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Reference : 22898

‎Ligeia, dossiers sur l'art N°33, 34, 35, 36. Art et architecture. Ville et modernité. Nouvelles abstractions. Le supprématisme en tant qu'architecture. L'architecture orpheline de l'art. Buren, Morellet, Zaha Hadid, Kasimir, Borel.‎

‎Paris Ligeia, dossiers sur l'art 20002001, Broché, 244 pages. Ligeia, dossiers sur l'art N°33, 34, 35, 36. Art et architecture. Ville et modernité. Nouvelles abstractions. Le supprématisme en tant qu'architecture. L'architecture orpheline de l'art. Buren, Morellet, Zaha Hadid, Kasimir, Borel. Forme urbaine et bande dessinée. Du post-moderne au déconstructivisme. Boccioni et Gehry Bon état. ‎

Phone number : (+33) 6 11 46 34 00

EUR20.00 (€20.00 )


Reference : L280


‎Constructions en bois - Réalisations récentes en Suisse.‎

‎Delta & Spes - Collection "Construction + Architecture", 1986, 160 p.‎

‎Ouvrage très bon état.‎

Lire au jardin - Tours

Phone number : 02 47 47 13 12

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Reference : 36508


‎Rosenborg og Lysthusene i Kongens Have.‎

‎København, Vilhelm Tryde, 1914. Lille folio. Orig. bogtrykte omslag. Lille rift i foromslaget foroven. Med dedikation fra ""Forfatteren"" til Professor Harald Weitemeyer. (8),275 pp. Rigt tekstillustreret.‎


Phone number : +45 33 155 335

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Reference : 122993


Librairie et Cætera - Belin-Beliet

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‎ Lilly Barnes‎

Reference : 56509

‎PICASSO Kunstenaar van de eeuw‎

‎, WBOOKS 1999, 1999 Paperback, 144 pagina's, Nederlands, 340 x 250 mm , boek in prima staat, met illustraties in kleur, . ISBN 9789040093555.‎

‎Picasso en Nederland kennen een weliswaar langdurige, maar weinig intensieve relatie. Slechts enkele voltooide werken en wat schetsjes markeren het korte verblijf van Picasso, die in de zomer van 1905 twee maanden in Noord-Holland verbleef. Daarna vond een handvol tentoonstellingen plaats en werd een bescheiden aantal werken van Picasso verworven door zowel musea als particulieren.‎


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‎Lily Portugaels et Charles Mahaux‎

Reference : 55020

‎Vies de Chateaux en Pays de Meuse‎

‎, Editions du Perron, 1997 Hardcover, 208 pages, Francais, 320 x 245 mm, Bon Etat !. ISBN 9782871141303.‎

‎À la découverte de la passionnante histoire des châteaux jalonnant l?autoroute liquide qu?est la Meuse, du plateau de Langres à presque Rotterdam. Chaque château est prétexte à l?évocation d?une grande fresque historique ou d?une terrifiante légende, d?une histoire de fantômes ou de brigands, d?une romance amoureuse, du départ d?une industrie ou d?une invention, ou encore de l?influence du château sur la région. C?est l?histoire économique, sociale, religieuse, patriotique, des petits et des grands événements, des jardins et des ?uvres d?art, des trésors et des détails architecturaux que nous redécouvrons, château après château.‎


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‎LIMA GREENE Alison de‎

Reference : 46577


‎Harry Abrams, Museum of Fine Art, Houston, , 2000 , in-4 softcover, 279 pp, illustrations. Text in english. Ex-dono on title page. Used.‎

Phone number : 06 34 99 23 95

EUR20.00 (€20.00 )


Reference : 504665


‎De monumenten van geschiedenis en kunst in de provincie Limburg. Eerst Stuk : De monumenten in de gemeente Maastricht. Eerste-vijfde aflevering.‎

