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‎Denon Dominique Vivant‎

Reference : 100097012


ISBN : 2070732835

‎Voyage en Sicile‎

‎Le Promeneur 1993 13x21x2cm. 1993. Broché. 208 pages. ‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

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‎[Haudebourg] - ‎ ‎De norvins - Nodier - Dumas - legouvé - Didier - Walckenaer - Al Royer - Berlioz - De beauvoir - Hauger‎

Reference : 316


‎L' Italie pittoresque‎

‎ Amable Costes Paris 1834 petit in 4° relié 1 ff + VIII + 28 pp + 64 pp + 24 pp + 24 pp + 64 pp + 120 pp + 56 pp + 80 pp + 8 pp + 56 pp. 2 cartes dépliantes. 145 grav. sur acier en hors texte dont 123 â pleine page et 22 sur 11 pages. 534 pages de texte. demi-basane rouge faux nerfs et titre doré‎

‎rouss. principalement sur les textes, qq mouillures.‎

Latour infernal - Chambéry

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Reference : 44422

‎L’Alsace. Photos Hans R. Schläpfer‎

‎ Zurich, Editions Silva 1987, 300x220mm, 175pages, reliure d'éditeur sous jaquette. Bel exemplaire.‎

‎ photos couleurs, ‎

Phone number : 41 26 323 23 43

CHF20.00 (€20.47 )


Reference : 54627


‎Voyage... envoye a la Recherce de la Perouse. 2 tomes + atlas. - [GIFT-COPY, BY ORDER OF NAPOLEON]‎

‎Paris, 1807 (atlas) - 1808 (text). 2 large 4to + 1 folio. All three volumes bound in contemporary half calf with gilding to spines - text volumes uniform. TEXT: Volume 1 with a split front hinge, but block still tight. A patch of paper missing from back board. Both volumes with some edge wear and bumped corners. Old paper labels to inside of front boards, and a stamp to half-titles and title-pages. A bit of brownspotting, but mostly marginal. Overall, most text-leaves are clean and bright. The plates in vol. 1 have some, mostly marginal, brownspotting. Both volumes with wide margins. Some of the text is printed on blue-ish paper. (4), LVI, 704 pp. & 32 folded engraved plates + (4), VIII, 691 pp. & 1 folded plate. Many tables with astronomical observations. In all 33 folded plates. ATLAS: Wear to extremities and bumped corners. Inner front hinge re-enforced. Top right blank corner of title-page repaired, far from affecting text. A stamp to title-page. A bit of brownspotting, mostly marginal. The last ab. 10 maps with a damp stain in the middle. The reast are very nice and bright. 4 (title-page + contents-leaf) pp. & 39 maps and charts, 29 of which are double-page. Fully complete with all 33 folded plates in the text-volumes and all 39 maps and charts in the atlas-volume. A contemporary handwritten note to the title-page of the atlas stating that THE COPY WAS GIVEN TO ADMIRAL VAN DOCKUM AT THE ORDER OF NAPOLEON I. (""à Mr. le Conte-Admiral Joost Van Dockum,/ par ordre de Sm l'Empereur Napoléon 1e."")‎

