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‎Andy Lim ; Gerhard Dietrich ; Karl Fritsch‎

Reference : 61177

‎Karl Fritsch : Die 7 Tods nden‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2008 16 pages, hard cover, 8 colour photographs, text in German, 310 x 245 x 10 mm, NEW, available in dark grey / purple. ISBN 9783939130888.‎

‎Karl Fritsch or the ring as a sophisticated weapon. What I find really fascinating, and one of the reasons why it's so interesting to make jewelery, is the moment of recognition when something that comes across as cute and pretty, has on Second glimpse into almost obscene grotesque. I would say this quality probably works best in jewelery, where politeness and cold-blooded anger can clash mercilessly into one another . We present Karl's latest works designed specially for Hannah Gallery: gold & silver seal rings as apainter palette, colors of the gems ... diamonds, zirconias, carnelians, garnets ... materials must be sick to be shaped in these variations of barocky and geometric shapes ... engraved messages in the shore.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR35.00 (€35.00 )

‎Andy Lim ; Jonathan Meese ; Arne Rautenberg‎

Reference : 61166

‎Arne Rautenberg : Vermeeren‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2007 Hardcover, 96 seiten, German, 220 x 135 x 18 mm, Neu, illustr. in farbe, . ISBN 9783939130284.‎

‎It's not every day that you hold such a beautiful and graphically appealing volume of poetry in your hands. See and read, that's what Arne Rautenberg says on almost 100 pages of collages and poems, with lyrical harlequinades and well thought-out pictorial poetry. The title says it all: Whoever hears it, hears the word "increase". Anyone who reads it reads a linguistically creative ?vermeeren?. Anyone who sees art as the focus thinks of Vermeer.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR35.00 (€35.00 )

‎Andy Lim ; Karl Fritsch ; Simon Vogel‎

Reference : 61187

‎Karl Fritsch - Metrosideros Robusta : Volume 44 van Schriftenreihe des Bayerischen Kunstgewerbe-Vereins ‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2006 Hardcover, 444 pages, ENG / GER, 250 x 215 x 55 mm, NEW, ill. in colour / b/w. ISBN 9783939130130.‎

‎EssayKarl Fritsch's jewellery generally rings often have a cheeky, humorous look to them. His frequent choice of deliberately clunky, apparently almost childish forms contradicts the common expectation that jewellery should seduce the viewer through its perfection and classic beauty. Fritsch's secret is the paradox that a degree of clumsiness actually attracts attention. His clever use of this fact means that his designs change the viewer's perception of jewellery, and still more that of the wearer, who enjoys a yet closer interaction with the piece.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR65.00 (€65.00 )

‎Andy Lim ; Lukas Roth ; Divna Omaljev‎

Reference : 61172

‎Lukas Roth : " Episode One"‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2007 Hardcover, 56 pages, ENG / GER , 220 x 170 x 15 mm, NEW, ill. in colour / b/w. ISBN 9783939130475.‎

‎When confronted with Lukas Roth s photography one is immediately struck by its variety of subject, because the work doesn t follow a single unified theme. The photos present urban scenes, isolated architecture and housing blocks as well as landscapes. People move about within these spaces but they could just as well be empty. It isn t the objective documentation of an object or a situation that is the focus of interest here in the sense of an ?industrial archaeology?, but rather the opposite.‎


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EUR30.00 (€30.00 )

‎Andy Lim ; Mitsy Groenendijk‎

Reference : 61165

‎Mitsy Groenendijk : Monkeys II‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2005 Hardcover, 40 pages, Multilingual !, 220 x 135 x 13 mm, New, illustrated in colour, available in white cloth and orange cloth. ISBN 9783980959582.‎

‎Mitsy Groenendijk (1952) is a well-known Dutch artist. She was one of the forewomen of the 'Sirens' who made Amsterdam unsafe at the end of the last century with a female-presented painting that harked back to Romanticism.‎


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‎Andy Lim ; Rafael von Uslar, Susanne Rottenbacher‎

Reference : 61197

‎Susanne Rottenbacher, Volume I - Beginning to see the light, Band 1 einer zweiteiligen Monografie ‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2009 Hardcover, 48 pages, ENG / GER, 330 x 330 x 15 mm, NEW / NEU, illustr. in colour / b/w.Large Format ISBN 9783941765061.‎

