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‎Richard L.Meier‎

Reference : 167996


ISBN : 2130404960

‎Croissance urbaine et théorie des communications‎

‎Puf 1972 in8. 1972. Broché. 236 pages. envois en suivi pour la france et l'etranger Bon Etat intérieur propre une tranche est salie‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

EUR17.00 (€17.00 )


Reference : 46527


‎NY, Rizzoli, 1984, in-4 softcover,, 411 pp, illustrations. In english. Cover Used, inside very good.‎

Phone number : 06 34 99 23 95

EUR20.00 (€20.00 )


Reference : 46622


‎NY, Rizzoli, 2003, in-4 softcover,, 144 pp, illustrations. In english. Very Good Condition. ‎

Phone number : 06 34 99 23 95

EUR16.00 (€16.00 )

‎Richard Meier‎

Reference : 9893

‎The Getty center‎

‎1999 Phaidon broché, grand format carré couverture souple 120p. très bon état‎

‎Nombreuses photos n&b et couleurs, schémas, plans et coupes. En anglais. ‎

Phone number : 04 76 97 79 28

EUR20.00 (€20.00 )
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‎Richard Meier , Kenneth Frampton‎

Reference : 56598

‎Richard Meier, Architect Volume 5‎

‎, Rizzoli International Publications 2009, 2009 Paperback, 432 pages, English, 255 x 250 mm, book is in new state, with dustjacket, . ISBN 9780847832736.‎

‎Richard Meier, Architect: Volume 5 comprehensively documents Meier's work since 2004. This extensively illustrated presentation vividly conveys the purity and power of Meier's vision. Thirty residential, commercial, and civic projects are featured, including the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome, the Burda Collection Museum and Arp Museum in Germany, San Jose City Hall, the Broad Art Center at UCLA, apartment towers in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and master plans for Newark, New Jersey, and Manhattan's East Side. Richard Meier received his architectural training at Cornell University and began his career in the early 1960s designing private residential projects whose elegant modernist style and white facades have become icons of modern architecture. Since that time, his international practice has included museums, courthouses, city halls, corporate headquarters, educational facilities, and public housing, in addition to private houses. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Pritzker Prize for Architecture and the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR28.50 (€28.50 )

‎Richard Meyer‎

Reference : 56199

‎Mapplethorpe + Munch‎

‎, Mercatorfonds 2016, 2016 Hardcover, 255 pages, English, 280 x 250 mm, book in perfect condition, very richly illustrated with coloured and b/w illustrations. ISBN 9789462301313.‎

‎This revelatory catalogue delves into the many affinities shared between two widely renowned and discussed artists, Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) and Edvard Munch (1863-1944), whose intensely studied work has, until now, never been considered in relation to one another. Mapplethorpe + Munch brings to light how these two monumental figures curiously relate on an existential level, in how they deal with questions concerning sexuality, and in their way of utilizing self-portraiture as a means to explore issues of personal identity . Featuring essays that examine the thematic impulses behind the accompanying exhibition, this publication establishes a previously unexplored association between two equally contentious art figures, while working to impart alternative perspectives and new insight into their respective outputs. Although distinct in their legacies, Mapplethorpe and Munch remain remarkably intertwined.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR37.50 (€37.50 )

‎Richard Nickel, Aaron Siskind, John Vinci‎

Reference : 57811

‎Complete architecture of Adler and Sullivan.‎

‎, Chicago Press , 2010 Hardcover with dusjacket, 472 pages, Illustrated. 31x31cm, Good condition. ISBN 9780966027327.‎

‎An incomparable reference will be treasured by readers interested in architecture, photography, and Chicago's rich history as an architectural mecca. Complete architecture of Adler and Sullivan Louis Sullivan (1856-1924) was a giant of architecture, the father of architectural modernism, and one of the earliest builders of the skyscraper. Along with Dankmar Adler (1844-1900) he designed many of the buildings that defined nineteenth-century architecture not only in Chicago but in cities across America-and continue to be admired today. Among their iconic designs are the former Chicago Stock Exchange, Chicago's Auditorium Building and Carson Pirie Scott flagship store, the Wainwright Building in St. Louis, and the Guaranty Building in Buffalo. This first-of-its-kind catalogue raisonn of the work of Adler and Sullivan-both as a team and individual architects-is a lavish celebration of the designs of these two seminal architects who paved the way for the modern skylines that continue to inspire city dwellers today. The quest to pull together a complete catalogue of their work was first undertaken in 1952 by photographer Aaron Siskind and Richard Nickel, one of his graduate students at what is now the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. This intense, decades-long labor of love has resulted in an extensive and unique resource that includes a complete listing of all of the buildings and projects undertaken by Adler and Sullivan. Each listing contains historic photographs, architectural plans (when available), and a description of each project. Alongside over two and hundred fifty essays are eight hundred photographs of their buildings-many of which have since been demolished-including images by Nickel, Siskind, and other noted photographers.‎


