process. (Croonian Lecture).‎

‎London, Harrison and Sons, 1904. 8vo. Later full buckram. Spine with gilt lettering. In: ""Proceedings of the Royal Society"", Vol. 73. VIII,548 pp. a. 11 plates. (Entire volume offered). Bayliss & Starling's paper: pp. 310-322. A stamp to edges, otherwise clean.‎

‎First printing of this paper in which they developed the theory of hormonal control of the internal secretion, a milestone discovery by Bayliss and Starling in 1902, which introduced a quite new field in physiology and medicine, the discovery of the FIRST HORMONE, which the they named ""Secretin"". They here tries to find out how this new body could be decribed chemically, and one of the conclusions were ""It is not precipitated by tannic acid, thus excluding bodies of alkaloid nature as well as di-amido compounds. This evidence, slight thought it is, points to secretin being a body of relatively small molecular weight and not a colloid. It may be compared to the active principle of the suprarenal glands, adrenalin, which has been obtained in a crystallic form and the cemical constitution of which has been approximately determined...""(p. 314-15).Garrison & Morton: 1121.‎


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‎BEAULIEU François de / LEFRANCOIS Sandra ( illustrations par)‎

Reference : 8486


‎ Morlaix, Editions Skol Vreizh, 2011, format 308x230mm, reliure pleine toile noire de l'éditeur, jaquette, 654 pages, nombreuses illustrations dans le texte par Sandra Lefrançois, exemplaire en bon état.‎

‎Publié avec le concours de la Région Bretagne, des départements du Finistère, de Loire-Atlantique et du Morbihan. ‎

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Reference : 33801

‎L"Elevage du Ragondin "Islas Parana".‎

‎Thoneins, Imprimerie Ouvriere, 1930. fascicule grand in-8, 48 pp., 2photos n&b, agrafe, couv.‎

‎Bon etat. [CA32-1] ‎

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Reference : 304

‎Guide de l'élève et du praticien pour les travaux pratiques de MICROGRAPHIE comprenant la technique et les applications du microscope à l'histologie végétale, à la physiologie, à la clinique, à l'hygiène et à la médecine légale -- EDITION ORIGINALE -- BON EXEMPLAIRE‎

‎P., Masson, 1880; un volume in 8 relié en demi-chagrin noir (reliure de l'époque), (quelques rousseurs), 8pp., 904pp., 570 figures dans le texte, demi-chagrin vert‎

‎---- EDITION ORIGINALE ---- BON EXEMPLAIRE ---- Des microscopes et de leur emploi - Du sang au point de vue microscopique - Du pus - Des sédiments de l'urine - Du lait au point de vue microscopique - Des parasites - Corpuscules et miasmes de l'air - etc**304.B5DE‎

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Reference : 74294


‎ Paris, Japperenard - chez l’auteur 1987, 245x200mm, 488pages, reliure d'éditeur. Bel exemplaire.‎

‎ photos couleurs et n/b, ‎

Phone number : 41 26 323 23 43

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Reference : 74293

‎Normal pressure glaucomas. Glaucomes à pression normale.‎

‎ Angers, Japperenard - chez l’auteur 1990, 245x200mm, 256pages, reliure d'éditeur. Bel exemplaire.‎

‎ photos couleurs et n/b, ‎

Phone number : 41 26 323 23 43

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Reference : 26284

‎Plantes toxiques‎

‎Paris, Gründ, 1984. In-8 (210x150mm) broché, 224 p. Ill. en couleurs. Très bon état général‎


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EUR20.00 (€20.00 )

‎Beck Stanley D.‎

Reference : xl447


‎Insect photoperiodism‎

‎Academic Press Inconnu 1968 In-8 (15.5x23.5 cm), reliure percaline bordeaux d'éditeur, 288 pages, ouvrage en anglais, préface de l'auteur, schémas dans le texte, quelques photographies noir et blanc hors-texte ; coiffes et coins à peine frottés, intérieur frais (hormis annotations en page de garde), bel état. Livraison a domicile (La Poste) ou en Mondial Relay sur simple demande.‎

Abraxas-Libris - Bécherel

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‎BECLARD Pierre-Augustin (1785-1825 né à Angers).‎

Reference : 1475

‎Eléments d' Anatomie générale,‎

‎ou description de tous les genres d'organes qui composent le corps humain. Paris, Béchet. 1823. In-8 (21x12). XII-728 pages. Reliure inexistante.‎

‎Sommaire du cours d' anatomie que lauteur a professé une dizaine d'années. En tête de chaque chapitre, une histoire abrégée des principales découvertes faites sur le système d'organes, qui en est le sujet. Bon état du texte, mais reliure inexistante.‎

Librairie la Devinière - Montmerle sur Saône

Phone number : 04 74 69 35 19

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‎BECQUEREL (Paul).-‎

Reference : 34883

‎Les Plantes. Avec 80 gravures.‎

‎ P., Hachette (Bibliothèque des Merveilles), 1928, in 12 broché, 188 pages ; illustrations ; couverture illustrée. ‎

‎PHOTOS sur DEMANDE. .......................... Photos sur demande..........................‎


Phone number : 04 77 32 63 69

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‎BEIRNE, Bryan P.‎

Reference : 27226

‎British Pyralid and Plume Moths. Containing a descriptive history of all the British species of moths of the families Pyralidae, Pterophorida e, and Orneodidae. With 405 Figures.‎

