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‎John Harris, Stephen Orgel et Roy Strong‎

Reference : 2115

‎The King's Arcadia : Inigo Jones and the Stuart Court‎

‎Arts Council of Great Britain, London, 1973. In-8, broché sous couverture illustrée en noir et blanc, 232 pp. Preface - Foreword - Chronology - Catalogue note - Part I. Jones in the Making : The early years : 1573-1605. - The festival tradition. - The architectural tradition. - The jacobean romantic : Jones and Robert Cecil, Earl of ...‎

‎Nombreuses illustrations en noir et blanc in texte. --- Plus d'informations sur le site‎

Phone number : 01 42 73 13 41

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Reference : RO60064331



‎B.T. BATSFORD LTD. 1963. In-12. Broché. Etat d'usage, Couv. légèrement passée, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 187 pages. Premier plat illustré en couleurs. Texte en anglais.. . . . Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎


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EUR10.95 (€10.95 )

‎John Hejduk‎

Reference : 57819

‎Berlin night, thirty water colours.‎

‎Rotterdam,, The Netherlands Architecture Institute,, 1993 Ringband, Metal coil binding, gekartonneerd, 25,3 x 19 x 1,6 cm, Text in NL/ENG. ISBN 9072469488.‎

‎This publication is appearing on the opening of the new building of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), on 29 october (sic) 1993. The exhibition 'Verschoven Fundamenten / Adjusting Foundations, the work of John Hejduk, architect' In deze verzorgde uitgave - waarbij harde kaft en spiraalband doen denken aan een 'schetsboek' - zijn dertig aquarellen (in kleur) en wat tekstjes opgenomen die Hejduks associaties met Berlijn verbeelden en ontstonden in samenhang met zijn prijsvraagontwerp voor het Joods Museum.‎


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‎John James‎

Reference : 166053


‎Chartres : les constructeurs ( deuxième partie )‎

‎Société archéologique d'eure et loir 1979 in folio. 1979. Broché. 339 pages. envois en suivi pour la france et l'etranger Bon Etat intérieur propre couverture légèrement jaunie‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

EUR37.70 (€37.70 )

‎John J. Murray‎

Reference : 55487

‎ Flandre et Angleterre. L'influence des Pays-Bas sur l'Angleterre des Tudors et des Stuarts‎

‎, Fonds Mercator 1985, 1985 Hardcover, 401 pages, Texte en Francais, 305 x 240 mm, dans un manteau solide, Tres belle exemplaire. ISBN 9789061531489.‎


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EUR30.00 (€30.00 )

‎John Julius Norwich Pevsner Nikolaus‎

Reference : 100065880


‎Le grand livre de l'architecture mondiale - des premiers temples de Mésopotamie aux structures avancées du XXe siècle‎

‎Elsevier Sequoia 1976 in4. 1976. Cartonné jaquette. illustré en noir et blanc et couleurs‎

‎Bon état rousseurs sur tranche intérieur propre avec sa jaquette (petit accroc en bas du 4e plat) annotation au crayon à papier sur la page titre‎

Un Autre Monde - Val Couoesnon

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‎John Körmeling / Helmer, Susanne‎

Reference : 58411

‎goed boek John Körmeling De vierkante auto, taart, hondepakken voor auto grijs kenteken 1994‎

‎Antwerp / Utrecht., MUHKA / Centraal Museum , 1984 softcover, 75 pages, met veel afbeeldingen, tekst in het Nederlands. . ISBN 9073285283.‎

‎Vol met fraaie illustraties en foto's van creaties als de vierkante auto, medaille voor de thuisblijfheld en het parkeerkleed..‎


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‎John Milner‎

Reference : EXP14655


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‎John Oliver Hand; Martha Wolff; J. Richard Judson; William W. Robinson‎

Reference : 54815

‎Age of Bruegel: Netherlandish Drawings in the Sixteenth Century‎

‎, Cambridge University Press, 1986 Hardcover, 339 pages, English, 305 x 240 mm, Illustrated, good condition,. ISBN 9780521341967.‎