‎A gift-copy, ordered by Napoleon I - for the Danish admiral that had earned himself great personal admiration from Napoleon - of the first edition of this magnificent travel account, which is famous for its exploration of the Australian coast while searching for the lost Pérouse expedition that had vanished in Oceania.The excellent maps and charts of this foundational publication are made by the expedition's first hydrographical engineer, C.F Beautemps-Beaupré, who is now regarded as the father of modern French hydrography, due to his work on the present expedition. The charts published here, in the atlas volume under the title ""Atlas du Voyage de Bruny-Dentrecasteaux"", in 1807 were very detailed and remained the source of the English charts of the area for many years. Those of Van Diemen's Land were the exceptionally detailed and have contributed greatly to our knowledge of the area. In September 1791, the French Assembly decided to send an expedition in search of Jean-François de La Pérouse, who had not been heard of since leaving Botany Bay in March 1788. Bruni d'Entrecasteaux was selected to command this expedition and was given a frigate, Recherche with Lieutenant Jean-Louis d'Hesmity-d'Auribeau as his second-in-command, Rossel among the other officers, and Beautemps-Beaupré as hydrographer of the expedition.On September 28, the expedition left Brest. The plan of the voyage was to proceed to New Holland in Australia, to sight Cape Leeuwin, then to hug the shore closely all the way to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), inspecting every possible harbour in a rowing boat, and then to sail for the Friendly Islands (Tonga) via the northern cape of New Zealand (allowing gardener Félix Delahaye to collect live breadfruit plants for transport to the French West Indies). After that, D'Entrecasteaux was to follow Pérouse's intended route in the Pacific. However, when Bruni d'Entrecasteaux reached Table Bay, Cape Town on 17 January 1792, he heard a report that Captain John Hunter (later to be Governor of New South Wales) had recently seen - off the Admiralty Islands - canoes manned by natives wearing French uniforms and belts. Although Hunter denied this report, and although the Frenchmen heard of the denial, Bruni d'Entrecasteaux determined to make directly to the Admiralty Islands, nowadays part of Papua New Guinea, taking water and refreshing his crew at Van Diemen's Land. On 20 April 1792, that land was in sight, and three days later the ships anchored in a harbour, which he named Recherche Bay. For the next five weeks, until 28 May 1792, the Frenchmen carried out careful boat explorations which revealed in detail the beautiful waterways and estuaries in the area.Beautemps-Beaupré, while surveying the coasts with Lieutenant Crétin, discovered that Adventure Bay was on an island, separated from the mainland by a fine navigable channel. On May 16, d'Entrecasteaux commenced to sail the ships through the channel and succeeded in 12 days. Port Esperance, the Huon River, and other features were discovered, named, and charted, the admiral's names being given to the channel (D'Entrecasteaux Channel) and the large island (Bruny Island) separated by it from the mainland.On May 28, 1792 the ships sailed into the Pacific to search for La Pérouse. On June 17, they arrived off the Isle of Pines, south of New Caledonia. From there, d'Entrecasteaux sailed northward along the western coast of New Caledonia. (The Bruni d'Entrecasteaux reefs at the northwestern end of the New Caledonia Barrier Reef are named for him.) He then passed the Solomon Islands along their southern or western coasts, sailed through Saint George's Channel between New Ireland and New Britain, and on July 28 sighted the south-east coast of the Admiralty Islands. After that he set sail for Ambon (in modern-day Indonesia), where his ships replenished their stores.Leaving Amboina on October 14, Bruni d'Entrecasteaux made for Cape Leeuwin, the south-western extremity of Australia, to carry out his original instructions of searching southern New Holland for La Pérouse. On December 6, land was sighted near Cape Leeuwin, and named ""D'Entrecasteaux Point"". They ended up sailing further east and penetrated numerous islands and dangerous shoals, to which they gave the name ""D'Entrecasteaux Islands"" (later changed to the Recherche Archipelago).After a violent storm in December, the ships continued eastward to the head of the Great Australian Bight, and on January 4, 1793, Bruni d'Entrecasteaux was forced to leave the coast at a position near Bruni d'Entrecasteaux Reef and sail direct to Van Diemen's Land (this decision was unfortunate, for if he had continued his examination of the southern coast of New Holland, he would have made all the geographical discoveries that fell to the lot of Bass and Flinders a few years later. If that had been the case, a French ""Terre Napoléon"" might well have been a fact).The ships anchored in Recherche Bay on 22 January, and the expedition spent five weeks in that area, watering the ships, refreshing the crews, and carrying out explorations into both natural history and