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Reference : 33797

‎Guide des Amphibiens d'Europe dans leur milieu naturel.‎

‎Paris-Gembloux, Editions Duculot, 1984. in-8 etroit, 139 pp., nombreuses illustrations et photos en couleurs, broche, couverture illustree.‎

‎Très bel exemplaire. [P-27] ‎

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Reference : 38728

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‎BANKS (Edward J.).-‎

Reference : 34845

‎Les conditions du sol et la croissance des plantes. Traduit sur la quatrième édition anglaise par Georges Matisse. Illustré de 32 figures et 4 planches hors-texte.‎

‎ P., Flammarion, sans date (1924), in 8° broché, 465 pages ; illustrations ; papier bruni ; couverture défraichie. ‎

‎ ...............Photos sur demande............‎


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‎Barash (David) - Wilson (about)‎

Reference : 23492


‎Sociobiology and Behavior - Foreword by Edward O. Wilson‎

‎Heinemann Malicorne sur Sarthe, 72, Pays de la Loire, France 1978 Book Condition, Etat : Bon paperback , illustrated wrappers grand In-8 1 vol. - 393 pages‎

‎ Contents, Chapitres : Contents, Preface, Foreword, xv, Text, 378 pages - The domain of sociobiology - How it works, evolution as a process - Evolution and behavior, getting it together - Biology of altruism - The social question : to be or not to be - sSrategies of mate selection and reproduction - Strategies of parenting - Strategies of social competition, aggression and dominance - Strategies of spatial competition, territories and such - The sociobiology of human behavior, extrapolations and speculations - Glossary, references, index - cf : sociobiologie Annotations at ink and pencil, mainly in the margins (some of them are from Pierre Thuillier), else very good copy, the wrappers are lightly shrubbed (used)‎

Librairie Internet Philoscience - Malicorne-sur-Sarthe

‎Barash (David) - Wilson (about)‎

Reference : 23493


‎Sociobiology : The Whisperings Within‎

‎Souvenir Press Malicorne sur Sarthe, 72, Pays de la Loire, France 1980 Book Condition, Etat : Bon hardcover , under illustrated dust-jacket grand In-8 1 vol. - 282 pages‎

‎ 1st British Edition Contents, Chapitres : Contents, Acknowledgments, viii, Text, 274 pages - Introduction : Hottentot gods and the strange case of the plucked Ocelot - Where we stand : Alcoholic mice and why sugar is sweet - Sexism : Strategies of reproduction, or when is beeswax like a Ferrari ? - Parenting : Murderous monkeys, paternal marmots and sexism - Altruism : Kin, karma and kamikazes - Competition : Fighting, male group and war - Part I : Toward an evolutionary biology of mind - Part II : Notes on biology and culture - Politics : A tangled bank - Bibliography and index - cf : sociobiologie working copy from Pierre Thuillier, annotations at ink and pencil, else near fine copy, the jacket is lightly browning‎

Librairie Internet Philoscience - Malicorne-sur-Sarthe

‎BARAT, Geneviève‎

Reference : 31139


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Reference : 3127


‎ Masson, 1981, in 8 broché, 200 pages. 124 figures, bibliographie. Exemplaire légèrement défraîchi, sans aucun manques. Bon état. ‎

Librairie Mahieu - Jouarre

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‎[peQuod] - ‎ ‎BARBIERI, Marcello‎

Reference : 27942


‎The organic Codes. The birth of semantic biology [ with a letter, signed by the author ]‎

‎1 vol. in-8 br., Casa Editrice peQuod, Ancone, 2001, 255 pp.‎

‎Exceptionnel exemplaire enrichi d'une L.S. de Marcello Barbieri au grand mathématicien et philosophe français René Thom. Honoré par la Médaille Fields en 1958, le mathématicien français René Thom (1923 - 2002) est le célèbre fondateur de la théorie des catastrophes. Bon état.‎

