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Reference : 57770


‎Biblia. Det er den gantske Hellige Scrifft Paa Danske igien offuerseet oc Prentet effter Salige oc høylofflige ihukommelse Kong Friderichs den II. Befalning. (3 dele).‎

‎Kiøbenhaffn, (Matz Vingaard), (1588-)89. Folio. (39 x 27 cm.). Samtidigt hellæderbind i brunt kalveskind over svært træ og med kanter i smig. Lettere ophøjede bind på ryg. Håndsyede kapitælbånd. Lille hak i skindet på nederste rygfelt. Med de 4 originale hængselsbeslag i støbt messing bevarede, men den ene strop fornyet og den anden mangler. Permerne har begge blindtrykte arabesker, i midterfeltet en stor arabesk og i hjørner og kanter 6 pyramideformede arabesker, som alle er med en blindtrykt krone i pyramidens top. Permerne har mindre messingstifter med store hoveder til beskyttelse af bindet ved opslag. Marmoreret snit. Bindet er ganske velbevaret med kun lidt kantslid og let slid på de ophøjede rygbind. (22),353(i.e.354),226,159 blade. Komplet, men uden de 3 blanke blade. Træskåret titelblad med tekst trykt i rødt i midterfeltet. Titelbladsvarianten med kongens kobberstukne portræt (af Goltzius) opklæbet på bagsiden (en del eksemplarer udkom uden portrættet). Blad 2 med rigsvåbnet, bladet er kantrepareret. 2 træskårne deltitelblade. Registerbladene med svag skjold i ydre marginer. De sidste 35 blade delvist omkantede, for det meste i ydre marginer. Ganske få spredte brunpletter. Iøvrigt ganske lette brugsspor. Et udmærket velbevaret og komplet eksemplar (bortset fra de 3 blanke).På forreste friblad er anført lidt af eksemplarets ejerhistorie fra 1819, - erhvervet af Mikkel Johannesson Fladebøe som her delvist klausulerer dens ejerskab til fremtidige ejere af gården (Fladebøe ?). Senere synes den overgået til andre i slægten bosat i U.S.A. (Olaf Albertsen, Axel Albertsen, Stanley Albertsen, Sidney Albertsen). Folio. (39 x 27 cm.). Contemporary brown full calf over heavy wooden boards with oblique edges. Sloghtly raised bands to spine. Hand-stitched capital bands. A small notch to the leather of bottom compartment of spine. With the four original brass clasps preserved, but one strap has been renewed and the other is missing. Boards with large blindstamped centre-arabesque and six pyramid shaped arabesques to corners and edges, all with a blindstamped crown on top. Large-headed bras spins to boards, to protect the boards when open. Marbled edges. A bit of wear to edges and light wear to the raised bands. (22), 353(i.e.354), 226, 159 ff. Complete, save for the three blank leaves. Woodcut title-page with centre-text printed in red. The title-page variant with the engraved portrait of the king (by Goltzius) mounted on verso. Several copies were issued without portrait, and some were issued, as here, with the title-page mounted on verso. F. 2 with the royal arms, restored at edges. Two woodcut helf-titles. The index-leaves with a vague damp stain to the outer margins. The last 35 leaves have been partly re-edged, mostly at the very outer margins. A bit of light scattered brownspotting. Light signs of wear. An overall well preserved copy in- as well as externally. Front free end-paper with handwritten notes on provenance from 1819 onward – bought by Mikkel Johannesson Fladebøe, who partly clauses the ownership of the copy to the future owners of the estate (Fladebøe?). It seems to have then passed to other generations of the same lineage located in The United States (Olaf Albertsen, Axel Albertsen, Stanley Albertsen, Sidney Albertsen).‎

