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‎FÃŒhrerworte. Uddrag af Rigskansler Adolf Hitlers Taler, Opraab og Breve fra 1. 9. 1939 til 29. 11. 1943.‎

‎Fredericia, Forlaget Landsoldaten, 1944. Lille 8vo. I samtidigt karton bind. PÊnt og rent eksemplar. 96 pp.‎

‎Originaludgaven af dette illegale satiriske skrift, udgivet under besÊttelsen. Tekst pÃ¥ tysk og dansk. ‎

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‎Kifahi. [i.e. Arabic: ""Mein Kampf""]. - [RARE ARABIC TRANSLATION OF HITLER'S ""MEIN KAMPF""]‎

‎Beirut, (1963). 8vo. In the original illustrated wrappers. Wrappers with wear and corners bumped. Internally fine and clean. 287 pp. ‎

‎The exceedingly rare first approved, second overall, Arabic translation of Hitler's ""Mein Kampf"", often referred to as being the first full translation of Mein Kampf in Arabic: (see Webman, From Empathy to Denial: Arab Responses to the Holocaust). The present translation, however, only includes certain selected chapters but was, as opposed to the much shorter 1937-translation, approved by Germany. The translator was a Louis Al-Hajj, who translated the text from French. The book was printed under circumstances until recently unknown to the West, and for a long time, the translator was thoughtto be a Nazi war criminal Luis Heiden who fled to Egypt after World War II. Recently, more reliable information, however, confirms that the translator was Louis Al-Hajj (1937 - 2014), a mysterious later editor of the leading Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar, who was known as a master of titles and propaganda, but hardly ever appeared in the public and remained unintroduced even to many of his journalists. In the present translation, Louis Al-Hajj explained that Hitler: ""was not an ordinary person who would be forgotten in the course of history. [...] Adolf Hitler did not belong only to the German people, but he is one of those great persons who had almost stopped the movement of history, altered its course and changed the world, and therefore his place belongs in history."" [From the present translation]. Until this translation, passages from Mein Kampf in Arabic language seem only to be published in newspapers of the 1930s. The first separately published translation was made in Egypt in 1937, but without a German approval. All the projects to make it a separate publication approved by the German government were rejected by the Nazi offices, because the translations were incomprehensible. The translators were also struggling with changing the passages, which called Arabs names such as ""decadent people composed of cripples"".The work was reprinted in 1995 by Bisan publishing house, with a different cover. Until today this translation of Mein Kampf is the most influential and quoted in the Arabic speaking countries.‎

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‎Mein Kampf. Eine Abrechnung (vol. 1) & Die nationalsozialistische Bewegung (vol. 2). 2 volumes. - [THE NAZI BIBLE - PMM 415]‎

‎MÃŒnchen, Eher, 1925-27 (vol 2 recte: 1926). Lex 8vo. Vol. 1: Original half cloth - white cloth spine with red Gothic lettering and red paper boards with white Gothic lettering to the front vol. 2: original red full cloth with white Gothic lettering to spine and front board. Both volumes with red top-edge. Both volumes are in excellent condition with very minor wear. Vol. 1 has some very slight bumping to corners and a couple of small, vague spots to boards. Vol. 2 has a small mark to the upper part of the spine, where the cloth is faded and tiny traces of edge-wear. Apart from a bit of light spotting to pasted-down front end-papers, both volumes are internally near mint - completely clean and crisp. An unuslly fine and fresh copy. XVI, 392, (2), [30 - advertisements] pp. + frontispiece-portrait of Hitler" XI, [1], 354, [2, - advertisements] pp. Fully complete with both half-titles present, as well as the portrait-frontispiece in volume one and the 30 pp. of advertisements (+ the half-title for them) in volume one and the 2 pp. of advertisements in volume two. On the half-title of volume one is a curious feature, namely a presumably ""faked"" inscription by Hitler, possibly taken from a presentation-copy: ""Adolf Hitler/ MÃŒnchen den 10./Dec. 1925."" This is clearly not written in ink directly in the book. It looks mostly like a stamp of some sort or something that's somehow been traced on to the paper. The half-title itself has not been tampered with in any way, has not been out of the volume and has the original red top-edge. ‎