‎The complexity and variety of sixteenth-century Netherlandish art endow it with a particular dynamism. It was in the sixteenth century that drawing attained an independent status as an art in itself, distinct from painting; landscape increasingly became a separate genre; and artists consciously referred to the great masters of the past, showing the tremendous influence of Italian art in their own works. This volume documents the unique qualities of the art of drawing during the age of Bruegel. Designed to accompany an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art and The Pierpont Morgan Library, the book is also an invaluable scholarly record. In addition to 123 catalogue entries and more than 350 reproductions of rarely-seen drawings, three in-depth essays contain discussions of the art of the period. Its development is traced from a late medieval style at the end of the fifteenth century to the influence of the Italian Renaissance and mannerism in the 1500s, and ultimately to the beginning of the baroque period in the early 1600s. The detailed entries encompass works by sixty-two artists, including Hieronymus Bosch, Jan Gossaert, Lucas van Leyden, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Karel van Mander, and others. The book will interest specialists and also general readers attracted by the warmth of Netherlandish art.‎


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‎ John Oliver Hand ; Martha Wolf ; Sally E. Manfield‎

Reference : 58425

‎German Painting of the 15th through 17th Centuries‎

‎, National Gallery of Art 1994, 1994 Hardcover, 215 pages, ENG, 295 x 230 mm, in fine order, with illustrations / images in colour and b/w. ISBN 9780521450935.‎

‎This catalogue contains entries on fifteenth- and sixteenth- (and one seventeenth-) century German (and Austrian) paintings in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, both German and Austrian. Entries are arranged alphabetically by artist and there is a short biography and bibliography for each artist. Individual entries follow the model established by earlier systematic catalogues and full scholarly and technical information is provided for each painting. Questions of attribution, iconography, and social and religious function and context are discussed and, where relevant, comparative examples, reconstructions of altarpieces, x-radiography and infra-red reflectogram assemblies are included. The catalogue also contains the results of dendrochronological examinations of the paintings.‎


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EUR35.00 (€35.00 )

‎John Pastier‎

Reference : 21794

‎Cesar Pelli‎

‎ Editions du Moniteur, 1982. Format 22x24 cm, broche, 119 pages.Bon etat, petites traces d'usage sur un livre d'occasion.‎

Phone number : 06 30 21 18 72

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‎John Richardson, Kathleen Adler‎

Reference : 60749

‎Manet - Phaidon Colour Library‎

‎, Phaidon Press Ltd, 1998 Paperback, 128 pages, ENG, 300 x 225 mm, in very good condition, illustrated in colour / b/w. ISBN 9780714827551.‎

‎Edouard Manet (1832-83) was one of the greatest, as well as one of the most interesting, of nineteenth century French painters. Acute observation, an extraordinary skilful handling of paint and a feeling for exquisite harmonies of colour makes his work both vivid and enchanting. It is also of great significance in the story of European painting, since Manet, a pioneer in depicting modern life in a modern style, was a formative influence on the whole impressionist movement. Olympia and The Picnic are among the key works of the nineteenth century. These, and many other crucial points - among them Manet's personality, with its many contradictions - are fully discussed by John Richardson in his introductory essay, an abridged version of the brilliant text which was widely admired when it was first published in 1958 and which started a full-scale revival of Manet studies. Richardson's classic text was first revised in 1982, with notes to the forty-eight colour plates by Kathleen Adler and comparative illustrations to emphasize the quality, variety and character of Manet's work. This perfect introduction to the work of such an influential painter is now reissued in an attractive new design.‎


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‎ John Rowlands‎

Reference : 55053

‎Hieronymus Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights‎

‎, Phaidon, 1979 Softcover, 128 pages, English, 335 x 255 mm, Many Illustrations, In Fine Condition !. ISBN 9780714820156.‎

‎Brilliant reproductions and magnified details of the newly restored Garden of Earthly Delights let readers enter Bosch's fantastic worldand leave with a beautiful poster. This poster-and-book combination provides clear evidence of why Bosch's triptych continues to fascinate and intrigue us nearly five hundred years after its creation. The book offers stunningly close examination of the work after its recent restoration. Accompanied by a brief, fascinating essay that offers cultural and historical background on Bosch and his art, these numerous details allow readers to appreciate fully the breadth and magnificence of Bosch's achievement. A detachable poster of the painting, suitable for framing, makes this package an extraordinary gift for the artist's many devotees.‎


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Reference : R260112985


‎JARROLD AND SONS LTD. NON DATE. In-8. Cartonné. Etat d'usage, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 32 pages. Couverture et jaquette illustrées de photos en couleurs. Nombreuses photos couleurs et noir et blanc dans et hors texte. Jaquette légèrement passée.. Avec Jaquette. . . Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎

