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‎Berkeley, George‎

Reference : "60893WKN"

‎Oeuvres choisies. tome 1‎

‎BROCHE EN BON ETAT. Oeuvres choisies. tome 1. AUBIER.‎

Livre au trésor - Bazoche Gouet

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‎BERKELEY, George‎

Reference : 27513


‎Recherches sur les vertus de l'eau de goudron..., traduit de l'anglois‎

‎ Pierre Mortier Amsterdam 1745 in-12, xxiv et 343p. :: Edition originale de la traduction du dernier livre de Berkeley paru dans sa version anglaise sous le titre de ''Siris''. :: L'eau de goudron est un médicament du Moyen Age décrit au XVIIIe siècle Par George Berkeley et utilisé jusqu'au début du XXe siècle. Dès le début du XIXe, des critiques apparaissent sur l'efficacité thérapeutique du produit. L'eau de goudron est l'un des sujets qui passionna le monde des Lumières. :: Reliure de l'époque, basane, dos orné, 5 nerfs, tranches rouges. Coins frottés, coiffe de tête limée. Intérieur frais. ‎

Librairie Transatlantique - Montreal


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Reference : 55993

‎Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous. The Design of which Is plainly to demonstrate the Reality and Perfection of Humane Knowledge, the Incorporeal Nature of the Soul, and the Immediate Providence of a DEITY: In Opposition to Sceptics and Atheists. ALSO, To open a Method for rendering the SCIENCES more easy, useful, and compensious.‎