‎Scarce first edition, first issue of this infamous monument over the most tragic period in the history of Europe and mankind in general. Constituting a turning-point in the career of the 40-year old Hitler, who had achieved nothing of significance at the time, it also presents a devastating turning-point of the 20th century, paving the way for WWII. ""Mein Kampf must rank as one of the most widely distributed and translated books in the world. By 1945 the German editions had reached a total circulation of about ten million copies and the book had been translated into sixteen languages."" (Pastore, p. 42).The publication history of this devastating historical document is quite complicated. Hitler dictated the work to various fellow prisoners (lastly Rudolf Hess) during his imprisonment in Landberg am Lech after the Putch of 1923. At his realese from prison in December of 1924, he had with him a manuscript that was more or less complete, and in July 1925 the first volume of the work appeared, published by Eher in Munich. This first volume actaully sold reasonably well, even though it appeared under less that perfect surcumstances (the same summer two other ""memoirs"" of Landsberger prisoners appeared, the work was expensive, and the economy was bad). Already in May 1924, Rehse had talked about a luxury-edition of the work, but the finances were not there, and none such appeared until later, after the printing of the regular first issue in the summer of 1925. The second issue of the first edition was strategically planned to appear around Christmas of 1925 and bears the year 1926 on the title-page. The luxury-edition, which has 1925 on the title-page actually appeared in close proximity to the second issue and thus several months after the true first issue (the present), but is thought to be printed from the same sheets as the true first issue.The first issue of the first volume was printed in an edition of 10.000 copies and is now a scarcity. The second issue of volume one, which followed later the same year, and the fist issue of vol. two from the following year (namely end of 1026, but bearing the year 1927 on the title-page) both appeared in an edition of 18.000 copies. For the second volume, the deluxe-edition was printed simultaneously with the ordinary edition.The first edition, in all its issues and varians (but of course none more so that the first issue of vol. 1), is now a scarcity - especially in as fine condition as here. Although printed in large numbers, by far the greatest part of them will have been thrown out, burned, and otherwise destroyed, and for years they were not considered proper or decent selling- or collecting-objects. Hardly any mention of the work was made of the book in Germany since 1945 and up until very recent times. Futhermore, in 1938, booksellers were instructed by the President of the Reich Chamber of Literature to put only new volumes of Mein KAmpf on sale, since it ""is painful to any Sational-Socialist thinking German to see the work of our Fuhrer described in our time as ""second-hand""."" (Pastore p. 41). This, of course, nt only increased sales in the new editions that appeared, it also meant that all the original editions simply vanished in time and were not sold on. ""Collecting the verious and myriad editions of ""Mein Kampf"" by Adolf Hitler presents problems, which are, perhaps, unique to this particular work. Unlike other books which collectors seek out, this one remains extremely elusive despite the fact that there were likely in excess of ten million copies printed between 1925 and 1945 in Germany alone.No other book in the history of bibliophilia has been so difficult to obtain accurate information on. Se few copies are available to those who seek them out... Pre-1930 examples were modest sellers and likely not kept very long. The author was a right-wing political fringe fanatic with a small following that had little appeal to people inclined to buy books , especially expensive books as these were... Toward the end of the war, German cities (where most copies were sold) were virtually obliterated by extensive incendiary bombing. It is not surprising that along with their homes, businesses, offices and personal effects, copies of ""Mein Kampf"" were swallowed up in the rubble and flame. Most notably, the offices of Hitler's publisher Eher Verlag were vaporized by the bombings and all records of sales along with a good deal of information, review copies, proofs and other ephemera... was entirely lost.... The post-war German government forbade the sale of the book. De-Nazification programs by the allies encouraged destruction or secreting of copies. To this day (i.e. 2016), the sale of the book in Germany and France is illegal unless it is ""or scientific or historical purposes""... It seems ironic... to meke it illegal to deny the Holocaust in these countries, yet deny the study of the book which served as its blueprint."" (Pastore, pp. (59)-61).""The publication history of ""mein Kampf"" closely parallels the history of the Third Reich. In that regard, I believe that it is the most important book of the twentieth century written by the most important person of the twentieth century (if not any century since the birth of Christ) and its repercussions are and will be with us for centuries to come."" (Pastore, p. 63).PMM 415. For extensive reading on the printing history, issues, etc., see: Stephen R. Pastore, edt.: Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf: A Descriptive Bibliography. 2016Othmar PlÃckinger: ""Geschichte eines Buches: Adolf Hitlers ""Mein Kampf"", 1922-1945"". 2011. ‎

Herman H. J. Lynge & Son - Copenhagen

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‎The Real Threat to Our Export. [The Economist, Weekly Commercial Times, Bankers' Gazette, and Railway Monitor: A Political Literary, and General Newspaper].‎

‎London, The Economist Office, 1939. Small folio. Bound with the original wrappers in comtemporary half cloth. Entire volume 134, January - March, 1939, of The Economist. Binding with minor wear, otherwise fine and clean. Pp. VIII, 660, 17-24.‎

‎Original printing of The Economist - the most important and influential economic journal worldwide - from the year 1939 where Hitler invaded Poland and thereby initiated The Second World War.On January 30 Hitler gave a speech before the Reichstag calling for an ""export battle"" to increase German foreign exchange holdings. The same speech also sees Hitler's ""prophecy"" where he warns that if ""Jewish financers"" start a war against Germany, the result will be the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe"". Hitler's speech and general economic policy (effectuated by Dr. Schacht) is an important subject in the present issues of The Economist‎

Herman H. J. Lynge & Son - Copenhagen

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