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‎BARD L. ‎

Reference : 76588


‎Précis des examens de laboratoire.‎

‎Couverture rigide. Percaline de l'éditeur. 830 pages.‎

‎Livre. Editions Masson et Cie (Collection : Précis médicaux), 1918.‎

Librairie et Cætera - Belin-Beliet

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Reference : 34284

‎Lamarck ou le mythe du precurseur.‎

‎Paris, Seuil ("Science ouverte"), 1979. in-8, 185 pp., broche, couverture illustree.- ISBN 2020052393‎

‎Très bel exemplaire. [PH-3] ‎

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Reference : 251

‎Nouveaux élémens de la science de l'homme‎

‎P., Goujon, 1806, 2 volumes in 8 reliés en pleine basane racinée de l'époque (reliures de l'époque), (quelques rousseurs, une coiffe émoussée), T.1 : (4), 304pp., 238pp., T.2 : (2), 339pp., 244pp.‎

‎---- Seconde édition REVUE ET CONSIDERABLEM:ENT AUGMENTEE (UN VOLUME) - BON EXEMPLAIRE ---- "The author herein states those principles for which he is now best remembered, that is, that the "VITAL PRINCIPLE" (a term he introduced) is the basis of the phenomenon of life, and every abnormality of function of normal life - or of his "vital principle" - constitutes disease". (Heirs of Hippocrates N° 1012 1st ed.) ---- Garrison p. 364 - DSB I pp. 478/479**251.D4‎

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Reference : 49400


‎De Luce hominum & brutorum libri III. Novis rationibus, & raris historiis secundum illustrati. (+ Gesner) De Raris & admirandis herbis, qvÊ, sive qvod noctu luceant, sive alias ob causas, LUNARIAE nominantur, & obiter de aliis etiam rebus, qvae in ten...‎

‎Hafniae (Copenhagen), Gociche, 1669. (Both works). Small 8vo. Bound in one contemp. full vellum. Contemp. handwritten titles on spine. First title-page printed in red/black. (24),531,(45) pp. + Gesner: (2),82,(20) pp. and 5 large textillustr (plants). Internally clean.‎

‎Bartholin's work is the second edition (the first 1647) of the most outstanding work on luminescence of the seventeenth century, being the ""second special treatise on the subject, and one from which many later writers copied... for it describes every luminescent phenomena known at that time whether real or imagined, organic or inorganic."" (Harvey ""A History of Luminiscence from the earliest times until 1900"".Gesner's work which is here bound together with Bartholin's work (as it should be - the halftitle-page mentions both works), is also the second edition (first published 1555). It is ""the first comprehensive review on light emitting plants (including fungi and also animals)... To Gesner belongs the honor of preparing the first book wholly devoted to luminiscence..."" (Harvey).The intensive investigations in luminescence and phosphorescence in the 19th century eventually lead the way to the discovery of radioactivit by Becquerel in 1896.Gosch I: T. Bartholin, No 4.‎


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Reference : 25557


‎Lamarck ou le mythe du précurseur.‎

‎ Seuil, 1979, in-8°, 186 pp, un portrait, biblio, broché, couv. illustré, bon état‎


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‎Bassett Bunce Carter Clark Hollinger‎

Reference : 100069409


‎Principles of chemistry‎

‎Prentice-Hall 1966 in8. 1966. Cartonné.‎

‎Bon Etat couverture défraîchie intérieur propre‎

Un Autre Monde - La Fontenelle

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‎Bastian (H. Charlton)‎

Reference : 77070


‎The Origin of Life Being an Account of Experiments with Certain Superheated Saline Solutions in Hermetically Sealed Vessels - (Reprint of the 1911 Edition)‎

‎Kessinger Publishing's Rare Reprints (Putnam) Malicorne sur Sarthe, 72, Pays de la Loire, France 2005 Book Condition, Etat : Très Bon paperback , yellow and white printed wrappers In-4 1 vol. - 123 pages‎