geography. Beautemps-Beaupré, in company with other officers, surveyed the northern extensions to Storm Bay - the western extension was found to be a mouth of a river which received the name Rivière du Nord (it was renamed the Derwent River a few months later by the next visitor to this area).On February 28, d'Entrecasteaux sailed from Van Diemen's Land towards the Friendly Islands, sighting New Zealand and the Kermadec Islands en route. At the Friendly Islands, he found that the natives remembered Cook and Bligh well enough, but knew nothing of La Pérouse. He then sailed back to New Caledonia, where he anchored at Balade. The vain search for La Pérouse then resumed with Santa Cruz, then along the southern coasts of the Solomon Islands, the northern parts of the Louisiade Archipelago, through the Dampier Strait, along the northern coast of New Britain and the southern coast of the Admiralty Islands, and thence north of New Guinea to the Moluccas.By this time, the affairs of the expedition had become almost desperate, largely because the officers were ardent royalists and the crews equally ardent revolutionaries. Kermadec had died of phthisis in Balade harbour, and on 21 July 1793, d'Entrecasteaux himself died of scurvy, off the Hermits.Commands were re-arranged, with Auribeau taking charge of the expedition, with Rossel in Kermadec's place. The new chief took the ships to Surabaya. Here it was learned that a republic had been proclaimed in France, and on February 18, 1794, Auribeau handed his vessels to the Dutch authorities so that the new French Government could not profit by them. Auribeau died a month later, and Rossel sailed from Java in January 1795 on board a Dutch ship, arriving at Table Bay in April 1795. There his ship sailed unexpectedly with the expedition's papers, leaving him behind, but this vessel was captured by the British. Rossel then took passage on a brig-of-war, but this too was captured by the British. After the Peace of Amiens in 1802, all the papers of the expedition were returned to Rossel, who was thus able to publish the present narrative of the whole enterprise. JOST VAN DOCKUM (1753 -1834) was a famous Danish naval officer. He started out as a naval cadet and midshipman in 1765, advanced to second lieutenant 1773, premier lieutenant in 1781, captain lieutenant in 1784 and captain in 1796. In 1798 Dockum became chief of a frigate used as a watch ship in Helsinore and here got caught up in a conflict with an English chief of a convoy, about the extradition of another Danish ship. Due to his steadfast and tactful handling of the situation, the case was resolved and battle was avoided, earning him great respect and a flattering letter from Crown Prince Frederik. In 1799, Dockum was sent out as chief commander of the frigate ""The Mermaid"" to join the Commander Captain Steen Bille's force in the Mediterranean, whose task it was to ensure the uninterrupted travel of Danish merchant ships. Even though Denmark was neutral and thus sought after for shipping goods, these Danish ships still faced problems from both privateers, who didn't necessarily respect the neutral flag, and from English war ships, which demanded the right to search Danish ships - something that the Danish chiefs had explicit orders to prevent. Van Dockum turned out to be exactly the right man at the right place, at the right time. In December 1799, in Gibraltar, he was forced to order firing against English vessels that attempted to search his convoy. For a short while, it even looked as if a heavy battle was forced to follow, but with his calm and assured conduct, Van Dockum made the English reconsider, and the case was handled with diplomacy in stead. Later the same year, a similar situation occurred, which Van Docum handled in the same admirable manner. His impressive conduct was clearly noticed high up in the hierarchy. Denmark, however, could not remain neutral, and in the beginning of 1801, the Danish forces were called back from the Mediterranean. When the English navy arrived in Øresund in 1807 and afterwards bombarded Copenhagen, Van Docken was given command of the battery of ships, Preøvesten. In 1809, he was sent to Schelden to serve in the French navy" upon his arrival, he took command over the line ship Pultusk, under Vice Admiral Édouard Jacques Burgues de Missiessy.Napoleon's plan was to form a naval port of the first rank, a goal that he pursued zealously. The English, of course, tried to conquer the station. It was here that Van Docken gained international fame. At the failed attacks by the English and with his obviously skilled maneuvers and his amazing abilities as an organizer, he gained the special attention of Emperor Napoleon I and earned special recognition for the Danish marine as such. He stayed at his post for more than three years, was appointed French Admiral, Knight of Dannebrog and an officer of the Legion of Honour. He was invited to Napoleon's feasts was showered with attention, when he visited Napoleon in Paris. He stayed in French service until 1812, and Napoleon has presumably given him the present work, when it appeared. ‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

