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‎Sourine (Georges)‎

Reference : 44163


‎Vivre dans l'espace‎

‎Robert Laffont , Jeune Science Malicorne sur Sarthe, 72, Pays de la Loire, France 1969 Book condition, Etat : Bon broché, sous couverture à rabats illustrée d'une photographie de l'astronaute Edward H. White flottant dans l'espace In-8 1 vol. - 264 pages‎

‎quelques planches hors-texte de photographies 1ere édition, le livre est ensuite sorti l'année suivante en poche dans la collection Marabout Contents, Chapitres : Les frontières de l'espace - La vie à bord - Les vols futurs - Les paradoxes de la pesanteur - La psychologie cosmique - L'homme sur la Lune - Vers l'homo spatialis - Appendice : Liste des vols humains dans l'espace - Les vétérans de l'espace - Principales sources bibliographiques utilisées (bibliographie de 7 pages) ‎

Librairie Internet Philoscience - Malicorne-sur-Sarthe
EUR7.00 (€7.00 )

‎SOURINE Georges ‎

Reference : 154299


‎Vivre dans l'espace, physiologie et psychologie des astronautes‎

‎ Laffont Robert Laffont, 1969. In-8 broché, couverture à rabats de 263 pages. Très bon état‎

‎ Toutes les expéditions sont faites en suivi au-dessus de 25 euros. Expédition quotidienne pour les envois simples, suivis, recommandés ou Colissimo. ‎

Phone number : 05 65 42 95 21

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Reference : 46064


‎Observations of the apparent distances and positions of 458 double and triple Stars, made in the Years 1823, 1824, and 1825" together with a re-examination of 36 Stars of the samer description, the distances and positions of which were communicated in...‎

‎London, W. Nicol, 1826. 4to. ""Philosophical Transactions"" 1826 - Part I. With titlepage to Part I. (2),391,,XVIII pp. Titlepage with a stamp on verso. A faint brownspots to p. 1. One leaf a bit creased.‎

‎First printing of South's second large star catalogue of the distances and positions of double and triple stars.""Double stars, essentially discovered by Wiiliam Herschel, were of great interest throughout the nineteenth century—new ones being found and position measurements made more precise with each improvement in telescope construction. South, working with John Herschel during the years 1821–1823. reobserved the double stars charted originally by William Herschel, mainly for the purpose of detecting position changes. Their observations helped verify the newly recognized orbital motion of these neighboring stars. Their resulting catalog of 380 double stars, presented to the Royal Society in 1824, earned them the gold medal of the Astronomical Society and the grand prize of the Institut de France. For his second catalog of double stars, two years later, South was awarded the Copley Medal of the Royal Society.""(DSB).‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

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Reference : 46067


‎On the discordances between the Sun's observed and computed Right Ascensions, as determined at the Blackman-street Observatory, in the years 1821 to 1822" wih Experiments to show that they did not originate in instrumental derangement. Aklso a descrip...‎

‎London, W.Nicol, 1826. 4to. No wrappers as extracted from ""Philosophical Transactions"" 1826 - Part III. With titlepage to Part III.Pp. 423-482 and 3 engraved plates, of which 2 are larger and folded. A faint dampstain to margins of plates.‎

‎James South "" fitted up an observatory attached to his house in Blackman Street, Borough, with two equatoreals of respectively five and seven feet focal length, besides a first-rate transit instrument by Troughton Here he observed, jointly with John Frederick William Herschel, 380 double stars. In presenting him with the gold medal of the Astronomical Society in 1826, Francis Baily spoke of his ‘princely collection of instruments, such as have never yet fallen to the lot of a private individual’. In 1835 South removed his five-foot telescope to Passy, near Paris, where he came to know Humboldt and Arago, and convinced Laplace of the reality of revolving stars by ocular demonstration in the case of 70 Ophiuchi. He executed there in a few months what Herschel called ‘a noble series of measures’ on 458 compound stars, of which 160 were new " and for these labours, together with his paper ‘On the Discordances between the Sun's observed and computed Right Ascensions,’ presented to the Royal Society on 8 June 1826 (the paper offered), was awarded the Copley medal in 1826. He was elected a member of the Royal Society in 1821.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

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Reference : 53805

‎Volume I - No I/ 1962.‎

‎ Dordrech Holland, Reidel, 1962, in 8° broché, 153 pages ; illustrations. ‎

‎Editor C. de Jager / Utrecht : Introduction Wexler H. - Tiros experiment results Carmickael H. - High energy solar particule events Parker E.N. - Dynamics of the geomagnetic storm Gold T. - Magnetic storm.Ziauddin DC Rosex S. - The polar cap absorption effect Donahue T.M. - Excitation of the Lymanax in the night sky. PHOTOS sur DEMANDE. ...................... Photos sur demande ..........................‎