‎ 'S Gravenhage, Algemeene Landsdrukkerij, 1926-1953. 5 livraisons en 1 très fort vol. in-4 rel. moderne, demi-veau bleu clair à coins, dos à 5 faux-nerfs orné, pièces de titre et de tomaison chagrin marine, titre et tomaison dorés, [2] ff.-III-826 pp., 31 planches dépliantes de plans en noir, 738 reprod. et ill. photogr. en noir dans le texte, des monuments de la ville de Maastricht, index. ‎

‎Ex. truffé de divers documents relatifs à l'architecture néerlandaise, insérés au gré des pages. Très bel ex. ‎


Phone number : +33 (0)3 25 71 67 98

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‎Limburger, Walther:‎

Reference : 2527DB


‎Die Gebäude von Florenz, Architekten, Strassen und Plätze in alphabetischen Verzeichnissen.‎

‎Leipzig, F.A. Brockhaus, 1910. 4° XI (1), 233 S. Mit 2 mehrfach gef. Tafeln.‎

‎Mit Bibliotheks-Nr. und Stempel. Falttafeln mit Einrissen.‎

EOS Buchantiquariat Benz - CH-8001 Zürich

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‎Limentani Virdis, Caterina‎

Reference : 55447

‎Rubens dall'Italia all'Europa : Atti Del Convinternazdi Studi ‎

‎, Neri Pozza, 1992, 1992 Paperback, 158 paginas, Italiano/English, 295 x 210 mm, . ISBN 9788873054016.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

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‎Lim / Gilles‎

Reference : 57753

‎Anton Somers 22 Instruments 2012-2021 / Anton Somers vioolbouwer te Antwerpen 22 instruments of the Violin family.‎

‎, Darling publ., 2022 Hardcover, 35x33cm, 107 pages ( 200gr silky paper) with full color illustrations. NL/ENG text ISBN 9783945525814.‎

‎The sensation of turning the beautiful printed pages, sensing the smooth resistance of the 200gr silky paper as well as experiencing the today rarely seen art of bookbinding manufacture in your hands, should be understood by those genuinely interested in exquisite built violins and cellos from spruce and maple, made by talented luthier hands and played with sensitive and reactive pernambuco bows. And the ears to be touched by vibrations of beauty, created with competence and some luck of a matching player, instrument and bow. For that experience even ordering this really nice book will even not be adequate. Best suggestion is to try to get an instrument by Anton in your hands and play it! --- Anton Somers. Born in 1986, Borgerhout, Belgium. Ever since childhood he was very passionate about woodworking. At the age of 15 he made his first instrument, the next year he started studying at the violin making school of Antwerp. Directly after his studies in 2006 he worked in a local workshop in Brussels till 2011. Anton then decided to take the leap and started his own business opening his workshop in his hometown Melsele where he grew up and is strongly connected to the cultural life. From 2013 till 2015 Anton Somers and his former employer tried to work together again, but now as chef d'atelier, in the workshop premises of Anton in Melsele. where he worked meanwhile on his own account. One can see finally an output of high quality instruments under his own name, with his own models and with his own varnish, which lead to a boost in his career. In September 2016 Anton also took on the challenge to work as a teacher in the violin making school of Antwerp ILSA. Sharing his knowledge for 5 years, he stopped teaching at the end of 2021 to be able to fully focus on his career. In December 2016 Anton received a Coup du Coeur in the violin making competition ?Violoncellenseine? in Paris which was dedicated to the cello. The cello was specially awarded for his tonality qualities by renowned cellist Damian Martinez Marco. In 2020 Anton was selected by Andy Lim personally to serve as one of the five supervisors for the 3-year string sextet project, where 24 last year student/ recently graduated violinmakers will make 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos. Anton has the honour and the challenge to supervice the making of 2 cellos. In 2021 Anton made a string quartet containing completely CITES certified whalebone purflings. This quartet is shown in the book published by Darling Publications "Anton Somers Vioolbouwer te Antwerpen ~ 22 instruments of the violin family 2012-2021 which was launched in Brussels, June 2021. Anton?s instruments are appreciated by the most demanding musicians as also by investors who keep them in their private collection. ‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