‎London, Printed by G. James, for Henry Clements, 1713. 8vo. Contemporary marbled full calf boards, prettily rebacked in period style with gilt title-label, raised bands and gilt ornamentations to spine. During the re-backing, new end-papers have been inserted, but the original front end-paper , containing old owners' inscriptions, has been preserved and is still withbound. Three old owners' names to title-page, two of them crossed out. The title-page had been repaired at the outer margin, affecting three letters in the last three lines of the subtitle (To open a Method for rendering the/ SCIENCES more easy, useful, and/ compensious), namely the "he" in "the" and the "d" in "and" as well as part fo the double-ruled border, which has been drawn up again. The final leaf with a somewhat crode repair causing loss of some words towards the hinge. A small hole in A3, not repaired. A bit of brownspotting, mostly at beginning and end. With its flaws, still and overall acceptable copy of this extremely rare title. (10), 166 pp. The very scarce first edition of Berkeley's other magnum opus, his great work of metaphysics, second in importance only to his "Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge" (1710). The present work is not only a popularized version of the "Treatise", though it is a fact that it was more widely studied and more easily understood - being written as an almost Platonian dialogue between Hylas (Greek for "matter" - thought to be the representative for John Locke) and Philonous (Greek for "the lover of reason" - Berkeley's spokesman) - it also constitutes a thorough and elaborated explanation of Berkeley's central ideas and the emergence of many of the principal thoughts that we now associate with him and his anti-materialist philosophy.<br><br>"In this Treatise, which does not presuppose in the Reader, any Knowledge of what was contained in the former (i.e. the "Treatise"), it has been my Aim to Introduce the Notions I advance, into the Mind, in the most easy and familiar manner; especially, because they carry with them a great Opposition to the Prejudices of Philosophers, which have so far prevailed against the common Sense and natural Notions of Mankind.<br>If the principles, which I here endeavour to propagate, are admitted true; the Consequences which, I think, evidently flow from thence, are, that Atheism and Scepticism will be utterly destroyed, many intricate Points made plain, great Difficulties solved, several useless Parts of Science retrenched, Speculation referred to Practise, and Men reduced from Paradoxes to common Sense" (Preface, pp. (7-8)).<br><br>In the present work, Berkeley, one of the greatest thinkers of early modern philosophy, sets out to alter the direction of philosophy and set straight the boundaries of man's knowledge of himself and the world around him. He seeks to bring back man to common sense and to bring back science and knowledge to that which is essential and factual. In the present work he famously defends the idealism, because of which he is still considered one of the greatest metaphysicians ever. As his "Treatise" is remembered today for the famous phrase "Esse est percipi" - to be is to be perceived - so his "Dialogues" is remembered for the introduction of the perceptual relativity argument (stating that the same object can have different characteristics, e.g. shape, colour, etc., depending on the perspective of the observer, e.g. distance, angle, light, etc.). <br>Furthermore, as Berkeley had used God in the "Principles" as the CAUSE or originator of our ideas of sense, in the "Dialogues" he brings God a very important step further, stating that our ideas must EXIST IN God when not perceived by us, thus seeing this as the warrant for the continuity of our ideas (God being unchanging). This leap (from claiming that God must cause our ideas to claiming that our ideas must exist in God) that Berkeley thus takes in the "Dialogues" is among the most important within his philosophy, guaranteeing continuous existence to physical objects. <br>The work is considered the foremost representative of Berkeley's phenomenalism.<br><br>"George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne, was one of the great philosophers of the early modern period. He was a brilliant critic of his predecessors, particularly Descartes, Malebranche, and Locke. He was a talented metaphysician famous for defending idealism, that is, the view that reality consists exclusively of minds and their ideas. Berkeley's system, while it strikes many as counter-intuitive, is strong and flexible enough to counter most objections. His most-studied works, the Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge (Principles, for short) and Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous (Dialogues), are beautifully written and dense with the sort of arguments that delight contemporary philosophers. He was also a wide-ranging thinker with interests in religion (which were fundamental to his philosophical motivations), the psychology of vision, mathematics, physics, morals, economics, and medicine. Although many of Berkeley's first readers greeted him with incomprehension, he influenced both Hume and Kant, and is much read (if little followed) in our own day." (SEP).<br><br>Berkeley published his first important philosophical work, "Essay Toward a New Theory of Vision" in 1709, aged 24. The book was well-received and a second edition came out later that same year. The following year he published "A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge" , in which he sought to lay out a complete philosophical system based on the idea that the only existing entities in the world are ideas and the mind that perceives them. The work was not very well received, however. This did not affect his search for truth, though, and he continued the outlay of his philosophical system in his "Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous", which was printed in 1713. Though neither of the two works were well received and appeared in small numbers, they are by far the most important and enduring of all of his works. <br>The view that he presents in the "Dialogues" is that which he called "immaterialism" (now "idealism"). He considered this anti-materialism the perfect answer to and refutation of skepticism and atheism, and his theories later became the foundation of much idealistic philosophy.<br><br>"Upon the common Principles of Philosophers, we are not assured of the Existence of Things from their being perceived. And we are taught to distinguish their real Nature from that which falls under our Senses. Hence arise Scepticism and Paradoxes. It is not enough, that we see and feel, that we taste and smell a thing. Its true Nature, its absolute external Entity, is still concealed. For, tho it be the Fiction of our own Brain, we have made it inaccessible to all our Faculties. Sense is fallacious, Reason defective. We spend our Lives in doubting of those things which other Men evidently know, and believing those things which they laugh at and despise..." (Preface, p. (6)).<br><br>The first edition of this important work is very difficult to find. It was published in an edition together with the "Treatise" in 1734, which, though also scarce, is the edition of the work that most libraries and institutions have in their holdings, seeing that the first editions of both works are of even greater scarcity. We have only been able to locate three copies in libraries worldwide.‎

Herman H. J. Lynge & Son - Copenhagen

Phone number : +45 33 155 335

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‎Berkeley, M.J.‎

Reference : BP11111


‎The English Flora of Sir James Edward Smith. Class XXIV. Cryptogamia, by William Jackson Hooker. Vol. V. Part II. Comprising the Fungi.‎

‎1836 pp. [1], 227-386, i-xv, contemporary hcalf. Interleaved copy in which the worth is not so much the book itself but the 19th century aquarel drawings of mushrooms and the notes added to these drawings by an unknown painter. In all there are 13 coloured drawings, some have notes and dates added to them some have not. Dates range from 1856 to 1897. For instance there is a drawing of which the note reads ''Cordiceps capitata - on truffles; found on under-beech, Shedfield, Oct. 24/78.''‎