‎The magnificent first printing of the second Danish-Norwegian Bible in folio. This, the second Danish Bible in folio, is also the first to be printed by a Dane. The scarce and famous ""Frederik II-Bible"" constitutes the magnum opus of the famed book printer Mads Vingaard ""and the most extensive work of printing undertaken in Denmark during the sixteenth century. The book is profusely illustrated with woodcuts copied from a german Bible issued by Sigmund Feyerabend in Frankfurt a. M. 1560. The original woodcuts were made by the artist and craftsman Virgil Solis... Wide woodcut borders together with pictures using themes from the Scriptures surround the title pages and the illustrations. On the reverse of the first title page many copies have pasted in a portrait of Frederich II, engraved by the Dutch artist Hendrick Goltzius. However, this portrait may also be found on a separate leaf."" (Thesaurus I).Lauritz Nielsen, 405. - Thesaurus I, 129. - Birkelund, 34.‎


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‎Biblia Det er Den gantske Hellige Scrifft paa Danske igien offuerseet oc Prentet effter vor allernaadigste Herris oc Kongis K. Christian den IV. Befaling. Mett Register/ alle D. Lutheri Fortaler ghans Udledning i Brædden oc Viti Theodori Summarier. Cu... - [THE MAGNIFICENT CHRISTIAN IV FOLIO BIBLE]‎

‎Kiøbenhaffn, (Melchior Martzan og Salomon Sartor), (1632-) 1633. Folio (binding: 37 x 25 cm.). Bound in a spledid, contemporary full calf binding over wooden boards. Rich, elaborate gilding to both boards and spine. The gilding is vague, especially on the front board, but the tooling is very sharp, and the binding overall is magnificent. With four beautiful, ornamented brass edges to each board and two large ornamented brass clasps. All edges are gilt and beautifully blindtooled. Wear to capitals, where the cords are loosening a bit, and with a bit of loss of leather. A bit of wear to hinges, at the cords, which are showing. But overall the binding is in splendid condition. Also internally extremely well preserved. The title-page has a tiny restored hole to lower right corner, and the first four leaves might have been inserted. They are slightly smaller at the outer margin than the other leaves. But that might also be due to restoration, as the binding has not been tampered with at any point and is completely unrestored. The text is unusually nice, clean and fresh, by far the nicest copy we have ever come across. Pasted-down front end-paper with the ownership signature and lacquered coat-of-arms seal of Severin Svanenhielm (Severin Seehusen (1664-1726) ) as well as the ownership signatures of Søren Schiøtz (1796-1863) (with names of members of his family), C. Th. Zahle and Erik Zahle. With the book plate of William Davignon (d. 1924). The brass corners carry the initials HL and are depicted in Johannes Rudbeck's Svenska Bokband I (fig. 26, p.53). The binding there is dated 1622, whereas our binding is from 1633 or right after. The brass fittings were a commercial merchandise for sale in Germany and probably also in both Sweden and Denmark. Engraved title-page and two engraved half-titles as well as the engraved portrait of Christian IV, all by the royal engraver Simon the Pas. Withoput the half-title, which merely contains the printed words ""BIBLIA / Paa Danske"", which is almost never present. (21 - not counting the engraved title-page and the portrait), 353 (i.e. 354 due to the erroneous double pagination 353), 226, 159 ff. ‎

‎A magnificent copy of the scarce first edition of the last (i.e. the third) of the Danish folio-bibles, known as ""Christian IV's Bible"", being a slightly revised edition of the Bible of 1589. Christian IV is the most famous Danish king ever to have lived, and the Christian IV bible is extremely sought-after. An unusually fresh and complete (apart from the always lacking half-title) copy of this splendid bible, printed by the first royal printer Melchior Martzan and Salomon Sartor (part 2). The numerous woodcut illustrations are the same that were used for the Frederik II Bibel from 1589. The four engraved leaves - the portrait and the three title-pages - are by Simon de Pas.Bibl. Dan.I,9 - Thesaurus II, 378. - Birkelund, 41. - Darlow and Moule, 3160. Provenance: Svanenhielm was a family of Danish and Norwegian nobility. Morten Hansen Seehuusen (1629-1694) was a merchant from Bredstedt in Schleswig-Holstein, who re-located to Stavanger, Norway. His son, Severin Seehusen (1664-1726) was an official in Bergen as well as in Stavanger and Northern Norway. He owned, among other properties, Damsgård Manor outside Bergen, Svanøy in Sunnfjord, and Arnegård in Stavanger. In 1720, Severin Seehausen was ennobled under the name Svanenhielm. Søren Daniel Schiøtz (1796-1863) was a Norwegian bailiff and judge, who was also very much engaged in religious matters and came to play an important role in the history of theology in Norway. He was one of the founders of the Norwegian Mission Society and the Norwegian Israeli Mission. He translated several important upbuilding pieces from German, among them a comprehensive bible history. Carl Theodor Zahle (1866 – 1946) was a highly important Danish lawyer and politician. He was prime minister of Denmark from 1909 to 1910 and again from 1913 to 1920. In 1895, he was elected member of the lower chamber of the Danish parliament, for the Liberal Party. A campaigner for peace, in 1905 he co-founded the Social Liberal Party (Det Radikale Venstre). He stayed on as a member of Parliament for Det Radikale Venstre until 1928, when he became a member of the upper chamber of Parliament (Landstinget). In 1929, he became Minister of Justice , a post which he held until 1935. Zahle was instrumental in starting negotiations for a new Danish–Icelandic Act of Union in 1917, which resulted in Iceland being recognized as a sovereign nation in a personal union with the king of Denmark the following year. Erik Zahle (1898-1969) was a famous Danish art historian, author, and museum director.‎