Phone number : 04 77 32 63 69

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Reference : W87428


‎Physique solaire‎

‎Bruxelles, Hayez 1887 25pp., illustré de quelques tableaux, signé avec dédicace par l'auteur, 18cm., br.orig., 2 cachets au verso de la p.d.t., [l'auteur, l'abbé E.Spée, était astronome à l'observatoire royal à Bruxelles, Belgique], W87428‎

Phone number : +32476917667

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Reference : 4862

‎General astronomy -- EDITION ORIGINALE‎

‎London, Arnold, 1922, un volume in 8 relié en pleine toile éditeur, (4), 392pp., figures dans le texte, 24 planches‎

‎---- EDITION ORIGINALE ---- "Spencer Jones's scientific interests were connected mainly with the tasks of the observatories with which he was associated : primarily the problems of positional and fundamental astronomy. His outstanding personal contributions were a study of the speed of rotation of the earth, and one of the solar parallax... He proved that the fluctuations in the observed longitudes of the celestial bodies can be attributed not to any peculiarities of their motions but, rather, to fluctuations in the angular velocity of rotation of the earth. He devoted several years to a new determination of the mean distance of the earth from the sun through measurements of the parallactic displacement of the asteroid Eros during its favorable opposition in 1930-1931... All considered, Spencer Jones's principal original contributions suffered - as did those of many others - from the fact that they were concerned with problems eminently suitable for treatment by automatic computing machinery, but were carried out ten years or so before its advent". (DSB XII pp. 573/574) ---- The celestial sphere - The earth - The earth in relation to the sun - Eclipses and occulations - Astronomical instruments - The planetary motions - Comets and meteors - The stars - The stellar universe - etc**4862/M5DE‎

Phone number : 01 43 25 51 73

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‎Spencer Jones Harold‎

Reference : gl23


‎La vie sur d'autres mondes ?‎

‎Dunod Broché 1958 In-8 broché, couverture illustrée, VII, 180 pp., 8 planches photographiques hors texte : bords et mors légèrement blanchis, bon état. Livraison a domicile (La Poste) ou en Mondial Relay sur simple demande.‎

Abraxas-Libris - Bécherel

Phone number : 33 02 99 66 78 68

EUR15.00 (€15.00 )

‎SPENCER JONES (Sir Harold).- ‎

Reference : 31509

‎La vie sur d'autres mondes ? Traduit par C. Mamontoff.‎

‎ P., Dunod, 1958, in 8° broché, X-180 pages ; 8 planches hors-texte ; couverture illustrée. ‎

‎ ...................... Photos sur demande ..........................‎


Phone number : 04 77 32 63 69

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Reference : W94739


‎Proper motions of stars in the zone catalogue of 20.843 stars, 1900. Zones 40° to 52° derived from photographs taken at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope‎

‎London, His Majesty's Stationery Office 1936 xc + 210pp., 31cm., original softcover (small repair at upper corner of spine), good condition, W94739‎

Phone number : +32476917667

EUR80.00 (€80.00 )

‎SPILLER Philipp‎

Reference : W77381


‎Die Urkraft des Weltalls nach ihren Wesen und Wirken auf allen Naturgebieten‎

‎Berlin, Verlag der Stuhr'schen Buchhandlung 1876 428pp., 24cm., cart.cover (marbled plates, spine in cloth with engilded title), some foxing in text (always very well readable), Good copy, W77381‎

Phone number : +32476917667

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‎SPOLE Andreae, KROKIUS Samuel A.‎

Reference : 140208


‎In Audit. Gust. Maj. ad diem 30 Octob. ANNI MDCXXCVI. Imprimebat Henricus Keyser / Reg. & Academiae Typogr., Upsaliae, 1686. In-24 gr. (mm. 149x89), p. pergamena antica (risg. rifatti), titolo ms. al dorso, 4 cc.nn., pp. 69,(3), con 1 xilografia a piena pag. nel testo che raffigura il Sole, la Terra e la Luna in diverse posizioni, oltre a 2 tavv. f.t., pi volte ripieg., che illustrano la Luna nelle sue fasi (piena, crescente e calante), pure inc. su legno. Testo in latino e greco. Dissertazione scientifica (tenutasi nell'Accademia di Uppsala il 30 ottobre 1686), suddivisa in 5 brevi capitoli: De Luna Onomatologia - De Materia Lunae - De Maculis Lunae - De Lumine Lunae - De Influxu Lunae. Ne fu relatore lo svedese Andrea Spole (Spolius) (1630-1699), professore di matematica alle Universit di Lund e Uppsala."Rarissima e unica edizione".L'Autore di questa disputatio il matematico svedese Samuel A. Krook (1661-1716); fu nominato professore di matematica a Pernau nel 1701 ma non riusc a ricoprre questa posizione. Pubblic almanacchi tra il 1691 e il 1716 con saggi da lui scritti di carattere astronomico, storico e cronologico e partecip ai preparativi per la riforma del calendario svedese.Cfr. Liden Catalogus disputationum (Upsaliae,1778), p. 434, che cita la ns. edizione - Cfr. anche Cantamessa,III, 7630 e Poggendorff,II, p. 975 per Spole.Opera sconosciuta alle principali bibliografie e presente in sole 6 biblioteche (4 svedesi, la British Library e 1 biblioteca dell'Universit dell'Arizona). Non figura su ICCU. Antica nota di possesso al frontesp.; corto del margine super.; una tavola restaur. per strappo; pagine ingiallite, ma complessivam. buon esemplare.‎


