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Reference : 9782845214288


‎Les lettres manuscrites de Rimbaud, 4 tomes‎

‎ Textuel 2004-2007 2004-2007, Textuel, in-8 broché de 544 pages, pagination continue, Les lettres manuscrites de Rimbaud, 4 tomes : Lettres d'Europe 1870-1879 ; lettres d'Afrique et d'Arabie 1880-1888, Lettres d'Afrique 1888-1891, Commentaires transcriptions et cheminements des manuscrits de Jeancolas‎

‎bon état, sans étui ‎

Les Kiosques - Toulon

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‎ASIMOV (Isaac) (1920-1992)‎

Reference : TUH-1

‎« No connection » ‎

‎L.D.S. New York le 15 janvier 1949. 1p. in-fol. ‎

‎Isaac Asimov confirme la réception d’un courrier, qui lui demande son avis sur la création d’une anthologie annuelle des meilleurs livres de science-fiction. « The notion of annual anthology of the best of science fiction is a good one, and the continuing and growing market for hard-cover science-fiction is something that cannot help but be pleasant for an author. », « What I shall do now is to write a letter to M. Campell of Astounding asking that he arrange to have Street and Smith forward me reprint rights for No Connection ... »‎

Galerie Frédéric Castaing - Paris

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‎BACHARDY (Don), (Christopher ISHERWOOD).‎

Reference : AWD-160

‎Correspondance avec Michel Bulteau.‎

‎4 lettres manuscrites autographes signées adressées à Michel Bulteau, relatives à la traduction des œuvres de Christopher Isherwood en français, écrites au verso de photographies ou cartes postales de tableaux du peintre (portraits de Christopher Isherwood, dont il fut le compagnon de 1953 jusqu’à son décès en 1986). Extraits : « Dear Michel, I am pleased to hear from you. I remember you and Virginie very well. You both drank blood orange juice at my house; I’m pleased that you want to translate ‘An approach to Vedanta’. Since Chris never took money for his vedantic writings but gave all proceeds to the Vedanta Society, you should write to the society for permission. (…) The second volume of Chris, this one a memoir, is being published in July by Chatto & Windus in London and by Harper & Collins in the U. S. in August. » 14 juillet 2000 : « Dear Michel, The Gore Vidal book in which there’s a character based on Danny Fonts is a ‘A Thirsty Evil’, a book composed of three (I think) long short stories. I don’t know of any letters between Fonts and Christopher. Please let me know what you think of volume II. Best regards, Don. » 15 août 2002 : « Dear Michel Bulteau, ‘The Canyon’ is not a thick book, but all of C. I. ‘s books were moved to the Huntington Library more than two years ago. All of his papers (manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, movie scripts and plays, etc.) are at the library now. I f you write to Allen Jutri or Sue Honson, a Xerox copy will be done for you, but it will cost something. (…). Intéressant ensemble. Bon état. ‎


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Reference : 54174


‎[ Interesting signed letter by Ray Bradbury with articles and one copy of his radio drama Leviathan 99 ] "Dear Monsieur Soriano : Enclosed find : Copy of my full length stageplay Leviathan 99. Perhaps you coul show this to Jean-Louis Barrault on the off chance he might wish to stage this play this summer while were are there ? [ ... ] I also enclose a shorter version, for radio. Perhaps one of your radio networks might wish to produce this. I have written several articles, two of which are placed herein" [...] [ With a letter by the "Attaché culturel" in the "Consulat Général de France" in Los Angeles, dated "8 mai 1978" and an article by Ray Bradbury on his famous letterhead : Bradbury : 10265 Cheviot drive : Los Angeles California 90064 : Science Fiction : Better Moustraps, Better Mice, or alternate title : Science Fiction : Before Caesar and after 2001 ] [With : ] The Martian Chronicles signed by Rady Bradbury [With : ] Something wicked this way comes signed by Rady Bradbury‎