‎Susanne Rottenbacher studied stage design at Barnard College[1] from 1988 to 1991 in New York (B.A.) and then (1991-1992) completed a degree in light (MSc) at the Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning in London. She worked as a set designer at the Deutsche Oper Berlin and as a light designer for the "LichtKunstLicht" planning office. In this context, among other things, she designed the lighting design for the Federal Chancellery and the new government buildings. She has been working as a freelance light artist since 2007. Susanne Rottenbacher creates expansive installations from sculptural elements that can best be described as light-colored bodies. Her sculptures are characterised by great lightness and transparency and change in dialogue with the surrounding space and times of day. They penetrate the surrounding space like three-dimensional drawings and thus reinterpret it. The organically curved forms seem to be in dynamic motion and at the same time frozen in time and space‎


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‎Andy Lim ; Rafael v. Uslar ; Claus Rottenbacher‎

Reference : 61195

‎Claus Rottenbacher : Great Kids - Volume 1‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2010 Hardcover, 84 pages, ENG / GER, 330 x 330 x 20 mm, NEW, photos in b/w, . ISBN 9783941765221.‎

‎What do West Berlin's world-famous ICC, one of the most important pieces of 1970s pop and hi-tech architecture, and the nondescript garages, lounges, or bowling alley of the erstwhile motor pool of the GDR Council of Ministers in Lichtenberg, East Berlin, have in common? The first was created in order to show off West Berlin's claim to global city status. To this day it is regarded as one of the most successful conference centers, yet the ICC's future is still under dispute. The second was once used by the SED leadership to exhibit their claims to power and has been used, since the regime's collapse in 1989, by automobilefocused firms and now also as a gallery, exhibition and studio center. Berlin-based photographer Claus Rottenbacher and architecture historian Nikolaus Bernau investigate the astonishingly well-preserved state of these chronological documents, their ostentatious aesthetic orientation to the "zeitgeist" which was, after all, put to the service of completely different social and cultural systems. They discover a commonality that is located beyond the formal differences.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

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‎Andy Lim ; Rajka Knipper ; Gerhard Winkler‎

Reference : 61169

‎Gerhard Winkler : stationtostation-timeaftertime : Landschaften 1993 - 2008 ‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2008 Hardcover, 64 pages, ENG / GER, 220 x 170 x 15 mm, NEW / NEU, ill. in colour / b/w. ISBN 9783939130789.‎


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EUR30.00 (€30.00 )

‎Andy Lim ; Wolfgang Burat‎

Reference : 61174

‎Stepanek & Maslin - Skyviews‎

‎, Darling Publications, 2006 Hardcover, 84 pages, ENG / GER , 245 x 215 x 15 mm, NEW, ill. in colour. ISBN 9783939130055.‎

‎This book showcases works of the artist duo Alice Stepanek and Steven Maslin. A bilingual publication, it includes an essay by Dr. Andreas Honneth titled ?Panic-ridden Arcadia: Reflections on Alice Stepanek?s and Steven Maslin?s Views of the Skies?.‎


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‎Andy Steel ; Liz Farrelly‎

Reference : 60782

‎Celebrity and Performance : The World's Top Photographers Workshops‎

‎, Rotovision, 2009 Hardcover, 176 pages, ENG, 255 x 255 x 18 mm, in good condition, illustrated in colour. ISBN 9782940378401.‎

‎Demonstrates how to shoot big personalities. This title showcases the work reflecting the various aspects of celebrity and performance photography, including projects shot in studios, on sets, in theatres, on stage, and on location.‎


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Reference : 4726

‎La cathédrale de Nevers et les églises gothiques du Nivernais. ‎

‎Paris, Picard, 1964. in-4, 270pp.-1f.- Carte repliée, 64 planches de photographies et 60 figures. Demi-basane aubergine, coins, dos à nerfs, couverture et dos conservés.‎

‎Édition originale. Bibliographie et index. - Quelques annotations au crayon. Éraflures au dos, petites rousseurs sur la tranche.‎

Librairie Devaux - Moulins

Phone number : 33 04 70 44 02 65

EUR85.00 (€85.00 )


Reference : 9328

‎La cathédrale de Nevers et les églises gothiques du Nivernais.‎

‎ Paris, Picard, 1964. In-4, 270-(2) pp., reliure de l'époque demi-chagrin rouge, couverture conservée (dos un peu passé et un peu frotté). ‎

‎Illustré de 60 figures dans le texte, de 64 planches hors-texte, et d'une carte dépliante. * Voir photographie(s) / See picture(s). * Membre du SLAM et de la LILA / ILAB Member. La librairie est ouverte du lundi au vendredi de 14h à 19h. Merci de nous prévenir avant de passer,certains de nos livres étant entreposés dans une réserve. ‎