‎ Classification Dewey : 720-Architecture‎


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‎John Shepley.‎

Reference : 55906

‎Chagall by Chagall.‎

‎, Landshoff, 1979 Hardcover with dusjacket, 263 pages, fine !. ISBN 9029080612.‎

‎Five themes--the village of Vitebsk, avant-garde Paris, love, the theater, and the message of the Bible--provide the organizing framework for a work that combines Chagall's prose and poetry with the paintings, drawings, prints, and etchings to which theyrelate Chagall by Chagall. With an introduction by the artist, edited by Charles Sorlier and translated from the French by John Shepley.‎


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EUR35.00 (€35.00 )

‎John Sillevis, Max Danser‎

Reference : 59394

‎Kees Andréa‎

‎, Van Spijk , 1981 Paperback, 30-40 pagina's, geen nummering, NL, 255 x 255 mm, in prima staat, illustraties in kleur en z/w.‎


Phone number : 0032495253566

EUR10.00 (€10.00 )

‎Johnson Amanda - WILLIS Carol - Brenholtz Richard‎

Reference : 15296

‎Architecture de New York.‎

‎ Flammarion, 2003 - Grand In 8°, broché couv rempliée souple solide et glacée, 192 pages, bibliographie, ensemble raisonné richement illustré à pp en couleurs, recto.‎

‎ Très Bon Etat à Neuf N'hésitez jamais à nous joindre directement. Réponse immédiate pour d'autres titres non répertoriés sur LRB . Franco de port pour la France par MONDIAL RELAY dés 30 euros pour les ouvrages modernes . Paiement immédiat par Paypal . Chèques et virement acceptés. Nous accompagnons toutes les étapes de vos achats. Achat et déplacement France Suisse pour vos propositions de ventes ( chiffrages et partages) .‎

Librairie Artlink - Saint-Haon-le-Vieux

Phone number : +33477870476

EUR35.00 (€35.00 )

‎Johnson / Burgee‎

Reference : 49482


ISBN : 0394507444


‎New-york/ random house 1979 in4. 1979. Relié jacquette. Bon Etat texte en anglais‎

Livres-sur-sorgue - Isle-sur-la-sorgue

Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32

EUR10.00 (€10.00 )

‎JOHNSON Eugène J‎

Reference : 169147


ISBN : 0847807592

‎Charles Moore. Buildings and projects 1949 - 1986‎

‎ Rizzoli Rizzoli, 1986. In-4 broché, couverture illustrée de 305 pages. Nombreuses photos et plans en noir et blanc et couleur. Texte en anglais. Parfait état‎

‎ Toutes les expéditions sont faites en suivi au-dessus de 25 euros. Expédition quotidienne pour les envois simples, suivis, recommandés ou Colissimo. ‎

Phone number : 05 65 42 95 21

EUR28.00 (€28.00 )


Reference : 43897

ISBN : 887301173X

‎La papauté.‎

‎Rome, Editions Gremese 1997. 27 x 30, 224 pp., très nombreuses illustrations en couleurs, reliure d'édition pleine toile + jaquette, très bon état.‎

Librairie Ausone - Bruxelles

Phone number : 32 (0)2 410 33 27

EUR30.00 (€30.00 )

‎JOHNSON (Philip).‎

Reference : 88283


‎Philip Johnson. Architecture and Urbanism (A+U) n° 6 (1979).‎

‎ A+U publishing 1979 1 vol. broché in-4, broché, couv. illustrée à rabats, 301 pp., nombreuses photos en couleurs. Textes en japonais et en anglais. Numéro spécial de cette revue japonaise entièrement consacré à l'architecte précurseur américain.‎

‎ 2 ‎

Vignes Online - Eymoutiers

Phone number : 05 55 14 44 53

EUR60.00 (€60.00 )

‎JOHNSON, Philip. - WIGLEY, Mark.‎

Reference : 78286

‎Deconstructivist Architecture. The Museum of Modern Art, New York.‎

‎ New York, The Museum of Modern Art 1988, 305x225mm, 101pages, paperback. ‎

‎ b/w photographs, ‎

Phone number : 41 26 323 23 43

CHF35.00 (€35.82 )
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