‎Signed letter by Ray Bradbury, on his his famous letterhead ("Bradbury : 10265 Cheviot drive : Los Angeles California 90064") : "Dear Monsieur Soriano : Enclosed find : Copy of my full length stageplay Leviathan 99. Perhaps you coul show this to Jean-Louis Barrault on the off chance he might wish to stage this play this summer while were are there ? [ ... ] I also enclose a shorter version, for radio. Perhaps one of your radio networks might wish to produce this. I have written several articles, two of which are placed herein" [...] ; paper clipped on the letter : a copy of review "Take one" with Ray Bradbury's article and another article joined ; Radio Drama Leviathan '99, Alert Duplicating Service, Los Angeles, 4to under yellow cover, 49 pp. ; With a letter by the "Attaché culturel" in the "Consulat Général de France" in Los Angeles, dated "8 mai 1978", 2 pp. ; an article by Ray Bradbury on his famous letterhead : Bradbury : 10265 Cheviot drive : Los Angeles California 90064 : Science Fiction : Better Moustraps, Better Mice, or alternate title : Science Fiction : Before Caesar and after 2001, s.d., 19 pp. (with a few words with manuscript corrections) [With : ] The Martian Chronicles signed by Rady Bradbury, Bantham Pathfinder Edition [With : ] Something wicked this way comes signed by Rady Bradbury, Bantham Pathfinder Edition‎

‎Very interesting set, incl. some of the documents quoted by Bradbury in his letter. We join two books signed by Ray Bradbury. The copy of "The Martian Chronicles" is locally rubbed on spine, with small lacks of paper. Disclaimer : Pursuant to French regulation regarding the export of handwritten documents, this item requires an export authorization. Hence, it might take a few weeks until shipping. Price for the whole set.‎

SARL Librairie du Cardinal

Phone number : 09 82 20 86 11


‎BROOKS (Ernie).‎

Reference : AWD-155


‎Lettre manuscrite à Michel Bulteau.‎

‎Lettre manuscrite autographe signée, écrite à l’encre bleue et adressée à Michel Bulteau avec la maquette d’une proposition musicale pour Rinçures, un disque de poésies accompagné de claviers, basses et guitares. (Fractal Records, 2000, voir le n° 119). « Dear Michel, as usual, it was hard to reach you so I’m sending you the cassette of the D. A. T. we edited. It’s not perfect but it’s definitively usable so I hope you can generate some interest from it. I’ll be in the States from mid-august till ? If you need to reach me there, try 203 9X6 9XX2 or 201 2X2 0X94. I hope you’re in Italy and inspired. (As some-one said) your friend in the art. Ernie. » Bon état.‎

‎Ernie Brooks a également été le bassiste du groupe The Modern Lovers de 1971 à 1974. ‎


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‎FUENTES (Natasha).‎

Reference : AWD-740

‎Photographies, textes, dessins et correspondances (2 courtes nouvelles, études, projets traductions, lettres).‎

‎• Robin Hood, nouvelle inédite en anglais. 1 p. A4 dactylographiée. • Peacock’s Journey into Daphne, nouvelle inédite en anglais, 4 pp. A4 dactylographiées. • Statue of a Black King, dessin à l’encre avec commentaires manuscrits. • The family was living itself perfectly…, texte inédit en anglais, 3 ff. photocopiés. • Beatrix, portrait of a young prostitute, 5 ff. arrachés d’un carnet à spirales. • 5 lettres manuscrites à Michel Bulteau. • Leila’s Papers, 2 fragments manuscrits sur bristols pour ce film de Michel Bulteau réalisé en 1991. (Natasha Fuentes y interprète le rôle de Leila.) • 3 portraits-photo en studio, tirages Fujifilm Pictropaper couleurs 13/21 cm, photographe non identifié. • 2 photo-collages photocopiés. • The Touch of your lips upon my brow, fragment, 10 ff. photocopiés. ‎

‎Fille de l’écrivain mexicain Carlos Fuentes, Natasha Fuentes est morte en 2005 à l’âge de 31 ans.‎


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‎GALLET Léonore‎

Reference : 15252


‎Lettre Autographe Signée de Léonore Gallet en 1941. 2 lettres.‎

‎2 LAS en anglais de Léonore Gallet, adressée à Yvonne Astruc en 1941. Léonore Gallet, Violoniste américaine. 3 pages manuscrites recto signées. Format in-8°(24x16). Très bon état.‎