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‎Bibeln eller Den Heliga Skrift innehållande Gamla och Nya Testamentets Texter jämte de Apokryfiske Böckerna i Enlighet med den av Konungen gillade Översättningen av Åren 1917 och 1921.‎

‎Stockholm, Albert Bonniers Förlag, (1963). Folio. (35 x 26,5 cm). Originalt rødt hellæderbind med helt guldsnit, forgyldt rygtitel og stort forgyldt kors på forpermen. 1248 pp. samt bibelatlas med 18 kort. Talrige farveplancher. Forrest 8 blade, ubeskrevet men ment som Familjekrönioka. Rent, frisk eksemplar.‎


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Reference : 55070


‎Billed=Bibel for Børn indeholdende de vigtigste Tildragelser af det gamle= og nye Testamente, forestillede i Kobber, passende til enhver Bibelsk=Historie.‎

‎Kjøbenhavn, Soldin, 1821. Samtidigt papbd. Ryggen med rifter. () pp. samt 78 kobberstukne illustrationer på 13 plancher.‎


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‎BIBLIA (gallica) - BIBLE.‎

Reference : 15742


‎BIBLIA (gallica) - BIBLE. Concordance et recueil universel de tous les mots principaux des livres de la Bible, composé de nouveau à l'imitation des concordances latines, & dressé selon l'ordre de l'alphabet, & des livres du vieil & nouveau Testament : pour trouver promptement chacun mot et passage de l'Escriture saincte, au grand soulagement de tous ceux qui désirent l'intelligence d'icelle.‎

‎[Genève]. Thomas Courteau, 1566, 2° (31 x 20,5 cm), 364 ff., demi basane brune, dos à 5 nerfs, pièce de titre rouge, plats mouchetés (reliure de l'époque). ‎

‎GLN-2305. CHAIX, DUFOUR, MOECKLI p. 63. Signatures : (A - Z)/8, (Aa - Yy)/8, (Zz)/4. L'avis de "L'imprimeur aux lecteurs" se termine par : "Adieu. de Genève ce 27. de Juin, M.D.LXIIII." Plusieurs ajouts manuscrits anciens. Exemplaire usagé (comment pouvait-il en être autrement d'un livre manipulé par des générations de pasteurs et étudiants !) : mouillures par endroits, les pages avec quelques petits trous ou plis, une dizaine avec de petites taches d'encre, une plus importante sur la page 60 et quelques-unes dans la gouttière à la fin de l'ouvrage. Aux premières quatre feuilles manque le coin inférieur droit. La reliure avec traces de manipulations, dos frotté, début de coupure sur les charnières. Livre intéressant et important : ne s'agit-il pas d'un essai de "digitaliser" la Bible. Ce que l'on fait aujourd'hui d'un clic, à l'époque il fallait tourner beaucoup de pages ! Exemplaire retiré de la bibliothèque de l'Institut d'histoire de la Réformation (annotations du bibliothécaire de l'IHR). ‎


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‎BIBLIA (gallica) - BIBLE - LAUGEOIS.‎

