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‎Les phénomènes psychiques. Recherches, observations, méthodes. Préface de Charles Richet‎

‎P., Alcan, 1903; in 8, 11pp., 317pp., (1), demi-chagrin marron à coins, couvertures conservées.‎

‎EDITION ORIGINALE ---- BEL EXEMPLAIRE ---- EXEMPLAIRE DE PAUL BOUDARD AVEC SON CACHET SUR LA PAGE DE TITRE ---- Crabtree N° 1526 : "J. Maxwelf devoted a great deal of his time to the pursuit of psychical research. He investigated many mediums and came to conclusions that were quite original. He was one of the few researchers to take up the problem of mediumistic personification that is the way the phenomena in seances present themselves as coming from an individual intelligence. He noted that the personification seemed to vary in its form depending on the composition of the group carrying out the sitting. In the book Maxwell also introduces a helpful system of classification for psychic phenomena, making a distinction between physical and mental phenomena. Charles Richet, who had great respect for Maxwell, took up this classification and it became the accepted one for many years" ---- Les phénomènes psychiques - Les conditions matérielles - Le choix des assistants - Les procédés opératoires - Les raps - Parkinésie et télékinésie - Phénomènes lumineux - Phénomènes psycho-sensoriels et intellectuels - etc‎

Número de resultados : 1