Livres et Collections P. Commerot - Sèvres

Phone number : 09 67 04 07 48


‎[Macmillan] - ‎ ‎GODDEN, Rumer‎

Reference : 54669


‎An Episode of Sparrows [ With 3 autograph signed letters bu Rumer Godden ]‎

‎8vo, hard cover, Macmillan, London, 1961‎

‎With three interesting typed and signed letters by Rumer Godden to the french writer Michel Suffran. In a first letter (dated 8th november 1962, Little Douce Grove, Northiam, East Sussex) she explains being "in favur of your adapting my book An episode of sparrows" [ ... ] "There is, however, one difficulty : I was very far from happy with the book translation. Madame Sellier-Leclerc is a most charming and refined lady, but she thought it expedient to tone down the slangy and sometimes slighltly obscene language that my street children used, as of course the would"[... ]In a second letter (19 th novembre 1962) she explains " I was able to listen to the first part of Le Fleuve [ ... ] but I heard enough to be aware of the very high quality of your adaptation. It is much better than the English one, and I would be extremely pleased to have your adaptation translated into German. Your narration seems to me at times a little too intense ; rather, as we would say, "rubbing in the point" too heavily. But on the whole I was delighted. The quality of a dream (which Renoir caught so well in the film) comes through excellently [... ]. The third letter (dated 17th January 1964, from Hotel Codan, Denmark) : "I am so very sorry I did not hear Episode of Sparrows yesterday afternoon but as you will see I am in Denmark working on a musical play for children, and every day, alla day, is taken up. I hope the programme went very well" [ ... ]. Dustjacket repaired with tape.‎

SARL Librairie du Cardinal

Phone number : 09 82 20 86 11


‎HAUPT Charles‎

Reference : 15251


‎Lettre Autographe Signée de Charles Haupt en 1961.‎

‎Lettre Autographe Signée de Charles Haupt, adressée à Yvonne Astruc en 1961. Charles Haupt (New York 1939) Violoniste américain, Professeur de violon. 2 pages tapuscrites recto, en anglais avec signature. Format in-12°(18x16). Très bon état. Joint : Enveloppe à l'adresse de Yvonne Astruc et 2 programmes de concert avec photos de Haupt.‎

Livres et Collections P. Commerot - Sèvres

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‎HELL (Richard).‎

Reference : AWD-749

‎Lettres et documents envoyés à Michel Bulteau entre 1999 et 2002.‎

‎IX-99, carte postale manuscrite envoyée de New York : « I hope September works out. I’m working frantically, getting out the new C42 book and Sheelagh and I are going for a two weeks getaway road trip (to console us for losing France). I can’t wait to see the Mississipi from behind a steering wheel again. I wish you get emails. Where’s Theresa ? (Theresa Stern, pseudonyme utilisé par Richard Hell et Tom Verlaine en 1973 pour Wanna go out ?, un recueil de poésies). 9-VII-99, lettre tapuscrite signée (1 p.), abordant la traduction et la publication en France de ce livre en édition bilingue (titre français : On décolle ?, traduit par Michel Bulteau, Anna Polèrica Éditions, 1999) : « I hear you’ve agreed totranslate Theresa Stern’s ‘Wanna Go Out ?’ I’m happy to hear that. Incidentally, when Raymond Foye saw your POEMES among my books, he rhapsodized over your accomplishments, and an endorsement from Raymond is a meaningful thing… I also hear you asked about my novel so I’m sending it here. The French translation rights have been bought by Editions d’Olivier, though I don’t know yet who they have in mind to translate it. » (Voir L’Oeil du lézard, Éditions de l’Olivier, 1996.) 11-VIII-99 : « (…) Thanks for your note. It looks like ‘Wanna go out’ is definite. I do wish we could speech a few days (or even one !) talking about it, but I’ll try to organize the things I’d like to tell you about certain difficult lines. When are you planning to be working on the translation ? » 13-XI-99, après un passage à Paris : « (…) In fact Paris made me so happy it had an effect I’d never known before. The happiness was so strong and genuine that It even made me like New York more ! I’m not ridding or being ironic or sarcastic. I just felt so refreshed by my time in Paris that everything in life seems better for it. (…) I’m going to do a book by Ron Padgett in the CUZ series. It’s called ‘Poems I think I wrote.’ » I-00 : What the hell is with Anna Polèrica ? Do you think they have lost their minds ? I did get the ten more books but they will not communicate with me. I don’t understand it at all. I could help them get the book distributed in the U.S. but they refuse to reply to me. I miss Paris. It will be the big sadness of my life if I don’t live there. » 27-II-02, mail imprimé : « This file is the text of three poems I used in video ‘poemokes’ (poem karaokes). They’re compilations of images with a musical soundtrack (by me and my band The Dime Stars, which includes Thurston Moore and Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth) that have the words of these poems scrolling at the bottom of the screen as in a karaoke. If Michel has the time and the inclination to translate these, I’d like to screen these videos with Michel reading into a microphone his French translations. » 16-III-04, court mail imprimé : « My beautiful old friend Lizzie, who was more or less the model for Chrissa in ‘Go Now’- and a picture of whom lying in bed smoking a cigarette with her pants half off can be seen in ‘Hot and Cold’ - is dying of cancer. I’ll be staying at the Hotel I like, the Baudin, in Bastille. » 3-I-05, lettre tapuscrite (2 pp.) : « Here you have the galley proofs I just received from the publisher of my new novel, ‘Godlike’. I am fixing punctuation or changing a word or just making a pest of myself on about every other page of it still, but these proofs are a fair representation of the book. (…) I’m working pretty hard and that’s all I’m aware of. The political situation is horrendous of course and makes for a steady underlying anxiety, but it’s so bad that it’s at that point where resistance seems almost purposeless. We just wait it out. In the beginning I was marching and writing letters and contributing money to activist organizations, but not lately. » On joint un faire-part du mariage de Richard Hell avec Bevan, et une photo couleurs. Bon état.‎