Phone number : 09 78 81 38 22

EUR100.00 (€100.00 )

‎ANFRAY (M.).‎

Reference : 7085


‎La cathédrale de Nevers et les églises gothiques du Nivernais.‎

‎Paris, éditions Picard 1964, in-4 broché (270 pages). 64 planches. Plans. ‎

Phone number : 01 43 26 21 70

EUR50.00 (€50.00 )


Reference : ORD-324

‎L'Architecture religieuse du Nivernais au Moyen Age.-‎

‎Les Eglises romanes. Préface de Marcel Aubert. Illustré de 51 figures dans le texte, 60 planches h.-t. et 1 carte. Paris. Picard. 1951. Fort in-4 br. couverture imprimée en noir et rouge, 326pp. Très bel exemplaire.‎

Phone number : 0494895924

EUR150.00 (€150.00 )

‎ANFRAY Marcel .‎

Reference : 19454


‎Son influence dans le Nord de la France au XI et XII ème siècles . 1939 . Edit. Picard , Petit in 4° br. 424 pp.62 figures dans le texte et 56 planches H.T. en hélio .2 cartes dépliantes .‎

‎Bon exemplaire .‎

Librairie Crespin - Clastres
EUR60.00 (€60.00 )

‎ANFRAY Marcel ‎

Reference : QWA-19049

‎L'Architecture normande. Son influence dans le Nord de la France aux XIe et XIIe siècles ‎

‎Auguste Picard, 1939, in-4 br. (22,5 x 28), XII-424 p., 1ère édition, 56 planches h.-t. et 62 figures in-t., un plan dépl. in-fine, sous papier cristal, bon exemplaire bien complet, bon état. ‎

‎"Le vaste rayonnement de l’architecture normande à l’époque romane peut s’expliquer par la précocité et la supériorité de cette école. Elle allait s’imposer, par ses qualités techniques et esthétiques, aux pays voisins et offrir aux constructeurs d’excellents modèles. Des monuments comme Jumièges, Saint-Etienne de Caen, Saint-Ouen de Rouen devaient attirer une foule de visiteurs : pèlerins, ouvriers artistes, souverains même. L’abbaye de Saint-Ouen de Rouen bâtie par Richard sans Peur, passait pour une telle merveille que le roi de Germanie Otton, avait demandé, même en pleine guerre, à la visiter". Voir le sommaire sur photos jointes. ‎

Librairie de la Garenne - Clichy-la-Garenne

Phone number : 01 42 70 11 98

EUR75.00 (€75.00 )

‎Angela Grauerholz , Eduardo Ralickas‎

Reference : 56586

‎Angela Grauerholz : The 2015 winner of the Scotiabank Photography Award‎

‎, Steidl Publishers 2016, 2016 Hardcover, 234 pages, English, 310 x 255 mm, book in new state, . ISBN 9783958291225.‎

‎Over the course of her career, Angela Grauerholz has created a subjective vision of our world, full of intimate moments that reveal the passage of time. Her spaces are filled with people, glimpses of public and private interiors, and ethereal rural and urban landscapes. The out-of-focus quality of her photographs transforms them into a stream of consciousness, generating a sense of collective memory. She considers this approach ?a representation of our experience: a continuous prodding into something that escapes us continuously.? Turning away from the single image shown on the wall, her photographs are displayed inside cabinets, in portfolios or on sliding panels. This method creates new viewing possibilities, opens up narrative potential, and pushes the concept of the archive to reveal its potentially endless thematic categories and points of entry. Grauerholz?s attention to how the medium is displayed and experienced makes the viewer an active participant in her photographic universe.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR39.00 (€39.00 )

‎ANGELI Diego Abondamment illustré.‎

Reference : 90024


‎Rome. Parte prima. Dalle origini al regno di Costantino. Italia artistica N° 37.‎

‎Couverture souple. Broché. 137 pages. Sous emboîtage. 19 x 25 cm. Dos défraîchi.‎

‎Livre. Monografie illustrate pubblicate sotto la direzione del Dott. Corrado Ricci. Abondamment illustré. Istituto italiano d'Arti grafiche, editore, 1912.‎

Librairie et Cætera - Belin-Beliet

Phone number : +33 (0) 5 56 88 08 45

EUR13.50 (€13.50 )

‎ANGELI Diego Abondamment illustré.‎

Reference : 90017


‎Rome. Parte seconda. Da Costantino al Rinascimento. Italia artistica N° 15 .‎

‎Couverture souple. Broché. 183 pages. Sous emboîtage. 19 x 25 cm. Manque au dos.‎