Hermann L. Strack - Loguivy Plougras

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Reference : RO40115224


‎Aubier. 1944. In-12 Carré. Broché. Etat d'usage. Couv. légèrement passée. Coiffe en tête abîmée. Intérieur acceptable. 382 pages. Annotations au crayon dans le texte.‎

‎'Bibliothèque philosophique'. Trad., préface et notes de André Leroy. Cahier de notes. Essai d'une théorie nouvelle de la vision (extraits). Principes de la connaissance humaine. Obéissance passive (extraits).‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

Phone number : 05 57 411 411



Reference : RO40095909


‎Aubier. 1944. In-12 Carré. Broché. Etat passable. Livré sans Couverture. Dos abîmé. Quelques rousseurs. 300 pages. Cahiers se détachant. Quelques annotations au crayon dans le texte. Pages de garde passées.‎

‎'Bibliothèque philosophique'. Trad., avec préface et notes.‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

Phone number : 05 57 411 411



Reference : RO40118178


‎Aubier. 1969. In-12 Carré. Broché. Etat du neuf. Couv. légèrement passée. Dos frotté. Intérieur frais. 382 pages. Texte en anglais et en français en vis-à-vis. Annotation en page de garde.‎

‎'La philosophie en poche'. Principes de la connaissance humaine (bilingue), Obéissance passive (extraits). Trad. et notes de André Leroy.‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

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Reference : RO60136382


‎PUF. 1961. In-12 Carré. Broché. Etat d'usage. 1er plat abîmé. Manque en coiffe de tête. Intérieur acceptable. 203 pages. 2e plat légèrement sali. Pages de faux-titre et de titre déchirées et se détachant légèrement.‎

‎'Les Grands Textes', Bibliothèque classique de Philosophie, dir. par C. KHODOSS et J. LAUBIER. Textes choisis par André-Louis Leroy.‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

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Reference : RO40253043

‎OEUVRES CHOISIES DE BERKELEY, TOME I, Essai d'une nouvelle théorie de la vision, Dialogues entre Hylas et Philonous‎

‎Félix Alcan, Paris. 1895. In-8 Carré. Relié. Etat d'usage. Couv. convenable. Dos satisfaisant. Intérieur acceptable. 284 pages. 1er plat de l'ouvrage broché conservé (abîmé). Titre doré sur le dos. Etiquette de code sur la couverture. Quelques tampons et annotations de bibliothèque. Quelques feuillets détachés.‎

‎Trad. de l'anglais par G. Beaulavon et D. Parodi. Essai d'une nouvelle théorie de la vision. Dialogues entre Hylas et Philonous.‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

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Reference : 5301

‎La Siris.(Publié pour la première fois en 1744).‎

‎ P., Librairie Armand Colin, 1920, 1 vol. in-8 br. de VIII - 159 pp. ‎

‎De la Collection "Les Classiques de la Philosophie" publiée sous la direction de MM. Victor Delbos, André Lalande & Xavier Léon.Traduction française par Georges Beaulavon & Dominique Parodi.Petite déchirure sans manque en bas du dos sinon bel exemplaire. ‎

Bouquinerie Aurore - Belmesnil

Phone number : 02 35 34 61 31



Reference : 17090

‎Oeuvres choisies. Traduction, préface et notes de André Leroy.‎

‎Aubier, Editions Montaigne, “Bibliothèque philosophique”, 1944 Deux volumes in-12, brochés.‎



Phone number : 33 01 43 47 01 20



Reference : 1318006

‎Œuvres choisies.‎

‎P., Aubier / Montaigne, 1944, 2 vol. in-8, br., non coupé, non rogné, 384 et 300 pp. (GN17B) ‎

‎Essai d'une théorie nouvelle de la vision. Principes de la connaissance humaine (texte anglais en regard). Les trois dialogues entre Hylas et Philonous (texte anglais en regard). Alciphron (extraits). Siris (extraits), etc. ‎