Phone number : 00 33 (0)6 72 07 91 06


‎KAPROW (Allan).‎

Reference : AWD-12



‎Lettre tapuscrite datée 8 avril 1971 sur papier avion bleuté adressée à l'éditeur Raphaël Sorin à l’entête du California Institute of the Arts de Burbanks. Remerciements pour son appel lors de sa visite à San Francisco. Issu des séminaires de John Cage, Allan Kaprow a été à l'origine des premiers Happenings, ou Action theaters à partir de 1959. Bon état.‎


Phone number : 00 33 (0)6 72 07 91 06


‎KORINE (Harmony).‎

Reference : AWD-757

‎Correspondance d’édition à propos d’un projet de publication en français du premier livre d’Hamony Korine chez Hachette Littératures : A Crack-up at the Race Riots.‎

‎Dossier contenant 7 fax et 7 mails imprimés sur feuilles A4. 1er fax (de Michel Bulteau), 20-VIII-00 : « Dear Harmony Korine, The fact is I wanted to publish a translation of ‘A Crack-up at the Race Riots’. Because, since three months, I’m the editor, at Hachette Littératures, responsible of all the novels department. But I’ve learned – the day you suddenly left Paris – I was at the gallery near after your leaving – Impossible to talk with you about the project. Jonas Mekas, who was there, told me “what a pity !” – Anyway, the gallery staff insisted they’ve just sold the rights of your novel to a small press in Marseille. Why not ? In this town, they cut off the right leg of Arthur Rimbaud. But that’s one of my regret. Not the Rimbaud’s leg but the escape of ‘A Crack-up’. I hope hearing of you. » 25-VIII-00, réponse par mail : « i am finishing a new book very much different than my last. also i have one here that is strange that i have been finished. with that i have not let any one read. i want to put this one out on a smaller publisher, than Doubleday because the structure and content is more extreme. perhaps you can tell me more about what you do. 29-VIII-00, fax : Dear Harmony, Thanks for your quick and precise answer. Can you send me a copy of this new book (the very strange one) – ‘structure and content more extreme’ sounds interesting to me. Mail it at my personal address. » 6-X-00, mail : « tell me your publishing companies name. and tell me what exactly you would like to do with this unconventional novel of mine. also can you specify the amount of books you would plan on printing up, i know its hard for you to say without reading it, but just give me an estimate of the largest possible printing, also how much money would you give to me for the rights ? also it must first be printed in english. im sorry to ask you these questions, its just my memory is bad (…). » 7-X-00, fax : « Dear H. K., I change the covers. I don’t want photos. I want types, words and color. I didn’t recei-ve anything from you. Remember ‘The Job’ (by W. S. B) was first published in Paris (and naturally in French) in 1969 and only seven years later – enlarged, right – by Grove Press. To hear from you. » 28-X-00, mail : « ok let me start putting it together for completion. send me your address please. also it would be nice if perhaps you could send me one or two of the books you’ve previously published, just so i can get a sense of what they look like. if things look and gell well then i don’t see why we cant put my new book together in fine fashion. » 28-X-00, mail, object : ‘Books from Hachette and my pulsating cock in someones arse hole as I wait on you to finish !’ : « i am eagerly anticipating your translation. i have a brand new beautiful cover designed especially for this translation of yours. send anything to my address. » Sans date, fax : « Dear Harmony, No news from you since… a long time. Do you abandon the project of sending me a manuscript ? Have you finished your new book ? The translation of ‘A Crack-up’, still not appeared in France. I’m gonna send you a new and complete translation of ‘Tarantula’ by Bob Dylan. » 26-IV-01, mail : sorry about the manuscript delay. i guess no one told you that my house and all my belongings including art and writings were destroyed in the fire. i have also been getting my new film together. but I do want to do the book still. whats the hold up with ‘crackup at the race riots’ translation ? » Sans date, fax : « I hope you received Tarantula’s copy. Anyway, let’s try to have the book, against the fire, against the water, the snakes and the tigers. With God on our sides. Michel. » Le projet a finalement été abandonné. Aucune publication des œuvres d’Harmony Korine ne semble avoir abouti en France. Ensemble froissé.‎