‎Livre. Monografie illustrate pubblicate sotto la direzione del Dott. Corrado Ricci. Abondamment illustré. Istituto italiano d'Arti grafiche, editore, 1908.‎

Librairie et Cætera - Belin-Beliet

Phone number : +33 (0) 5 56 88 08 45

EUR9.00 (€9.00 )

‎Angelika Nollert. ; Josef Stra er‎

Reference : 61013


‎, Walther and Franz Koenig Verlag, 2022 PB, 270 x 230 mm, 352 p, 527 coloured illustr. ENG / GER, edition. ISBN 9783753303604.‎

‎For the first time, a catalogue focus on the theme of bicycle design with 70 spectacular bicycles. In bicycles, design and technology are increasingly meld, as is particularly evident in the frame and its materials, but also in the drive system used, the suspension and the wheels. The highlights of bicycle design from 1817 to the present day can be traced on the basis of numerous detailed photographs. The spectrum extends from handmade frames or industrial mass production to bicycles made with a 3D printer.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR35.00 (€35.00 )


Reference : 103557

‎Ville e casette raccolte di 80 progetti I° volume‎

‎ Milan, Giuseppe Martinenghi Editore, 1922, 218x225mm, 84+(6) pp., broché sous couverture illustrée avec vignette collée au centre.Edition originale. ‎

‎Préface de Giuseppe Martinenghi et 80 projets d’architecture de villas et de palais par ces quatre architectes actifs dans les années 1920-1930, dont plusieurs furent réalisés.Envoi autographe signé et daté de décembre 1922 de Giuseppe Matinenghi à l’architecte viennois Adolf Loos.(103557) ‎


Phone number : +33 1 48 01 02 37

EUR350.00 (€350.00 )

‎Angelique Campens, Roxane Le Grelle, Francelle Cane, Sophie Lauwers, Iwan Strauven‎

Reference : 56752

‎JACQUES MOESCHAL (1913-2004)‎

‎, Walter Koenig Verlag, 2021 softcover 160 pages. Eng. edition. ISBN 9783753300351.‎

‎Samen met curator Angelique Campens en Architecture Curating Practice duikt BOZAR de archieven in van architect en beeldhouwer Jacques Moeschal (1913-2004). Als leerling aan de Acad mie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussel raakte hij al snel gefascineerd door de sculpturale mogelijkheden van beton. In het kielzog van de democratisering in het naoorlogse Belgi , staat Moeschal bij het grote publiek vooral bekend om zijn monumentale beeldhouwwerken die integraal deel uitmaken van het autosnelwegennetwerk. Passanten genieten volop mee wanneer ze vanuit hun wagen plots op een imposant werk van Moeschal stoten. De beelden werden landmarks op onze eentonige autostrades. Aan de hand van plannen, filmfragmenten, maquettes en interventies van hedendaagse kunstenaars zal de tentoonstelling dieper inzoomen op de relatie tussen kunst en architectuur in het onderbelichte werk van Moeschal. ----- Together with curator Angelique Campens and Architecture Curating Practice, BOZAR delves into the archives of architect and sculptor Jacques Moeschal (1913-2004). As a student at the Acad mie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, he quickly became fascinated by the sculptural possibilities of concrete. In the wake of democratization in post-war Belgium, Moeschal is best known to the general public for his monumental sculptures that are an integral part of the motorway network. Passers-by enjoy it to the fullest when they suddenly come across an impressive work by Moeschal from their car. The images became landmarks on our monotonous highways. Using plans, film fragments, models and interventions by contemporary artists, the exhibition will zoom in deeper on the relationship between art and architecture in Moeschal's underexposed work. ‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR44.95 (€44.95 )

‎Angel Martín Ramos‎

Reference : REG747M


‎1993 / 426 pages. Broché au format : 25 x 34 cm. Editions COAVN‎

‎Très bon état / Very good condition.‎


Phone number : +33 5 59 03 69 40

EUR55.00 (€55.00 )

‎Angelo Caccin‎

Reference : 100081714


‎Basilique des saints Jean et Paul à Venise‎

‎Edizioni Zanipoli 1969 12x19. 1969. livret broché. 116 pages. Très bon état (TB)‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

EUR7.00 (€7.00 )

‎Angelo Caccin‎

Reference : 100081716


‎Saint Marc : la basilique d' Or‎

‎Edizioni Zanipoli 1974 12x19. 1974. livret broché. 145 pages. Très bon état (TB)‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

EUR7.00 (€7.00 )
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