Phone number : +39 02 804607

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‎( SQUIRE, Thomas).‎

Reference : c3042

‎Astronomie enseignée en 22 lecons ou les Merveilles des Cieux ,expliquées sans le recours des mathématiques, ouvrage traduit de l' anglais sur la treizième édition; par M.C. ancien élève de Delambre. 4ème édition .‎

‎ Paris, Audin, Urbain Canel, Ponthieu, 1825 ; in-12°, demi- basane fauve, dos lise orné de filets dorés, titre doré ( reliure vers 1850) ;2ff.,504pp.; reliure postérieure un peu frottée avec petits manques aux coiffes, quelques piqûres.Exemplaire très correct bien complet des 8 planches dont 3 dépliantes.‎

‎ Traduction de Philippe- Jean Coulier.(S1) ‎


Phone number : 33 (0)2 54 49 05 62

EUR90.00 (€90.00 )

‎SQUIRE Thomas‎

Reference : 17860


‎Beautés et merveilles du ciel ou cours d'Astronomie en vingt-quatre leçons, mis à la portée de la jeunesse, orné de 14 planches et d'une carte polaire, traduit de l'anglais sur l'édition de 1823, par un astronome français (1825)‎

‎ 1825 un volume, broché (paperback) in-douze (11,5 x 18 cm), recouvert d'une fausse couverture d'attente en papier marbré, titre imprimé au dos sur une étiquette blanche Editeur ( avec manques), dos fendu, toutes tranches non rognées, orné de 14 planches hors-texte en noir et d'une carte polaire hors-texte en noir, VI-492 pages, 1825 Paris : A. Eymery Editeur,‎

‎Edition Originale........RARE Ouvrage de vulgarisation......en bon état (good condition). ‎

Phone number : 06 81 28 61 70

EUR80.00 (€80.00 )

‎Standage (Tom)‎

Reference : 69833


‎The Neptune File - Planet Detectives and the Discovery of Worlds Unseen‎

‎Allen Lane - The Penguin Press Malicorne sur Sarthe, 72, Pays de la Loire, France 2000 Book condition, Etat : Bon hardcover, editor's full black clothes, no dust-jacket In-8 1 vol. - 228 pages‎

‎31 black and white text-figures 1st edition Contents, Chapitres : Contents, Preface, Acknowledgments, xiii, Text, 215 pages - The musician of the spheres - Something rather better than a comet - A very badly behaved planet - An astronomical mystery - The young detective - The master mathematician - The noblest triump of theory - An elegant resolution - In Neptune's sway - Shots in the dark - Worlds unseen - Notes and sources no dust-jacket, else fine copy, no markings‎

Librairie Internet Philoscience - Malicorne-sur-Sarthe
EUR6.00 (€6.00 )

‎STAS J.-S.‎

Reference : W57631


‎De la nature de la lumière solaire‎

‎Bruxelles, Académie royale (impr.par Hayez) 1890-1893 47pp., publié dans et extrait de "Mémoires couronnés et mémoires des savants étrangers publiés par l'Académie Royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique" Tome XLIX (49), in-4, non coupé, W57631‎

Phone number : +32476917667

EUR60.00 (€60.00 )


Reference : 102091

‎Jost Bürgi, Kepler und der Kaiser. Uhrmacher, Instrumentenbauer, Astronom, Mathematiker, 1552 - 1632. 2.Auflage.‎

‎ Zürich, Verlag Neue Zürcher Zeitung 2014, 275x205mm, 293Seiten, Farb- und S/W Photographien, Verlegereinband mit Umschlag. Sehr schönes Exemplar. ‎

Phone number : 41 26 323 23 43

CHF30.00 (€30.70 )

‎Steinberg J.L. and Lequeux J.‎

Reference : R260269885


‎Radioastronomie Les méthodes radioélectriques au service de l'astrophysique Collection Science et progrès‎

‎Dunod. 1960. In-8. Broché. Etat d'usage, Plats abîmés, Dos abîmé, Intérieur acceptable. 294 pages augmentées de quelques photos et figures en noir et blanc dans texte... . . . Classification Dewey : 520-Astronomie et sciences connexes‎