Phone number : 00 33 (0)6 72 07 91 06


‎MORIZET Pierre ‎

Reference : 67106


‎The future of Wall Street.‎

‎Couverture souple. Recueil broché de 384 feuillets 21 x 27 cm, dactylographiés au recto seul. Quelques corrections manuscrites. Mouillure en marge inférieure des dernières pages.‎

‎Livre en anglais. Par l'auteur de Trésoreries américaines et monnaie dirigée (1935). Cet ouvrage ne paraît pas avoir été publié, Vers 1935.‎

Librairie des Liserons & Cætera

Phone number : +33 (0) 5 56 88 08 45


‎REED (Jeremy), OWEN (Peter).‎

Reference : AWD-796

‎Correspondance d’édition.‎

‎26 lettres et cartes postales manuscrites signées adressées à Michel Bulteau, écrites à l’encre violette entre octobre 1994 et avril 1998 sur papiers de couleurs : projets de traductions et publications en France, évocations littéraires, artistiques, pécuniaires, mélancoliques… Quelques extraits, 16-X-94 : « Dear Michel, I think you and I have very similar tastes in music, literature, art, decadence – and life itself. I shall send you some of my books. Is there anyone in French publishing who would be interested in my book about Lou Reed ‘Waiting for the Man’ – which Picador will publish here in November ? » 20-XI-94 : « I want to thank you so very much for the Baron Corvo books, your essay and the marvelously explicit Venetian letters. I feel we are already good friends, and I’m looking forward to the time when we can meet. (…) I don’t know if you could encourage Du Rocher to look at my very individual book about Rimbaud, and perhaps at my homocratic novel ‘Isidore’ which is about another of my heroes : Lautréamont, our legendary Ducasse. And by the way I love Corvo’s exotic style and eccentricities. We share very similar tastes in our pantheon of the stars. I find it so hard to exist from writing. I’m hugely prolific, and I make almost no money. It’s terrible. But we do it for love of the imagination and to proclaim the great, the bizarre, the beautiful. Thank you for being. With love and starlight, Jeremy. » 28-XII-94 : « Here is the gift of my Lou Reed book for you, how I wish we could find a French publisher for it, and that you could be the translator. End of the year blues. I always find Christmas/new year particularly melancholy, so much work done, sadness accumulated – but still there’s a brilliance attached to the moment, and I’m always working on new books, pushing the imagination beyond frontiers. I send you gold stars ». S. d. : « I would be so grateful if you would try Du Rocher with ‘Isidore’. It is an extraordinary beautiful and unusual novel, and I don’t think there are any other novels on Lautréamont. Life would have been so much easier for me if I had been born French, all my heroes are the anarchic French poets. The wild imagination, vibrant with images. » 1-II-95 : « I hope all is well with you. There are little tints of spring in the air, and I have pink hyacinths in my room. Their languid scent Is intoxicating. My book about Lou Reed is handled by agents. If they prove problematic, I would sell the book personally to a French publisher, so that you could translate it. I’m desperate for some money at present. Surely some French publisher would wish a book on Lou Reed. I’m currently writing a book about Marc Almond, called ‘The Last Star’. He’s my favorite torch singer. » 23-I-96 : « I’m working on a novel about Elvis Presley, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, and I’ve also been performing and recording with David J, who used to be in ‘Bauhaus’. I will send you some tapes. Is there any new of ‘Isidore’ ? Peter Owen’s very disappointed not to have heard. Please do let him know. We should do a reading in Paris, you and I, at a venue where we could use our respective musicians. Let’s think about it. Much love and starlight, Jeremy. » 28-I-96 : « How I know that topology of hallucinated madness – it fuels both our works – but the suffering is huge. Buddhist chanting helps me through the intimate hells. I went through a terrible breakdown in 1990. As your work is close to Michaux’s, I imagine you suffer deeply. » 3-III-96 : « Wonderful to receive your letter, and I haven’t forgotten ‘Flowers’ (de Michel Bulteau, un livre consacré à Warhol). I’m going to work at finding a publisher for you here. An independent. We may be able to interest Peter Owen in your work. He likes you a lot, and is coming back to Paris in May. » 15-VI-97 : « I’m busy working on new poems, essays, fiction, etc. The usual galaxy of creative energies. And I’m sure you’re writing too, working the imagination towards apocalypse. » ‘Invention d’Isidore Ducasse’ est finalement paru aux Éditions de la Différence en 1996. On joint 9 lettres tapuscrites signées de l’éditeur anglais Peter Owen sur papiers à entête, contemporaines à ces projets de publications. 5-IV-95 : « Jeremy Reed has advised me of your interest in ‘Isidore’ and that your publishers La Difference want to buy it. I am awfully pleased that you wish to take on this exceptional author. » Puis, 12-IX-96 : « Sorry we missed – I got your message that you could be late but I wonder if you went to the La Nouvelle Agence office ? Anyhow, I am sorry I missed you. La Difference have not paid the advance. Jeremy is upset. Mary and I are very annoyed. They are, of course, illegal if they try to publish without the advance. Could you explain this to them and of course, if they do not pay none of us will ever want to deal with them again. The whole thing is very bad publishing practice and it has gone on so long ! Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Peter Owen. » Bon état.‎