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‎[LIMOUSIN] - LACROCQ (Louis).-‎

Reference : 69576



‎ 1934 P., Letouzey et Ané (Collection "Les églises de France"), 1934, in 4° broché, VII-207 pages ; carte dépliante. ‎

‎Bel exemplaire. .......................... Photos sur demande..........................‎


Phone number : 04 77 32 63 69

EUR35.00 (€35.00 )

‎Limpt - N.A.J.C.‎

Reference : 58171

‎Bladel en Netersel in oude ansichten -deel 1‎

‎, Europese Bibliotheek - Zaltbommel 1972, 1972 Hardcover, NL, 210 x 150 mm, 38 pagina's met foto's / illustraties in z/w, in prima staat. ISBN X.‎


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‎Linda Gertner Zatlin ‎

Reference : 49484

‎Aubrey Beardsley A Catalogue Raisonne. box 2 volumes. ‎

‎, Yale University Press , 2015 Hardcovers with dusjackets, slipcase, ENGLISH, 1112 pages. fine condition ! Illustrated. ISBN 9780300111279.‎

‎This is the first book to bring together the recorded works of the English artist Aubrey Beardsley. Despite his early death from tuberculosis in 1898, at the age of 25, these amount to nearly 1100 completed works of art (plus many related sketches) as well as more than 100 sketches in his letters and the books he owned, and this book includes over 50 that have never previously been published. In his brief career Beardsley made a defining contribution to Art Nouveau in Britain and abroad. He also influenced the early history of modern art, attracting the attention of the young Picasso, for example. His distinctive and innovatory graphic style, combined with highly provocative, often sexual subject matter, outraged critics and led to a period of intense notoriety. Beardsley's drawings span the grotesque, the delicately beautiful, the subtly erotic, and the frankly bawdy, and challenged the moral norms of Victorian society. They enthralled artists and art lovers the world over and continue to enthral today. Linda Gertner Zatlin's text presents Beardsley's drawings with a full record of their making, provenance, exhibition history and references in the art historical literature. This material record is accompanied by often extensive discussions of their themes, motifs and symbolism, as well as their critical reception. Unprecedented in its scope and thoroughness, this study presents Beardsley's work and explores its meanings more comprehensively than any previous work on him; it is likely to remain definitive. This superbly illustrated two volume catalogue, beautifully presented as a boxed set, is both an essential reference for specialists and an accessible and enchanting delight for Beardsley enthusiasts. ‎


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‎Linda Van Santvoort, Tom Verschaffel, Jan De Maeyer ‎

Reference : 25904

‎Sources of Regionalism in the Nineteenth-Century Architecture, Art and Literature ‎

‎Be, university pers Leuven, 2008 hardback , 200pp. text in Engels . ISBN 9789058676498.‎

‎Architectural concepts and styles seem to flourish from the most local of contexts to the global. This book investigates the regional, often conceived today as a late nineteenth-century phenomenon, primarily on account of the preservation and restoration movements that arose. An interdisciplinary approach to regionalism, as manifested not only in architecture but also in art and literature, necessitates a more thorough examination of the complexity and multilayered quality of the phenomenon. The research is limited in time to the nineteenth century plus the years leading up to the First World War, and in place to Western Europe, with an emphasis on Belgium, France and England, and to a lesser extent on the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Derived from the workshop ?The Sources of Regionalism? (Ghent, 2004) held by the FWO research group World Views, Cultural Identities and Architecture in Western Europe, 1815-1940, the essays in this book examine the meaning of regionalism in architecture, art, and literature, its sources, and its cultural and historical background. ‎


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‎LIND (Carla).‎

Reference : 89916


‎The Wright Style. The Interiors of Frank Lloyd Wright. Authentic Designs/Contemporary Interpretations.‎

‎ Thames and Hudson 1992 1 vol. relié in-4, cartonnage éditeur, jaquette, 224 pp., nombreuses reproductions en noir et en couleurs. TEXTE EN ANGLAIS. Très bon état.‎