‎Collection Science et progrès.Etiquette sur coiffe en pied. Tampon bibliothèque. Classification Dewey : 520-Astronomie et sciences connexes‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

EUR49.50 (€49.50 )

‎STEINER Rudolf‎

Reference : 175654


ISBN : 2881891152

‎Science du ciel science de l'Homme‎

‎ Editions Anthroposophiques Editions Anthroposophiques, 1993. In-12 relié pleine cuir éditeur, titre doré sur le plat et en dos, 438 pages. Relation de l'astronomie avec les autres sciences. Troisième cours scientifique. Très bon état.‎

‎ Toutes les expéditions sont faites en suivi au-dessus de 25 euros. Expédition quotidienne pour les envois simples, suivis, recommandés ou Colissimo. ‎

Phone number : 05 65 42 95 21

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‎STERKEN Christiaan‎

Reference : W112705


‎Quelques nouvelles contributions à l'étude observationnelle des étoiles Beta Cephei‎

‎Liège, 1988 384pp. + 1p. de thèses, 21cm., Thèse (Université de Liège, Faculté des sciences, dissertation présentée en vue de l'obtention de grade d'Agregé de l'enseignement supérieur), cachet au verso de la p.d.t., texte frais et en bon état, W112705‎

Phone number : +32476917667

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Reference : 31526

Phone number : 41 26 323 23 43

CHF20.00 (€20.47 )


Reference : 52023


‎In Procli Diadochi Sphaeram mundi, omnibus numeris longe absolutissimus commentarius. - [STOEFFLER'S SEMINAL COMMENTARY ON PROCLUS' ""SPHAERA"" - WITH IMPORTANT REFERENCES TO AMERICA]‎

‎Tübingen, Hulderich Morhart, 1534. Small folio. Nice full vellum with yapp edges. A, exceptionally nice, clean, and fresh copy. One blank corner of f. 100 restored and small part of upper blank margin of last three leaves restored - far from affecting text. (7), (1 - blank), 133 ff + 1 leaf with portrait. With numerous woodcut astronomical illustrations and diagrams in the text and the woodcut portrai, which is attributed to Holbein the Younger.‎

‎The rare first edition of Stoeffler's highly important commentary on Proclus' astronomical main work, ""Sphaera"", together with the Latin translation of the text by Ludovicus Schradinus (Ludwig Schradin). Proklos' astronomical main work constitutes one of the most important and influential works of Ptolemaic cosmology, and through Stoeffler's pivotal edition of the text with his seminal commentaries, the work comes to play a significant role in Renaissance astronomy. Through Stoeffler, Proclus' ""Speara"" came to be regarded as the most significant Renaissance alternative to the otherwise dominating ""Tractatus de Sphaera"" by Sacrobosco - it constituted a Platonic-humanistic and anti-scholastic alternative that gave it a unique role in the history of spherical astronomy, strongly influencing the likes of Kepler. Johannes Stoeffler (1452-1531), Professor of mathematics at the University of Tübingen, was a highly important and influential astronomer and astrologer, who counted both Melanchton and Sebastian Münster among his students. His commentary on Proclus' ""Spaera"" became extremely influential and was studied by the most important astronomers of the Renaissance. The work furthermore contains two important references to the discovery of America (f. 24r: ""Ut est America provincia occidentialis vicina tropico Capricorni ... inventa per Columbanum Ianuensem"" & f. 54v: ""Hoc in primis, deprehendit Vespucius nobilis mathematicus, terram nusquam oceano ut illi crediderunt) à nostra omnino interceptam"").‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

DKK65,000.00 (€8,717.93 )


Reference : PHO-217



‎For the epoch of 1880, from the observations made at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, during the years 1871 to 1879 With 1 map in appendix XXXII, 565pp rare original edition carte dépliante relié toile éditeur‎

Phone number : 09 86 72 59 94

EUR195.00 (€195.00 )

‎STOPPANI Antonio‎

Reference : 8164


‎Il Sasso di Preguda. Ricordo del mio viaggio in Oriente. Poesie varie. Traduzioni libere. Agnelli, Milano, 1879. In-16 gr., bross., pp. VIII,157,(3). Prima edizione. Qualche fiorit. interc. nel t., timbri di appartenenza, ma complessivam. buon esempl.‎


Phone number : +39 02 804607

EUR70.00 (€70.00 )


Reference : R200045116


ISBN : 2040272542


‎BORDAS. 1999. In-4. Relié. Bon état, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 14 Pages augmentées de nombreuses illustrations en couleurs + une planisphère en couleur. . . . Classification Dewey : 520-Astronomie et sciences connexes‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 520-Astronomie et sciences connexes‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

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