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EUR525.00 (€525.00 )

‎Richard Peduzzi, Yves Bonnefoy, Cecilia Trombadori, Michel Archimbaud, Jean-Baptiste Auffret ‎

Reference : 37218

‎Charles Auffret, sculpture.‎

‎, Somogy, 2007 hardcover with dusjacket, 120pp illustre !. ISBN 9782757200827.‎

‎monografie, Edition bilingue francais-italien‎


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EUR24.00 (€24.00 )

‎ Richard Prince ; Dian Hanson ; Florian Kobler, translation : Franca Fritz‎

Reference : 60845

‎Richard Kern : Action ( includes DVD)‎

‎, Taschen, 2007 Hardcover, 280 pages, ENG / FR / D , 310 x 235 x 33 mm, dustjacket (with minor scars) book itself is As New !, contains Nude photography ; Full page coloured photographs, edited by the famous Dian Hanson!. ISBN 9783822856499.‎

‎Richard Kern likes real women: unpretentious, unadorned, and definitely undressed. Those who love Kern know each book is an invitation to join him in his privileged world where natural young women share their most intimate moments. Richard has never lost his boyish curiosity with girls and their secrets, so instead of posing them in sterile sets he follows them through the house?or rather his New York apartment?from backyard to kitchen to bathroom to bedroom, capturing every sexy and embarrassing moment. Action is his most revealing book yet. For 280 pages we careen through the life of Kern, accompanied by dozens of energetic, fun-loving, clothes-dropping exhibitionists. "Young women want to show the world they're not like their man-hating women's lib mothers," a Kern model once told me, and these girls certainly get the point across. To further assist the young ladies in their rebellion, the book includes an hour-long DVD of original Kern film with an exclusive musical score by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.‎


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EUR69.95 (€69.95 )

‎Richard Reston ; Alison Shaw ; ‎

Reference : 61439

‎Vineyard Summer‎

‎, Little Brown & Co, 1994 Hardcover, 120 pages, ENG , 265 x 265 x 15 mm, dustjacket, illustrated in colour. ISBN 9780316783453.‎

‎The affection photographer and Martha's Vineyard resident Alison Shaw feels for her immediate surroundings is clearly expressed in each of her photos of the island. Shaw turns her lens on everything from the architectural details of island houses to fresh blueberries in their crates at the farmer's market and early-morning fisherman at Sengekontacket. She is not afraid to experiment with various polarizing and density filters, which give her images a range of dreamy effects--purple fog lifting off a lagoon, a fiery orange sunset at Paul's Point--and supersaturated colors. This is Shaw's second book of photography of the Vineyard. Her images are strong and colorful, though not always inventive. Still, readers who share her passion for the Vineyard should be happy to peruse this book.‎


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Reference : RO40160728


‎La revue Française. Non daté. In-4. Broché. Bon état, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. Plaquette d'env. 15 pages illustrée de nombreuses photos en noir et blanc et en couleur.. . . . Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

EUR14.90 (€14.90 )


Reference : 166489


ISBN : 2020868776

‎Nouvelle architecture de verre ‎

‎ Seuil Seuil, 2004. In-4 carré relié cartonnage sous jaquette illustrée de 240 pages. Photos hors texte en noir et en couleurs, figures. Très bon état‎

‎ Toutes les expéditions sont faites en suivi au-dessus de 25 euros. Expédition quotidienne pour les envois simples, suivis, recommandés ou Colissimo. ‎

Phone number : 05 65 42 95 21

EUR30.00 (€30.00 )

‎Richard Scoffier / Lionel Blaisse ‎

Reference : 50121

‎Trois architectes, Une parcelle de Paris / Three Architects: A Parisian Plot‎

‎Brussel, Archives d'Architecture Modern, 2013 softcover, 236 pages Illustrated. ISBN 9782871432678.‎