‎ 2 ‎

Vignes Online - Eymoutiers

Phone number : 05 55 14 44 53

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‎Linde de Potter, Marie-Charlotte Le Bailly, Steven Van Impe (red.)‎

Reference : 58237


‎, Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience, 2022 HB, 260 x 210 mm, 208 pages , 150 illustraties. ISBN 9789464368062.‎

‎Wie er acht op slaat, kan niet anders dan vaststellen: de vos is terug van weggeweest. We ontmoeten de vulpes vulpes op het platteland én in de stad, in de media, in romans, poëzie en kinderboeken. Maar waar komt die fascinatie voor de vos vandaan? Is het zijn wilde schoonheid die blijft fascineren? Of zit zijn grote succes eerder in zijn veelzijdigheid? In de collectie van de Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Conscience duikt de vos in talloze gedaanten op, van de oudheid tot vandaag. Gefascineerd door vos probeert die vele facetten van het sluwe dier in dertig bijdragen te vangen. Naast de rijke Vlaamse en internationale traditie rond Reynaert verschijnt de vos in zeer uiteenlopende genres: boekillustraties, drukkersmerken, fabels, sprookjes, spreekwoorden, vroegmoderne leerboeken, natuurwetenschappelijke werken, schilderijen, gedichten en satirische kranten. Van de literatuur, beeldhouwkunst, mode en film tot het stijldansen: de vos laat zich op verrassende plekken zien.‎


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Reference : 72884

‎Hygiène et sport. Rythme : revue trimestrielle N° 11, janvier 1952.‎

‎Bruxelles, Société Centrale d'Architecture de Belgique (S.C.A.B.), 1952. 24 x 30, 43 pp. + pages publicitaires, nombreuses illustrations en N/B, broché, état moyen (couverture fort défraîchie : piqûres).‎

‎Société Centrale d'Edition d'Architecture (S.C.E.A.), Bruxelles.‎

Librairie Ausone - Bruxelles

Phone number : 32 (0)2 410 33 27

EUR15.00 (€15.00 )

‎[Karl Meersman] - ‎ ‎Linders Jac‎

Reference : 56056


‎, Davidsfonds/ Literair 1999, 1999 Gebonden, 135 pagina's, Nederlands, 220 x 150 mm, boek in prima staat !. ISBN 9789065659224.‎

‎Op de viersprong moet het lukken voor Oscar Winkelman. Hij stottert heel erg, en daarom ging het op de vorige twee scholen telkens fout. Maar ook nu loopt het niet van een leien dakje. De meeste van zijn klasgenoten laten hem links liggenen een harde kern van pesters zit hem voortdurend op de hielen. Het liefst houdt Oscar zijn mond. Zelfs thuis. Er verandert pas als Tessa Boddhet, een meisje van zijn klas, hem een kort briefje toespeelt. Bovendien raakt Oscar betrokken bij spannende avonturen.‎


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‎Lindinger, Herbert‎

Reference : 006921


ISBN : 0262121476

‎Ulm Design: The Morality of Objects‎

‎ The MIT Press 1991 4to (27 cm), 287 pp. Publisher's cloth and dust jacket. "During its brief existence from 1955 to 1968, the HfG Ulm exerted an influence that no one could have predicted from its small size, improbable location, or short lifespan. Originally conceived as a successor to the Bauhaus, the school quickly abandoned that model and set out to explore the uncharted territory of designing for mass production. Under the direction of Max Bill and Tomas Maldonado, the school became an extraordinary laboratory of design and center of talent. More than twenty years after its closing, Ulm is still considered the most important European school of design since the Bauhaus.As the advocate of an objective and socially aware design for industry, Ulm fashioned a new generation of objects, tools, and transportation and communication systems. The Ulm style - pearl gray with matte finish, adjustable legs, reduction of ornament to a fundamental and pure geometry of form - is embodied in the familiar Krups and Braun product lines and continues to define the look of today's electronic instruments.Reviewers of the German edition of this book have compared it to Hans Wingler's book on the Bauhaus - a definitive reference and source, containing a historical account of the school, a descriptive compendium of objects and designs produced there, an assessment of the school's curriculum, a profile of student life, and a roster of the faculty and guest instructors who taught there.This list includes some of the most able and talented people in the field of German design, among them Dieter Rams, Hans Gugelot, and Otl Aicher. The texts by Reyner Banham, Max Bill, Kenneth Frampton, Tomas Maldonado, and others reflect the always vigorous dialogue between theory and practice, and are accompanied by nearly 600 illustrations.Herbert Lindinger was Professor of Design at HfG Ulm from 1962 to 1968. He is currently Professor and Director of the Institute for Industrial Design at Hanover University." (from the publisher's description) ‎