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Reference : ROD0024648



‎J. Susse. 1946. In-8. Broché. Etat d'usage, Couv. convenable, Dos fané, Intérieur bon état. 189 pages. Coiffes frottées. Nombreuses photos en noir hors-texte. Une carte en noir in fine. Illustrations en noir dans le texte. Dessins et photos de l'auteur.. . . . Classification Dewey : 910.4-Voyages‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 910.4-Voyages‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

EUR14.90 (€14.90 )

‎Deon Michel‎

Reference : 5766


ISBN : 0785918787

‎Un parfum de jasmin‎

‎Folio 1978 poche. 1978. broché. Bon Etat‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

EUR3.00 (€3.00 )

‎DEONNA (Laurence)‎

Reference : 21467

‎Du fond de ma valise. 47 histoires dans la vie d'une femme reporter.‎

‎Neuchâtel, Baconnière, 1989. In-8°, 310p. Broché, couverture illustrée.‎

‎Illustré de photographies dans le texte. Bel exemplaire.‎

Le Cabinet d'Amateur - Neuchâtel

Phone number : 0041 32 724 73 65

CHF30.00 (€30.70 )

‎De Paepe, Christian ‎

Reference : 51436

‎De reis van Jan-Baptist Ickx van Kortrijk naar Jeruzalem (1614),inleiding , uitgave, verklarende noten, en hertaling.‎

‎, oudheidkundige kring Kortrijk, 2018 Softcover,152 pagina's . met talrijke kleurillustraties en kaarten. .‎

‎Dit boek brengt het reisverslag van de Kortrijkse burger Jan-Batist Ickx naar Jerusalem en het Heilig Land in 1614. Een uniek verhaal in facsimile uitgave voorzien door Prof. Em. Chris De Paepe van een omstandige inleiding en een transcriptie van de oorspronkelijke tekst met honderden geschiedkundige en taalkundige verklarende noten voor de lezer van vandaag. ‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR25.00 (€25.00 )

‎Depelchin, P.‎

Reference : DEZ-2633


‎La Hollande à vol d'oiseau.‎

‎Tours, Mame, 1880. In-8, percaline éditeur, dos lisse orné de fleurons et de filets dorés, titre doré, plat supérieur orné d'un décor floral doré et noir, décor en noir sur le plat inférieur, 213 pp, 2 pp non chiffrés. Ouvrage illustré de gravures hors texte en noir. Livre de prix distribué par le pensionnat de Notre-Dame de la Charité de Bayeux. Coiffe supérieure affaissée, dos insolé, quelques rousseurs.‎

Phone number : 02-31-86-52-18

EUR30.00 (€30.00 )

‎De Penanster Alain‎

Reference : 68396


‎Tour du monde‎

‎Lanore 1963 in8. 1963. Broché. 126 pages. Bon Etat‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

EUR9.70 (€9.70 )


Reference : R320002961


ISBN : 2130362567


‎PUF. 1981. In-12. Broché. Etat d'usage, Coins frottés, Dos frotté, Intérieur acceptable. 240 pages illustrées de nombreuses photos en noir et blanc - Couverture illustrée d'une photo couleur.. . . . Classification Dewey : 910.4-Voyages‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 910.4-Voyages‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

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Reference : ROD0121717



‎ALBIN MICHEL. 1990. In-8. Relié. Bon état, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 249 pages augmentées de nombreuses planches en couleurs et en noir et blanc.. . . . Classification Dewey : 910.4-Voyages‎



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Reference : 40957


‎Historisch=geographisch=statistische Nachrichten von der General=Hauptmannschaft Caracas, oder dem östlichen Thiel der spansichen Landschaft Terrafirma in Süd-Amerika. Gesammelt auf einer Reise und während des Aufenhalts in dieselben Lande in den Jahr...‎

‎Weimar, Landes=Industrie=Comptoirs, 1807. Unbound, but stitched. XXXII,488 pp., 1 large folded engraved map. Some brownspots to map and with two tears, no loss. A few scattered brownspots.‎

‎First German edition of ""Voyage de la Yerre-Ferme, dans l'Amerique mériodinale, fait pendent les Annnées 1801, 1802, 1803 et 1804. Paris, 1806."". (Bibliothek der neuesten und wichtigsten Reisebeschreibungen...hrsg. von M.C. Sprengel, fortgesetzt von T.F. Ehrmann, 34. Bd.: 1. Theil). Also having the sereis titlepage, this with a stamp.- Sabin: 16646.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

DKK2,500.00 (€335.30 )


Reference : 20252


‎Histoire des expeditions maritimes des normands et de leur etablissement en france au dixieme siecle/ tome 2 seul‎

‎Paris ponthieu 1826 in8. 1826. Reliure demi-basane. 347 pages. Etat Correct reliure usagée rappel tome 2 seul‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

EUR20.00 (€20.00 )

‎Depping (G.-B.)‎

Reference : 2750


‎Les jeunes voyageurs en France. ‎

‎ 1824 Etienne Ledoux Libraire Editeur, Paris, 1824. 6 volumes in-12, reliure plein veau marbré, dos lisse orné de frises et de dentelles en queue, pièces de titre et tomaison maroquin rouge, plats ornés de filets et dentelles en encadrement, dentelles intérieures et tranches jaspées, orné de 100 cartes coloriées ou vues de ville en noir hors-texte par A.M. Perrot, gravées par Blanchard, 279, 263, 303, 241, 246 et 238 pages. Rousseurs, néanmoins bel exemplaire. ‎