‎London- New york, F. Warne. 1954. Hardcover + DW in-12°, 208 pp., color and bl./wh. plates.‎

‎DJ in VG shape with light shelfwear present to the DJ. No ownership marks present. Text is clean and free of marks, binding tight and solid, boards clean with no wear present.. VG+++/VG++ [MI-11] ‎

Phone number : 07 80 01 72 79

EUR77.40 (€77.40 )

‎Bell (R.P.), ed. about Charles Darwin - J. Challinor - J.B.S. Haldane - P. Marler - H.L.K. Whitehouse - J.S. Wilkie‎

Reference : 67548


‎Darwin's Biological Work - Some Aspects Reconsidered‎

‎Science Editions - John Wiley Malicorne sur Sarthe, 72, Pays de la Loire, France 1964 Book Condition, Etat : Bon paperback, editor's illustrated wrappers In-8 1 vol. - 357 pages‎

‎1 plate in frontispiece, 5 plates (complete), few text-figures in black and white 1st edition was 1959 Contents, Chapitres : Contents, List of plates, Preface, Acknowledgments, Note, xiv, Text, 343 pages - P.R. Bell : The movement of plants in response to light - J. Challinor : Palaeontology and evolution - J.B.S. Haldane : Natural selection - P. Marler : Developments in the study of animal communication - H.L.K. Whitehouse : Cross and self fertilization in plants - J.S. Wilkie : Buffon, Lamarck and Darwin : The originality of Darwin's theory of evolution signing of the former owner on the inside part of the wrappers, else near fine copy, no other markings‎

Librairie Internet Philoscience - Malicorne-sur-Sarthe
EUR12.00 (€12.00 )

‎BENDER Niklas‎

Reference : 101368

‎La lutte des paradigmes : la littérature entre histoire, Biologie et medecine (Flaubert, Zola, Fontane).‎

‎ Rodopi Faux Titre Rodopi, Coll. Faux Titre, 2010, 553 p., cartonnage éditeur, environ 23x15cm, un petit accroc sur le mors du second plat, bon état pour le reste et intérieur très propre.‎

‎ Merci de nous contacter à l'avance si vous souhaitez consulter une référence au sein de notre librairie.‎

Phone number : 33 04 78 42 29 41

EUR90.00 (€90.00 )

‎BENEDEN (P.J. Van)‎

Reference : 362

‎Les commensaux et les parasites dans le règne animal -- BEL EXEMPLAIRE‎

‎P., Baillière, 1883, un volume in 8 relié en demi-chagrin rouge, dos orné de fers dorés (reliure de l'époque), 238pp., 83 figures dans le texte‎

‎---- BEL EXEMPLAIRE ---- Troisième édition ---- "Van Beneden went to Paris to study zoology intending to become a professor of zoology at Belgium. Since other professors had already been appointed to these chairs, he accepted the post of professor of zoology at the newly created Catholic University of Louvain on April 1835. Van Beneden's contribution to zoology concern most animal phyla and are characterized by the importance given to embryology in the recognition of systematic affinities. He was a naturalist whose curiosity extended to the broadest spectrum of animal species. His main contribution, however, was the discovery of the life cycle of the cestodes...". (DSB I pp. 602/603)**362.A7DE‎

Phone number : 01 43 25 51 73

EUR40.00 (€40.00 )


Reference : 365

‎L'eau, base structurale et fonctionnelle des êtres vivants‎

‎P., Masson, 1962, un volume in 8 relié en cartonnage éditeur, 175pp., figures dans le texte‎

‎---- EDITION ORIGINALE ---- La molécule d'eau - L'eau, constituant universel de la matière vivante - L'être vivant, solution vraie - L'eau des systèmes colloidaux et macro-moléculaires - Rôle de l'eau dans la régulation thermique - l'irrigation de l'organisme vivant - Quelques aspects des maladies de l'eau - Vue d'ensemble de l'eau dans la biosphère**365/BETH/CART(3)‎

Phone number : 01 43 25 51 73

EUR20.00 (€20.00 )

‎Ben-hamida Fakher‎

Reference : 110053


‎4e école franco-africaine de biologie moléculaire 2-12 avril 1984 Djerba (tunisie‎

‎Institut jacques monod 1984 in8. 1984. broché. Le virus de la vaccine: un nouveau vecteur et un modèle pour l'étude des régulations des synthèses protéiques. G. Bernardi Les origines de la réplication deu génome mitochondrial de la levure. Collectif Biosynthèse et maturation post-traductionnelle des pro-neuropeptids du système nerveux central‎

‎Très Bon Etat‎

Un Autre Monde - Val Couoesnon

Phone number :

EUR37.00 (€37.00 )


Reference : 58149

‎Julien-Joseph Virey: Naturaliste et anthropologue, ‎

‎Sciences en situation, 1992, 286 pp., broché, bon état.‎

Phone number : 0033 (0)1 42 23 30 39

EUR15.00 (€15.00 )

‎Bensaude-vincent Bernadette‎

Reference : 100084721


ISBN : 2846711267

‎Faut-il avoir peur de la chimie‎

‎Empécheurs de penser rond 2005 290 pages 14x20x2cm. 2005. Broché. 290 pages.‎

‎Bon état petites tâche sur la tranche de tête intérieur propre‎

Un Autre Monde - Val Couoesnon

Phone number :

EUR5.00 (€5.00 )
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