‎Hardcover New ‎

Phone number : +48 798 139 620

PLN950.00 (€208.59 )

‎Lindner, Werner.‎

Reference : 28431

‎Bauwerk und Umgebung. Formprobleme des Bauens in Landschaft, Dorf und Stadt.‎

‎Tubingen, Wasmuth, 1964 Orig. illustr. hard-cover, XXXV 112 pp., 22x27cm, illustr. b/w photogr., good cond.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR15.00 (€15.00 )

‎Lindsay Vandenabeele‎

Reference : 21444

‎Jeruzalem in de crypte. De muurschilderingen in de crypte van de Gentse Sint-Baafskathedraal ‎

‎Gent , Oost Vlaanderen, 2007 softcover 80pp. geillustreerd. in nieuwstaat!. ISBN 9789074311625.‎

‎boekje nodigt de lezer uit te kijken naar de muurschilderingen en stil te staan bij wat hij ziet. De auteur, Lindsay Vandenabeele, die op vraag van het provinciebestuur haar licentiaatsthesis verwerkte tot een goed leesbare tekst, schenkt aandacht aan de context waarin de schilderingen ontstonden en de wijze waarop ze functioneerden in het kader van de laatmiddeleeuwse devotie. De meeste muurschilderingen in de crypte van de Sint-Baafskathedraal ontstonden op het einde van de 15de of in het begin van de 16de eeuw en werden aangebracht voor didactische en devotionele doeleinden. Na kritiek uit vooral reformatorische hoek raakten ze echter al vlug in onbruik en weren ze overschilderd met witsellagen. Pas in de 20ste eeuw werden ze tijdens restauratiewerken herontdekt en weer vrijgelegd. ‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR8.00 (€8.00 )

‎LINDSEY Bruce, ‎

Reference : 57132

‎Digital Gehry: Material resistance / Digital contruction, ‎

‎Langue anglaise, Birkhäuser, 2001, 93 pp., broché, bon état.‎

Phone number : 0033 (0)1 42 23 30 39

EUR10.00 (€10.00 )

‎Line Dru et Carlo Aslan‎

Reference : EXP10610


‎Cafés in-4,couverture souple,118 pages,abondamment illustré.‎

‎Sélection de Cafés réalisés dans les années 80 dans le monde entier.A chaque lieu correspond une fiche signalétique avec un descriptif du lieu parun texte, des photographies et des plans. Electa Moniteur 1988‎

‎Bon état petite tache sur la couverture.‎

Phone number : 06 83 06 99 49

EUR50.00 (€50.00 )

‎Linsenmaier. – Jünger, Ernst:‎

Reference : 2629DB


‎Subtile Jagden.‎

‎Stuttgart, Klett-Cotta, 1995. 4°. 228 (4) S. Mit 10 farb. Tafeln nach Farbstiftzeichnungen von Walter Linsenmaier. Farb. illustr. Leinenband mit illustr. Vorsätzen.‎

‎Erschien in einer Auflage von 1000 Exemplaren.‎

EOS Buchantiquariat Benz - CH-8001 Zürich

Phone number : 41 (0)44 261 57 50

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