‎ La librairie est ouverte du mardi au samedi de 9h30 à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 19h00. Commandes par courriel ou téléphone. Envoi rapide, emballage soigné. ‎


Phone number : 02 31 86 36 38

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Reference : RO80132915


‎Les Jeunes Voyageurs en France, ou Lettres sur les Départemens. TOME 3 : Indre, Creuse, Allier, Loire, Rhône, Isère, Drôme, Haute-Alpes et Basses-Alpes, Var, Corse, Bouches-du-Rhône, Vaucluse, Gard.‎

‎LEDOUX Etienne.. 1824. In-16. Broché. Etat d'usage, Couv. légèrement passée, Dos satisfaisant, Quelques rousseurs. 303 pages. Nombreuses planches de gravures en noir et blanc, et de cartes et plans, en couleurs. Dos fendu.. . . . Classification Dewey : 910.4-Voyages‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 910.4-Voyages‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

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Reference : 2325

‎Merveilles et Beautés de la Nature en France‎

‎ou description des objets les plus intéressants,sous le rapport de l’histoire naturelle tels que grottes,cascades,montagnes, mines,vues pittoresques etc..quatrième édition revue, augmentée et corrigée.2 tomes en 2 volumes in 12 broché couverture papier bleu d’attente 411-385 pages,une carte dépliantes,6 gravures hors-texte grandes marges Eymery 1819.(exemplaire lavé)les roches de Saint-Mihiel dans la Meuse sont citées…) ‎

Charbonnel - Bar le Duc

Phone number : 03 29 79 40 63

EUR95.00 (€95.00 )

‎DEPPING (G. B.).‎

Reference : 98014


‎Merveilles et beautés de la nature en France.‎

‎Paris Blanchard 1811 1 vol. relié in-12, basane fauve marbrée, dos lisse, frises, fleurons et dentelles dorés, pièce de titre de basane verte (agréable reliure d'époque), 634 pp. Bien complet de la carte dépliante et de la gravure hors-texte.‎

‎ 7 ‎

Vignes Online - Eymoutiers

Phone number : 05 55 14 44 53

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Reference : c4976

‎Merveilles et beautés de la nature en France. Description de ce que la France possède de plus curieux sous le rapport de l' histoire naturelle. 9ème édition entièrement refondue.‎

‎ Paris, Didier, 1849 ; 1 volume grand in-18°, pleine toile bleue de l' éditeur orné de plaques dorées mosaiquées de papier bleu et rose aux 2 plats et dos, tranches dorées ( décor de Harhaus); (4)pp., IIIpp., 268pp. Illustré d ' 1 Frontispice et 7 gravures hors texte.‎

‎Manque la première garde de papier jaune. Très nombreuses inscriptions anciennes à l'encre à l' intérieur des plats et sur la dernière garde ( ayant un peu déteint sur la dernière page de table en regard), quelques feuillets légèrement jaunis, très rares piqûres, très petit manque de toile à un coin.(GrG) ‎


Phone number : 33 (0)2 54 49 05 62

EUR60.00 (€60.00 )

‎Depping G.B‎

Reference : RO40005815

‎Merveilles et beautés de la nature en France, seconde édition‎

‎Alexis eymery. Non daté. In-12. Cartonné. Bon état, Coins frottés, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 535 pages Frontispice en noir et blanc. Titre, filets et fleurons dorés au dos.. . . . Classification Dewey : 910-Géographie générale. Voyages‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 910-Géographie générale. Voyages‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

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‎DEPPING (G.-B.).-‎

Reference : 27138

‎Voyage d'un étudiant dans les cinq parties du Monde, ouvrage destiné à faciliter l'étude de la géographie aux jeunes gens. Nouvelle édition ornée de vues et de cartes.‎

‎ P., Delamarche, 1835, 2 volumes in 8° brochés, VIII-419 et 319 pages ; rares rousseurs ; petite mouillure marginale en tête de qq. pp. du tome 2 ; couvertures de parutions, légèrement fanées. ‎