Phone number : 00 33 (0)6 72 07 91 06


‎VANILLA (Cherry).‎

Reference : AWD-812

‎Ziggy’s Papers, correspondance préparatoire à l’édition des chroniques hebdomadaires de Cherry Vanilla pour le magazine Mirabelle, publiées en 1973 sous le nom de David Bowie.‎

‎Dossier comprenant 62 pp. de mails et fax en anglais, imprimés au format A4, la plupart envoyés par Cherry Vanilla à Michel Bulteau pour les préparatifs du livre, paru chez Hachette Littératures en 2002. Actrice dans Pork en 1971, la première pièce d’Andy Warhol, jouée au LaMama Theater de New York, Cherry Vanilla (née Kathleen Dorritie) anime des lignes de téléphone rose, des soirées en discothèques, avant de travailler pour David Bowie, qui lui confie donc sa rubrique hebdomadaire pour le magazine britannique Mirabelle. Elle forme plusieurs groupes de rock/punk, produit des émissions de télévision et de radio, interprète quelques rôles au cinéma (notamment dans Let’s Get Lost en 1988) et publie Lick Me en 2010. Quelques extraits, 24-IX-02 : « You mean to make a book out of the Mirabelle Diaries ? Oh my God, I wrote those things in minutes, in the middle of all the chaos of those Bowie early days, when I ran the office, did the PR, whatever had to be done. But they are quite funny and sweet, and especially now that Bowie has publicly admitted that it was me who wrote them… Kisses, Cherry V. » 29-V : « Do they just want to pay $ 2, 000 total, or also some kind of royalty on sales ? How much will each book be sold for ? How many will be printed ?, what about the rights for other languages, countries? Who copyright under ? Will it be sold on a special website ? » 05-X-02 : « As for introduction, it would be great if we could get Bowie to write it, commenting in good humor as he does on the web. » 22-XI-02 : « Thanks so much for the proof of the book. It’s so great to hold it and flip through it. I can’t wait to see the finished product. The title looks great. And I received the contract signed. Then I guess there will be $ 1,000 going to my bank soon and another $ 1,000 in January. Hope we will sell lots of books and make more money! » Bon état.‎


Phone number : 00 33 (0)6 72 07 91 06

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