Librairie Jean-Etienne HURET - Paris

Phone number : 33 01 40 50 15 40



Reference : 9466

Livres Anciens Komar - Meounes les Montrieux

Phone number : 33 04 94 63 34 56



Reference : R320076006

‎OEUVRES DE BERKELEY - TOME II : Les trois dialogues entre Hylas et Philonous (texte anglais en regard) - Alciphron (extraits) - Siris (extraits).‎

‎MONTAIGNE - AUBIER. 1944. In-8 Carré. Broché. Bon état. Couv. convenable. Dos abîmé. Intérieur frais. 300 PAGES - Accrocs au dos.‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

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‎BOTTINI Margherita / STANNARD Bruce / CRANE Berkeley / LEXCEN Ben / MARSHALL John / TROUBLE Bruno / MARTIN-RAGET Gilles‎

Reference : 10542

‎LOUIS VUITTON CUP : COUPE DE L'AMERICA, Le nouveau challenge 1986 / 1987 .‎

‎ Paris, Editions Voiles / Gallimard, 1986, format 313x250mm, cartonnage de l'éditeur, jaquette illustrée par RAZZIA, 199 pages, nombreuses illustrations photographiques sur l'ensemble de l'ouvrage, exemplaire en bon état.‎

‎Pendant cinq mois, treize challengers représentant six pays, vont s'affronter pour décider du " meilleur des meilleurs ", celui qui aura la lourde tâche de tenter, en février, d'arracher la Coupe de la poche du Kangourou.Les Français, avec deux bateaux, arrivent en force; " French Kiss " est l'un des favoris. Son équipage mené par Marc Pajot est remarquablement bien préparé. Son frère Yves, manque un peu d'entraînement, mais son bateau est bien beau.... ‎

Librairie Franck Launai - Guerande

Phone number : 02 40 11 79 29


‎Breathed Berkeley‎

Reference : 67277


ISBN : 9780316107099

‎Toons for Our Times: A Bloom County Book of Heavy Metal Rump 'N Roll‎

‎Little Brown & Company 1991 25x22x1cm. Broché. 96 pages. Bon Etat‎


Phone number : 04 90 26 49 32


‎Brykman Geneviève ‎

Reference : 8543

‎Berkeley philosophie et apolégétique (tome 1)‎

‎ Atelier national de reproduction des thèses, 1984, in-8, 628pp, couverture poussièreuse mais recouverte de papier cristal, intérieur très bon‎

Librairie Au Coin Littéraire - STRASBOURG

Phone number : 06 08 66 42 66



Reference : ROD0126725


ISBN : 2870090811

‎LES GRANDES PSYCHOLOGIES MODERNES - SOMMAIRE : Préface 5 / LE TEMPS DES PHILOSOPHES (J. Château) 111.Montaigne 132.Descartes 493.Le Génétisme anglais: Locke, Berkeley, Hume794.Rousseau 1135.Helvétius 1416.Kant 1637.Maine de Biran 189‎

‎PIERRE MARDAGA. 1977. In-8. Broché. Bon état, Couv. convenable, Dos satisfaisant, Intérieur frais. 406 pages - Protection plastique adhésive en couverture - un tampon sur la page de titre.. . . . Classification Dewey : 150-Psychologie‎

‎SOMMAIRE : Préface 5 / LE TEMPS DES PHILOSOPHES (J. Château) 111.Montaigne 132.Descartes 493.Le Génétisme anglais: Locke, Berkeley, Hume794.Rousseau 1135.Helvétius 1416.Kant 1637.Maine de Biran 189LE TEMPS DES SCIENTIFIQUES 2091.Naissance et développements de la Psychologie scientifique(P. Cazayus) 2112.Les commencements (P. Cazayus) 2233.Les développements de la Psychologie scientifique (P. Cazayus) 2554.La révolution objectiviste (P. Cazayus) 2895.Freud et les Psychanalystes (R. Doron) 3176.Alain (J. Château) 3517.Henri Wallon (H. Gratiot - Alphandéry) 383BIBLIOGRAPHIE‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