Reference : 8908


‎Traduction nouvelle des pseaumes de David, faite sur l'hébreu, justifiée par des remarques sur le génie de la langue. Par M. Laugeois. 2 tomes en 1 volume.‎

‎Paris, Le Mercier, Desaint & Saillant, Savoye, 1762 12° (16,5 x 9 cm), XXXII, 336 pp.; XII, 276 pp., 1 f. blanche, titre et texte avec cadre ornemental noir, gardes marbrées, maroquin rouge, triple filet encadrant les plats, dos à nerfs formant des compartiments bordés d'un double filet doré, pièce de titre brune, coupes filetées, large dentelle intérieure, tranches dorées (belle reliure de l'époque). ‎

‎QUER., FL, IV, 611. Edition originale de cette traduction par Joseph-Michel Laugeois de Chastellier, fameux hébraïste. Très bel exemplaire. En cas de problème lors de la commande/expédition du livre prière de contacter le libraire. ‎


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‎Biblia Germanica. –‎

Reference : 3836DB


‎Biblia, das ist die gantze Heilige Schrifft Alten und Neuen Testaments verteutscht durh D. Martin Luther. Verteutscht durch D. Martin Luther.‎

‎Frankfurt, J.Ph. Andrea für Merians Erben, 1704. Folio. (23) Bl. (von 28), 675, 264, 128, 328 S. Mit 2 Kupfertiteln und 231 Textkupfern. Schweinslederband der Zeit über Holzdeckeln mit 10 Beschlägen und zwei Schliessen (Messing)‎

‎Wüthrich III, 18. - Schmidt Seite 304ff. - Biblia, das ist die gantze Heilige Schrifft Alten und Neuen Testaments verteutscht durch D. Martin Luther. Frankfurt, J. Ph. Andreä für M. Merians Erben, 1704. Folio. Mit gestochenem Titel, 2 gestoch. Zwischentiteln und 233 Textkupfern von M. Merian. 23 Bl., 675, 264, 182, 328 S. Schweinslederband der Zeit über Holzdeckeln mit 10 Messingbeschlägen und 2 Schließen. Deckel mit Stempelblindprägung. Vorsätze aus Goldbrokatpapier. Sehr gut erhaltenes Exemplar der zweiten Ausgabe der berühmten Merianbibel in einem dekorativen Einband. Kräftige Kupferdrucke. Seite 364 mit kleinem Randeinriss. Schöner und gut erhaltener Einband. Hinterer Deckel mit Wasserrand.‎

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Reference : 54517


‎Biblia, Das ist die gantze heilige Schrift Alten und Neuen Testaments, nach der Übersetzung Mart. Luthers... Nummehro zum fünfften mahl mit Zusammenhaltung des Grund=Texte, wie auch verschiedener alten und neuen Editionen, auf das sorgfältigste ausgef...‎

‎Minden, Johann Augustin Enax, 1756-60. Small 8vo. Bound in beautiful contemp. full vellum with the vellum covers marbled in douce colours framed by a broad gilt border (the gilding weak). Marbled endpapers. All edges gilt and with the edges richly patterned tooled. Spine ends with blindtooling. Engraved frontispiece. (14),944285,(3) pp. Scattered brownspots.‎


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Reference : 54518


‎Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift der Göttlichen Offenbahrung Alten und Neuen Testaments nach der Deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers. Mit einer Vorrede Gottfried Schützens.‎

‎Altona, Gebrüdern Burmester, 1756. 8vo. Bound in beautiful full colour toned, marble like, full vellum with large decorative blindtooled rococcostamps on covers. On all over the spine a large tree with flowers and green leafs, on the ground birds, all made with stamps and blindtooled curved lines. All edges gilt and with some tooling. (10),XXII,(2),982(4),750,(18) pp. A fine copy in a marvellous binding.‎


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Reference : 52496


‎Biblia, Das ist: Die gantze Schrifft, Altes und Neues Testaments Teutsch, Doctor Martin Luthers. Auff gnädigste Verordnung Dess... Fürsten und Herrn Ernst, Herzogen zu Sachsen... Von etlichen Reinen Theologen dem eigentlichen Wort-Verstand nach, erkl...‎