‎Located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, the Montrouge bus centre, where the RATP transport company houses and repairs more than 200 busses, is undergoing a complete overhaul. The 1.7 ha industrial site just west of Cite Universitaire is home to three new projects developed by Eric Lapierre Architecture, Atelier Seraji Architectes & Associes and Emmanuel Combarel & Dominique Marrec. Each of the projects explores the full potential of the site, situated between two very different environments. This careful and attentive approach allowed the architects not simply to design a large homogenous building, which might have turned out overwhelming, but to produce a city - a unique city (for Paris is different from New York, which itself is different from Rome), and one which cannot be reduced to a single truth. It contains several parallel worlds masterfully entwined with an infinity of interconnections.‎


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‎Richards J.M.‎

Reference : R260251547


‎L'architecture moderne‎

‎Le livre de poche. 10 octobre 1968. In-16. Broché. Bon état, Couv. convenable, Dos plié, Intérieur frais. 347 pages augmentées de quelques photos en noir et blanc hors texte.. . . . Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

EUR14.90 (€14.90 )

‎Richards J.M.‎

Reference : R300321051


‎"L'architecture moderne - ""Le livre de poche"""‎

‎Le livre de poche. 1968. In-12. Broché. Etat d'usage, Couv. légèrement pliée, Dos plié, Intérieur acceptable. 347 pages - nombreuses photos en noir et blanc hors texte. Quelques passages soulignés au crayon de papier dans le texte.. . . . Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎


Phone number : 05 57 411 411

EUR10.95 (€10.95 )


Reference : 13485


‎London Houses from 1660 to 1820. A consideration of their Architecture and Detail.‎

‎London, Batsford, n.d. (around 1911). orig. full blindtooled cloth. Short split to upper and lower hinge. 87 pp. a. 98 plates.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

DKK350.00 (€46.94 )

‎RICHARDSON, Phyllis.‎

Reference : 85910

‎Nouvelles architectures sacrées.‎

‎ Paris, Editions du Seuil 2004, 295x240mm, 224pages, reliure d'éditeur sous jaquette. Exemplaire à l'état de neuf.‎

‎ photos couleurs, ‎

Phone number : 41 26 323 23 43

CHF40.00 (€40.94 )


Reference : 111694


‎XS Extrême : grands idées, petites structures. ‎

‎ 2009 Editions Thames & Hudson - 2009 - In-8, cartonnage jaune fluo - 224 p. - Nombreuses reproductions photographiques en couleurs in-texte et pleine page ‎

‎Bon état - Infimes frottements sur la cartonnage ‎

Phone number : 04 78 38 32 46

EUR11.00 (€11.00 )

‎RICHARDSON (Phyllis).‎

Reference : 92372


ISBN : 9782878112092

‎XS : Grandes idées, Petites structures.‎

‎ Thames & Hudson 2001 1 vol. relié in-8 carré, cartonnage éditeur, 220 pp., nombreuses reproductions en noir et en couleurs. Très bon état.‎

Vignes Online - Eymoutiers

Phone number : 05 55 14 44 53

EUR15.00 (€15.00 )

‎RICHARDSON Tim (dir.), ‎

Reference : 59325

‎Les paysages iconoclastes de Martha Schwartz, ‎

‎Thames & Hudson, 2004, 224 pp., relié, jaquette, légères traces d'usage, état très correct.‎

Phone number : 0033 (0)1 42 23 30 39

EUR15.00 (€15.00 )

‎Richards, Sir James‎

Reference : 2228

‎English Architecture‎

‎The National Trust, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1981. In-4, reliure toile éditeur sous jaquette illustrée en couleur, 288 pp. Part One : The Age of Religion : 1. Early Church Building : Saxon and Norman. - 2. Fortresses of the Feudal Age. - 3. Gothic Architecture : the Great Abbeys and Cathedrals. - 4. The Parish Church : Regional ...‎

‎Ex-dono en page de garde. --- Plus d'informations sur le site‎

Phone number : 01 42 73 13 41

EUR20.00 (€20.00 )

‎Richard S. Taylor‎

Reference : 56845

‎Creative Drawing Course : How to Develop Spontaneity and Style‎

‎, David & Charles 2002, 2002 Hardcover, 128 pages, English, 290 x 225 mm, fine copy, lots of illustrations, . ISBN 9780715312544.‎

