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‎Lettre d'un Citoyen Français en réponse à Lord Grenville.‎

‎A Paris, chez les Marchands de Nouveautés, an VIII (1800). (2), 64 pp. 8vo. Modern boards, label with gilt lettering. Monglond, v, col. 45; Martin & Walter, i, 1588. First edition of this text directed at the English Secretary of Foreign Affairs by Bertrand Barère, also called Barère de Vieuzac, born and died in Tarbes (1755-1841) and important personality from the French Revolution. There seems to be another edition of 80 pages, the Martin & Walter entry, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris has our 64 pages edition as well as a 80 page edition. Barère published a number of violent works against the English, many of which were commissioned by Bonaparte, who needed no help with the sword, but who needed a pen for his political requirements, and of which the current one is one, an open "letter" to Lord William Wyndham Grenville (1759-1834), member of the Whig party and future Prime Minister of Great Britain. Barère here attacks the belligerent tone of a speech by Grenville, held on January 28, 1800, before the Lords in their Chamber. He answers and refutes Grenville point by point, with relevant citing if and when necessary, and attacking the apparent willingness, if not desire, of the English to continue the war with France and their willingness to accept massive debts just to get the House of Bourbon back on the French throne."In this work of pure patriotism, ..... the anonymous author gave his readers a lesson in international relations...." (Leo Gershoy, Bertrand Barere. A Reluctant Terrorist, p. 307). ‎

Reference : HE-20128

‎LAUNAY (Robert)‎

‎Barère de Vieuzac. L'Anacréon de la Guillotine.‎

‎ Editions Tallandier. Mai 1929. In 8 broché de 354 pages. Plusieurs portraits hors texte. Bon exemplaire.‎

‎ Demandez le catalogue de la librairie : il est gratuit ! 6 publications annuelles.‎

Number of results : 3