Phone number : 05 57 411 411



Reference : RO30080838


‎LIFE PUBLICATIONS. non daté. In-8 Carré à l'italienne. Broché. Bon état. Couv. convenable. Dos satisfaisant. Intérieur frais. 36 pages. Nombreuses photos en couleurs hors texte. Livre en anglais.‎

‎An illustred survey of the Gloucestershire Home of Captain R. G. Berkeley. History and description of the contents by V. Sackville-West.‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

Phone number : 05 57 411 411



Reference : RO60004276

‎Berkeley, California.‎

‎***. sans date. In-12 Carré. Broché. Bon état. Couv. convenable. Dos satisfaisant. Intérieur frais. 16 pages. Photos noir & blanc.‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

Phone number : 05 57 411 411



Reference : RO20096492


‎AU BUREAU DU JOURNAL. 02-1966. Etat d'usage. Couv. convenable. Intérieur frais. 160 pages, illustrées de nombreuses illustrations et photos en noir et blanc, dans le texte et hors texte. Texte sur plusieurs colonnes. Un autre exemplaire en état d'usage avec la couverture légèrement abîmée au prix de 14.9.‎

‎Le guide des spectateurs - Le cinéma amateur - Fédération française des ciné-clubs - mensuel - Un entretien: AKIRA KUROSAWA - Couvertures: BARBE-ROUGE et JULIE ANDREWS DANS LA MELODIE DU BONHEUR ...‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

Phone number : 05 57 411 411



Reference : RO20117740


‎AU BUREAU DU JOURNAL. 03-1975. Bon état. Couv. convenable. Intérieur frais. Environ 100 pages. Nombreux dessins et photos en noir et blanc et couleurs, dans le texte et hors texte. Couverture en couleurs. Ouvrage en anglais.‎

‎Revue mensuelle pour adultes.‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

Phone number : 05 57 411 411



Reference : 2916365397


‎Combats étudiants dans le monde‎

‎ Seuil 1968 1968, Seuil, combats, in-8 broché de 310 pages, Combats étudiants dans le monde, Berkeley, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Tokyo, Ankara, Belgrade, Prague, Rio, Varsovie, Mexico‎

‎bon état, couverture défraîchie, tranches piquées ‎

Les Kiosques - Toulon

Phone number : 04 94 913 130


‎[Louis Tinayre, Vintraut, Berkeley, Clérice...] - ‎ ‎Collectif‎

Reference : PPP-392


‎Journal des Voyages et des Aventures de Terre et de Mer‎

‎Journal des voyages, Paris, 1891. Grand in-4 relié demi-cuir vert, dos à nerfs, entrefilets, titre et année dorés, 416 pp. L'ouvrage relie l'année 1891 complète, soit 52 numéros, du n°704 au n°755. Nombreuses illustrations in-texte et pleine page, de grands illustrateurs de l'époque. Un document édifiant sur les prémisses de la presse sensationaliste...‎

‎Ouvrage en bon état, intérieur frais.‎

Le Livre en Pente - Lyon

Phone number : 09 50 05 00 35



Reference : R110093156

‎L'ASTRONOMIE - 76e ANNEE - J- Rosch : La XIe Assemblée Générale de l'union Astronomique Internationale a Berkeley, Commission des surfaces planétaires, J-J. Levallois : La géodésie et ses problèmes fondamentaux, Société astronomique de France : Groupe‎

‎SOCIETE ASTRONOMIQUE DE FRANCE. JANVIER 1962. Bon état. Couv. convenable. Intérieur frais. Paginé de 1 à 40. Nombreuses illustrations en noir et blanc dans et hors texte. Annotation sur la couverture.‎

‎Sommaire : J- Rosch : La XIe Assemblée Générale de l'union Astronomique Internationale a Berkeley, Commission des surfaces planétaires, J-J. Levallois : La géodésie et ses problèmes fondamentaux, Société astronomique de France : Groupe de Languedoc‎ / Le Village du Livre - Sablons

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