‎After a brief introduction to drawing tools and materials, the first section of the book explores drawing as a means of recording the world around you. The emphasis is on drawing through observation in order to create realistic representations of your subject. It covers tried and tested means of sharpening your observational skills such as measuring with a pencil, looking at negative shapes and so on. The next chapter examines the physicalities of drawing. This is something that many drawing books overlook: drawing is actually a very physical process and you can use this as a means of getting a greater sense of energy and emotion into your drawings. Some subjects - botanical illusrations, for example - require very tight control of the drawing materials, while others - such as brooding skies in a stormy landscape - simply cry out for great sweeps of charcoal to convey the swift movement of rolling clouds. This chapter will help you assess what type of approach is best suited to the mood you want ot express The final chapter is all about developing new ways of seeing - taking an everyday subject such as a kitchen still life, for example, and homing in on a small area so that you're forced to look at textures and interlocking shapes in a way that you wouldn't normally do. This helps you to discover what it is that excites you visually about your subject matter - whether it's the colours, textures, shapes or patterns - so that you can take the first steps towards creating images that express what You as an artist want to say, rather than merely copying what's in front of you. Packed with easy-to-follow exercises, useful tips and inspiring images. The Creative Drawing Course will help you build up your skills and confidence step by step.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR18.50 (€18.50 )

‎Richard Strauss (1864–1949):‎

Reference : 978DG


‎Österreichischer Komponist.‎

‎um 1920. Radierung von Robert Friedrich Karl Scholtz. Bildausschnitt: 19 x 14,5 cm. Blattformat: 29,5 x 24,5 cm.‎

‎Porträt von der Seite. Vom Künstler mit Blei signiert. N°. 80 der limitierten Ausgabe von 150 Exemplaren.‎

EOS Buchantiquariat Benz - CH-8001 Zürich

Phone number : 41 (0)44 261 57 50

CHF100.00 (€102.35 )

‎Richard Striner ; Melissa Blair‎

Reference : 56597

‎Washington and Baltimore Art Deco : A Design History of Neighboring Cities ‎

‎, Johns Hopkins University Press 2014, 2014 Hardcover, 256 pages, English, book in perfect condition, with pictures in b/w, . ISBN 9781421411620.‎

‎The bold lines and decorative details of Art Deco have stood the test of time since one of its first appearances in the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925. Reflecting the confidence of modern mentality-streamlined, chrome, and glossy black-along with simple elegance, sharp lines, and cosmopolitan aspirations, Art Deco carried surprises, juxtaposing designs growing out of speed (racecars and airplanes) with ancient Egyptian and Mexican details, visual references to Russian ballet, and allusions to Asian art. While most often associated with such masterworks as New York's Chrysler Building, Art Deco is evident in the architecture of many U.S. cities, including Washington and Baltimore. By updating the findings of two regional studies from the 1980s with new research, Richard Striner and Melissa Blair explore the most significant Art Deco buildings still standing and mourn those that have been lost. This comparative study illuminates contrasts between the white-collar New Deal capital and the blue-collar industrial port city, while noting such striking commonalities as the regional patterns of Baltimore's John Jacob Zinc, who designed Art Deco cinemas in both cities. Uneven preservation efforts have allowed significant losses, but surviving examples of Art Deco architecture include the Bank of America building in Baltimore (now better known as 10 Light Street) and the Uptown Theater on Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington. Although possibly less glamorous or flamboyant than exemplars in New York or Miami, the authors find these structures-along with apartment houses and government buildings-typical of the Deco architecture found throughout the United States and well worth preserving. Demonstrating how an international design movement found its way into ordinary places, this study will appeal to architectural historians, as well as regional residents interested in developing a greater appreciation of Art Deco architecture in the mid-Atlantic region.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR34.50 (€34.50 )

‎RICHARDT, F. og C.A. BECKER (Udg.).‎

Reference : 9175


‎Prospecter af danske Herregaarde. Bd. 1-6.‎

‎Kjøbenhavn, Reitzel, 1844-53. Tvær-folio. 3 samt. hldrbd. Rygge slidte. Indeholder 72 smukke tonede litografier af danske herregårde fra alle egne af landet (litogr. af Em.Bærentzen) med beskrivende tekst. Tekstsiderne letter brunplettede, planchernei fin stand med få brunpletter. - Her forligger de 6 første bind af de 20 som udkom.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

DKK3,500.00 (€469.43 )
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