‎10 plates in black and white, containing numerous illustrations from photomicrographs REPRINT of the 1911 edition Contents, Chapitres : Contents, iv, Text, 119 pages, plates and catalogue Putnam - Foreword and Introduction - Concerning experiments made in 1906 - New experiments initiated in 1909 - The varying effects of high temperatures upon the solutions - Concerning the experimental conditions, the nature of the organisms found in the tubes, their cultivation, and their thermal death-point - Further experiments made in 1910 - Additional experiments made with pure colloidal silica prepared by Graham's method - The thermal death-point of such organisms as have been found in the tubes - The results of the experiments now recorded must be considered to prove the Do Novo origin of living matter - The forms assumed by new-born units of living matter - The solutions employed are not prone to be contaminated by air-borne particles - Does silicon, either wholly or in part enter in the place of carbon into the composition of the protoplasm of the organisms found in the tubes - cf : Origine de la vie fine copy, no markings - year estimated to 2005, no date inside‎

Librairie Internet Philoscience - Malicorne-sur-Sarthe


Reference : 42397


‎Mendels Vererbungstheorien. Aus dem Englischen ÃŒbersetzt von Alma Winckler. Mit einem Begleitwort von R. von Wettstein sowie 41 Abbildungen im Text und 6 Tafeln und 3 Portrats von Mendel.‎

‎Leipzig und Berlin, B.G. Teubner, 1914. Orig. hcloth. Spine with gilt lettering. Portrait as frontisp. X,375 pp., 2 portraits, textillustr. and 6 colourplates (4 double-page). Fine and clean.‎

‎First German edition of this classic work in biology. The English original was issued 1902. Bateson rediscovered Mendel's papers on heredity and republished them at the end of this work. - Garrison & Morton: 244 (the English ed.)‎


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Reference : 42396


‎On some Variations of Cardium edule apparently Correlated to the Conditions of Life.‎

‎(London, Harrisn and Sons, 1890). 4to. No wrappers as extracted from ""Philosophical Transactions"", 1889, Vol. 180 - Series B. Pp. 297-330 and 1 chromolithographed plate. Fine and clean.‎

‎First printing of an importent paper in Bateson's scientific career as it deals with central problems in evolutionary theory, the problem of variations. Bateson favours discontinous variations instead of the Darwinian gradual adaptation. Bateson is also famous to for his rediscovery of Mendel's hereditary laws, which he proved holds for animals as well of plants.‎


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‎BAUCHOT (Marie Louise et Roland).-‎

Reference : 50416

‎La vie des poissons.‎

‎ P., Stock, 1967, in 8° broché, 155 pages ; couverture illustrée ; illustrations hors-texte. ‎

‎ ...............Photos sur demande............‎


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‎BAUCHOT (M.-L. & R.).‎

Reference : 14602

‎La Vie des poissons.‎

‎Paris, Stock (« Livres de Nature »), 1967. in-8°, 155 pages, 1 cahier illustre n/b, broche, couverture illustree plastifiee à rabats.‎

‎Tres bel exemplaire. [CA33-5] ‎

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‎Baud Paul‎

Reference : 147425


‎Traité de chimie industrielle tome 1‎

‎Masson et cie 1943 1062 pages in8. 1943. Relié. 1062 pages.‎

‎Bon Etat‎

Un Autre Monde - La Fontenelle

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‎BAVINK, Bernhard.‎

Reference : 10006

‎Conquêtes et problèmes de la Science contemporaine. Traduction, preface et notes de Rene SUDRE.‎

‎Neuchâtel, Editions de la Baconnière (« Histoire et Société d'Aujourd'hui »), 1949-1953. 2 volumes in-8°, 440-560 pages, figures en n/b, tabl., -, index, broche, couv. à rabats.‎

‎Tres bel ensemble. [HA-109/9] ‎

Phone number : 07 80 01 72 79


‎BAYER (R.) - [Sous la direction]‎

Reference : 7195

‎Philosophie des sciences - ARTICLES ORIGINAUX DE BETH (E.W.), FEYS (R.), GONSETH (F.) & MULLER (G.H.), DESTOUCHES (J.L.), PIVETEAU (J.)‎

‎P., Hermann, 1950, un volume in 8 broché, couverture imprimée, 162pp.‎

‎---- EDITION ORIGINALE ---- ARTICLES ORIGINAUX DE : BETH (E.W.). Decision problems of logic and mathematics - FEYS (R.). Logistique - GONSETH (F.) & MULLER (G.H.). Philosophie mathématique - DESTOUCHES (J.L.). Physique moderne et philosophie - PIVETEAU (J.). Philosophie biologique**7195.O7AR‎