‎Nürnberg, Johann Andreae Endtners Seel. Söhne, 1692. Folio. (46 x 30 cm.). Contemp. full calf. Wear to top of spine. 2 compartments with old repairs. A closed tear to foot of spine. Remains of old gilting and title on spine. Spine rubbed. With 3 (of 4) clasps and catches in brass. Engraved titel and printed title in red/black. (38),(22),(66),686,950,(18) pp. A few brownspots on the first leaves. A dampstain in lower margin of the last 5 leaves. A few leaves in beginning and at end a bit frayed in right margins. A few leaves with loss of blank in margin. Internally in general clean and fine. With in all 42 engraved plates (incl. general title and portrait of Luther) and 1 engraved coat of arms (portraits, apostles, plates, parttitles, plans, map etc.). A few plates with dampstains to margins.‎

‎This so-called ""Weimerer-Bibel"" or ""Ernestinische Bibel"" was first printed in 1641 and ran through 13 editions up to 1792.‎


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Reference : 24133



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Reference : 7144


‎Manalia, Ad Hoogthianam, & optimas quasque Editiones recensita, atqve cum brevi Lectionum et Krijan..Dictionario...a Johanne Simonis. 2 vols.(4 parts).‎

‎Amsterdam, 1753. 8vo. 2 nice later full calf, raised bands. Engr.frontisp. (10),640,320,385,72,80 pp,‎


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Reference : 27158


‎Secundum Ultimam editionem Jos. Athiæ, a Johanne Leusden, denuo recognitam...ab Everardo van der Hooght.‎

‎London, Duncan, 1828. 8vo. Cont. full calf, richly blindtooled, but rubbed and somewhat worn. tear in hinge. Internally fine. 560,634 pp.‎


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Reference : AUB-3994


‎BIBLIA HEBRAICA adjuvantibus professoribus G. BEER, F. BUHL, ..., V. RYSSEL.‎

‎Stuttgart Privileg. Württ. Bibelanstalt 1925. 2 beaux vol. reliés, reliures pleine toile ornées d'éd., in-8.‎

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‎Biblia Latina. –‎

Reference : 3761DB


‎Biblia sacra vulgatae editionis. Sixti V. Pont. Max. iussu recognita atque edita.‎

‎Antwerpen, Plantiniana, 1664. 4°. (3) Bl., 1055, (1), 30 S., (26) Bl. Lederband der Zeit.‎

‎Vorderer Einbanddeckel vollständig abgelöst. Papier etwas stockfleckig.‎

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‎Biblia Latina. -‎

Reference : 7570BB


‎Sacra Biblia Variarum Translationum juxta exemplar Antuerpiae impressum anno 1616. Complectens praeter Vulgatam, Sanctis Pagnini, ex Hebraeo, Septuaginta interpretum, et Chaldaicae paraphrasis versiones; insuper in Libris Josue, Judicum, et Ruth loco Chaldaicae paraphrasis. alteram ex Hebraeo Francisci Vatabli translationem.‎

‎4 Bde. Venedig, Nicolo Pezzana, 1747. 2°. Bd. 1: Titel mit grosser gest. Vignette, gest. Frontispiz, gest. Kopfstück (von Francesco Zucchi), (18) Bl., 335 S. (recte 670); Bd. 2: VIII S. (1) S. Inhalt, 295 S. (recte 590), S. 296-32, S. 228-337 (recte 218), S. 338-369, S. 370-404 (recte 70), S. 404-474; Bd.3: VIII S., (1) S. Inhalt, 499 S. (recte 998); Bd. 4: Titel: Novum Jesu Christi Testamentum complectens praeter Vulgatam, Guidonis Fabrici è Syriaco, et Benedicti Ariae Montani translationes, insuper Desiderii Erasmis Roterodami auctoris damnati versionem permissam. XV S., 326 S. (recte 652). Halbpgt. d. Zt., rote und grüne Rückenschildchen, mit einfacher Goldprägung.‎