‎Notre exemplaire ne comporte que 3 gravures hors-texte (dont 2 en frontispice) et une Mappemonde dépliante. PHOTOS sur DEMANDE. .......................... Photos sur demande..........................‎


Phone number : 04 77 32 63 69

EUR55.00 (€55.00 )


Reference : 677113


‎Voyages d’un étudiant dans les cinq parties du monde destiné à faciliter l’étude de la Géographie aux jeunes gens. Nouvelle édition, ornée de vues et de cartes‎

‎DEPPING G.-B. * Voyages d’un étudiant dans les cinq parties du monde destiné à faciliter l’étude de la Géographie aux jeunes gens. Nouvelle édition, ornée de vues et de cartes * Paris * Delamarche * 1835 * Reliés, demi-veau rouge, dos long orné de filets et fleurons dorés, palette dorée en queue, plats et gardes de papier marbré, tranches cailloutées, reliure d’époque, deux volumes in-8 (21x13,5cm) de 6ff. (faux-titre, titre, préface)-419 et 2ff.-319 pages Ouvrages illustrés d’une grande mappemonde repliée, 7 cartes repliées (Europe, France, Asie, Afrique, Amérique septentrionale, Amérique méridionale, Océanie) et 4 grandes gravures (Paris, Londres, Rio de Janeiro et Bénarès). Georges-Bernard Depping (1784-1853), lié à Malte-Brun, il s’adonne d’abords aux études géographiques, compose « la géographie de la France » en 1821 et le « Manuel de géographie » en 1824, puis se tourne vers les études historiques. Composera différents livres destinés à la jeunesse. Très beaux exemplaires en reliure d’époque sur un beau papier blanc vergé, sans rousseur ‎

Patrick Vaisson - Paris

Phone number : 06 72 77 23 45

EUR235.00 (€235.00 )


Reference : 17302

‎Voyages d'un étudiant dans les cinq parties du monde‎

‎ Paris, chez Delamarche, 1835. 2 vol. in-8, 419 pp. 6 pl., 319 pp. 6 pl., demi-veau fauve de l'époque, dos à nerfs orné de caissons et fleurons dorés, pièce de titre et de tomaison noires (épidermures, manques, restaurations de papier, petites rousseurs, petites déchirures marginales). ‎

‎Nouvelle édition de cette relation de voyage. Elle est illustrée de 6 planches par volume, pour la plupart des cartes en noir dépliantes mais également des paysages. Voir photographie(s) / See picture(s) * Membre du SLAM et de la LILA / ILAB Member. La librairie est ouverte du mardi au samedi de 14h à 19h. La librairie ferme ses portes du 6 au 15 août, aussi le traitement des commande sera suspendu entre ses dates, nous vous remercions pour votre patience. Merci de nous prévenir avant de passer, certains de nos livres étant entreposés dans une réserve.‎

Phone number : 09 52 84 92 14

EUR80.00 (€80.00 )

‎DEPPING Georges-Bernard‎

Reference : 34306


‎Histoire des expéditions maritimes des normands ‎

‎Le Portulan, Brionne 1971, 13,5x21,5cm, 464 +348 p., 2 vol. brochés.‎

‎Réimpression de l'édition originale de 1826. Taches sur les couvertures du second tome, sinon bons exemplaires. - Photos sur - ‎

Le Feu Follet - Paris

Phone number : 01 56 08 08 85

EUR40.00 (€40.00 )

‎DEPPING (Georges Bernard)‎

Reference : 91844


‎Voyages d'un étudiant dans les cinq parties du monde, ouvrage destiné à faciliter l'étude de la géographie aux jeunes gens [2 volumes]‎

‎Paris - Lyon, Méquignon junior, Libraire, Chez Périsse Frères, Libraires 1822 2 volumes. In-8. Reliures de l’époque plein veau havane, plats encadrés de roulette doré, dos lisses ornés de petits fers encadrés de filets et de roulettes dorées, pièces de titre maroquin rouge et vert, VIII-419 pp., 8 cartes repliées. Reliures frottées, coins émoussés et frottés, intérieur assez frais. Exemplaire bien complet de ses cartes.‎

‎D’origine allemande, Depping (1784-1853) se fixa en France, et consacra toute sa vie à des recherches historiques. Bon état d’occasion ‎

Librairie de l'Avenue - Saint-Ouen

Phone number : 01 40 11 95 85

EUR129.00 (€129.00 )
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