Phone number : 01 43 25 51 73



Reference : 49680


‎The Mechanism of Pancreatic Secretion. (Seventeen Figures in the Text). - [FOUNDING THE SCIENCE OF ENDOCRINOLOGY.]‎

‎(London), Journal of Physiology, 1902. Offprint from the Journal of Pysiology. Vol. XXVIII. No. 5, 1902. Pp. (325-) 353, 17 textfigs. Small staples in inner margin, also sewn. A very small stain in lower blank margin.‎

‎First edition of the scarce offprint of the paper that fully described the discovery of the first hormone, a milestone in the history of physiology and medicine. The discovery was announced in the Proccedings of the Royal Society in Janauary 1902, on 2 pages. The offered item constitutes the first printing of the paper in full, in which the authors described their milestone discovery, which introduced an entirely new field in physiology and medicine, namely the discovery of the FIRST HORMONE, which they named ""Secretin"". A few years later Sterling coined the word 'hormone' (1905) from the Greek 'hormon', meaning to exite or set into motion. Up until Baylis' and Starlings' discovery, it was thought that the glands, here specifically the pancreas, were controlled by the nerves (e.g. Pavlov and others), but Bayliss and Sterling discovered that the intestine was in fact signaling the pancreas, thereby presenting a COMPLETELY NEW MECHANISM involving a new kind of body or substance functioning as a chemical messenger. ""If nerves are the sprinters of biology, Bayliss & Starling had discovered the marathon runners. In doing so, they also founded the science of hormones, called endocrinology"" (Alan Lightman ""The Discoveries"", p. 34 ff). ""With the discovery of hormones, Bayliss & Starling had found the internal command and control centers - and in this, their discovery was much larger than a new communication system. The mechanism of response and control was chemical: atoms and molecules. Now, with hormones, there was a mechanism for a living thing to regulate itself. Furthermore, with hormones, an organism could not only be studied, but also controlled from the outside... Never had the living body come closer to a machine, a self-regulating machine governed not only by physics, but also by chemistry. And not only a machine, but a machine that we humans could willfully control. At the start of the new century, we still have not come to terms with the implications of this idea."" (Alan Lightman).Parkinson ""Breakthroughs"", 1902 B. - Leicester ""Source Book in Chemistry 1900-1950"", pp. 312-13.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

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Reference : 49361


‎The Chemical Regulation of the Secretory process. (Croonian Lecture).‎

‎London, Harrison and Sons, 1904. 8vo. Later full buckram. Spine with gilt lettering. In: ""Proceedings of the Royal Society"", Vol. 73. VIII,548 pp. a. 11 plates. (Entire volume offered). Bayliss & Starling's paper: pp. 310-322. A stamp to edges, otherwise clean.‎

‎First printing of this paper in which they developed the theory of hormonal control of the internal secretion, a milestone discovery by Bayliss and Starling in 1902, which introduced a quite new field in physiology and medicine, the discovery of the FIRST HORMONE, which the they named ""Secretin"". They here tries to find out how this new body could be decribed chemically, and one of the conclusions were ""It is not precipitated by tannic acid, thus excluding bodies of alkaloid nature as well as di-amido compounds. This evidence, slight thought it is, points to secretin being a body of relatively small molecular weight and not a colloid. It may be compared to the active principle of the suprarenal glands, adrenalin, which has been obtained in a crystallic form and the cemical constitution of which has been approximately determined...""(p. 314-15).Garrison & Morton: 1121.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

DKK2,000.00 (€268.24 )

‎BEAULIEU François de / LEFRANCOIS Sandra ( illustrations par)‎

Reference : 8486


‎ Morlaix, Editions Skol Vreizh, 2011, format 308x230mm, reliure pleine toile noire de l'éditeur, jaquette, 654 pages, nombreuses illustrations dans le texte par Sandra Lefrançois, exemplaire en bon état.‎

‎Publié avec le concours de la Région Bretagne, des départements du Finistère, de Loire-Atlantique et du Morbihan. ‎

Phone number : 07 70 79 25 54

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