‎Neuauflage der 1616 bei Keerberg in Antwerpen erschienenen Lateinischen Vollbibel, herausgegeben vom Theologen Laurentius Beyerlinck (1578-1627). Sie besteht aus verschiedenen Übersetzungen, wie z.B. von Sante Pagnini (1470-1541), François Vatable (spätes 15. Jhdt. - 1547), Guido Fabricius und Benedictus Arias Montanus (1527-1598). Mit einer Widmung an Cardinal Carlo Rezzonico (1724-1799), dessen Porträt im gest. Kopfstück gezeigt wird, von Franciscus Antonius Caselli. Schöner Druck in zwei Spalten.‎

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Reference : 52205


‎Biblia Sacra Vulgatae Editionis Sixti V. Pontificis Maximi jussu regognita et Clementis VIII.../ Die heilige Schrift des alten und neuen testamentes. Aus der Vulgata mit Bezug auf den Grundtext neu übersetzt und mit kurzen Anmerkungen erläutert von Jo...‎

‎Landshut, Vogel'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1845-46. Lex8vo. Bound in 10 uniform contemp. marbled boards. Titlelabels with gilt lettering. Top of spine on a few volumes with light wear. Scattered brownspots. Latin- German paralelltext.‎


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‎Biblia Latino-Germanica. –‎

Reference : 7007CB


‎Biblia sacra vulgatae editionies. Auctoritate Sixti V. & Clementis VIII. Versione germanica emendatiore necnon istitutionibus biblicis illustrata, opera et sudio R. R. Thomae Aquninatis Erhard. Edition recentissima...‎

‎2 Bände. Augsburg u. Innsbruck, Joseph Wolff, 1771. Folio. (4) Bl., XIV S., (1) Bl., 1168 S.; 506 S., (1) Bl., 506 S., (22) Bl. Schweinslederbände der Zeit mit Roll- und Plattenstempelprägung.‎

‎Mit getilgtem Namenszug auf dem Halbtitelblatt mit Papierverlust. Der vordere fliegende Vorsatz von Band eins fehlt. Drei von 4 Schliessen teilweise ausgerissen. Die Einbände stärker berieben.‎

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Reference : R320013433


ISBN : 2204830011


‎BIBLIA MAGAZINE. 2010. In-8. Broché. Bon état, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 42 pages illustrées de nombreuses photos couleur - Couverture illustrée d'une photo en couleur.. . . . Classification Dewey : 220-Bible‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 220-Bible‎


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Reference : 55904


‎Det nye Testamente paa Norsk.‎

‎London, Brittiske og Udenlandske Bibel-Selskab, 1851. Originalt sort helldrbd. med pladetrykte permer og ryg. (Watkins Binder). Helt guldsnit. Miniatyre-udgave (9 x 5,5 cm.) af det Nye testamente.‎


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Reference : 59254


‎(Quincuplex Psalterium - Parts 4 & 5, consisting in the entire Psalterium Vetus & Psalterium Conciliatum). - [THE FIRST FRENCH BOOK OF PROTESTANTISM]‎

‎(Paris, Henricus Stephanus, 1513). Folio. Bound in a nice 18th century brown half calf with six raised bands to richly gilt spine. Corners slightly bumped and capitals worn, especially the lower one, where the capital band is showing and has loosened a bit. Inner hinge slightly weak. Front free end-paper with 18th century ink-annotation (title, year, etc.). A very light damp stain top the last portion of leaves, a bit heavier to the last two leaves. Otherwise internally very nice and clean. All in all a very nice copy, with only very light scattered brownspotting. Beautifully printed in two columns and in red and black throughout. Pp. 233-294. ‎

‎Second edition (following the original of 1509) of the final two parts of Estienne's typographic masterpiece ""Quincuplex Psalterium"", also known as the ""First book of French Protestantism"". These two final parts, which make up complete works in themselves, consist in the ""Psalterium Vetus"" - the Old Latin Psalter (i.e. the version used by the churches before Jerome's revisions) and the ""Psaltarium Conciliatum"", consisting in Lefevre's own version, based on the Vulgate text corrected according to the Hebrew text and using the Aristarchian signs. This spledid publication had an immense impact upon protestantism, early bible-scholarship, and theology in general and is famed because of its beauty, elegance, and typographical excellence along with its immense importance historically speaking. ""Lefèvre's epoch-making work was awaited impatiently by the learned world, and is the topic of many a letter among the extant humanist correspondence of the period: thus, Cardinal Ximeèz, the future editor of the first polyglot Bible, in a letter to Charles de Bovelles, praises Lefèvre's scholarship and the usefulness of his ""Psalterium"". This famous volume is also Henri Estienne's typographical masterpiece and is commonly singled out as one of the outstanding monuments of early 16th-century French typography."" (Schreiber). ""Lefèvre agreed with Erasmus that theology must be based on accurate texts and translations of the Scriptures"" as the title of the volume indicates, Lefèvre presents five different versions of the psalms"" (Schreiber). As described, the present copy contains the final two. The three parts that were printed before those two, were all printed in three columns and consisted in the three versions of St Jerome, namely the ""Psalterium Romanum"" (Jerome's first version of the Old Latin Psalter according to the Septuagint), the ""Psalterium Gallicum"" (Jerome's second revision, first adopted by the churches of Gaul), and the ""Psalterium Hebraicum"" (Jerome's translation directly from the Hebrew). Schreiber nr. 8 (1509 ed.)" Renouard 1509, nr. 1. Mortimer 1, nr. 62 (present edition). ‎


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‎Biblia Rumantscha. -‎

Reference : 5596BB


‎La S. Bibla. Quei ei: Tut la soinchia scartira, ner tuts ils cudischs d'ilg vedera nief testament, cun ils cudischs apocryphs. Messa giu ent ilg languaig rumonsch da la ligia grischa...‎

‎Chur, Andreas Pfeffer, 1717–18. 4°. 14 S. (von 20), 554 S.; 364 S.; (4) 230 S. Lederband d. Zt. über Holzdeckeln mit10 Messingbeschlägen und 1 von 2 Schliessen.‎

‎Seltene rätoromanische Bibel. – Das Titelblatt und 4 Seiten (Dedication) fehlen (als Fotokopien beiliegend). Stärkere Gebrauchsspuren, Rücken mit Schadstellen. Eine Metallschliesse fehlt. Das Papier durchgehend gebräunt.‎

EOS Buchantiquariat Benz - CH-8001 Zürich

Phone number : 41 (0)44 261 57 50

CHF1,200.00 (€1,228.20 )


Reference : 1360660


‎Ramsen et Rotthalmünster, Heribert Tenschert, 2004, gr. et fort in-4, cart. ill. éd., 536 pp., frontispice, nombreuses illustrations en couleurs in-texte et à pleine page, bibliographie, index, (175 ouvrages présentés). (DL8) ‎

‎ - Das Buch der Bücher. 180 manuskripte und Drucke vom13. bis zum 20. Jahrhundert aus den Bibliotheken von - The Holy Scripture. 180 manuscripts and printed editions from the 13th to the 20th centuries from the libraries of. Texte bilingue allemand-anglais. Joint liste des prix. État de neuf. ‎

Librairie HURET - Paris

Phone number : 33 01 40 50 15 40

EUR120.00 (€120.00 )

‎Biblie. - Nouvel Testament.Biblia. - Neues Testament.‎

Reference : 24860


‎Le Nouveau Testament de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ, par David Martin.‎

‎ 1835 Montbéliard: Deckherr, 1835.reliure demi basane dos lisse trés usée, 406p .,texte à 2 colonnes,feuillet manuscrit : Société biblique Protestante de Paris jour de confirmation,rare‎

Livres Anciens Komar - Meounes les Montrieux

Phone number : 33 04 94 63 34 56

EUR80.00 (€80.00 )

‎BIELER Charles‎

Reference : ROD0004772

‎Histoire du peuple de Dieu. Récits bibliques, extraits de l'Ancien Testament‎

‎Association des écoles du Dimanche de France. Non daté. In-12. Cartonnage d'éditeurs. Bon état, Coins frottés, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur bon état. 197 pp., nombreuses reproductions de gravures - 1 PHOTO DISPONIBLE.. . . . Classification Dewey : 220-Bible‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 220-Bible‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

EUR19.80 (€19.80 )
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